Blame Hargreaves for Grassby, not me: Stanhope

Ari 16 March 2007 25

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope dropped Minister for Multicultural Affairs John Hargreaves right in it on ABC radio (via AAP) by saying he wouldn’t have signed off on the Grassby statue … if he’d known about it.

As usual, it’s all about denying any personal responsibility for his own Government’s actions.

“I understand the point that is being made and if I had my time again or if I was involved in the decision perhaps the outcome would have been different,” Mr Stanhope said.

“Or perhaps if our processes had been more rigorous at the time and I acknowledge that they weren’t.”

Does it perhaps suggest that Stanhope tooks his eye off the ball during the run up to the budget because of the last-minute money squeeze?

He does seem to take his eye off the ball a lot.

You’ve gotta love the last line: The chief minister compared the controversy to the furore that surrounded the Whitlam government’s decision to buy Jackson Pollock’s work, Blue Poles.

Comparing Blue Poles with a crappy bronze of a mafia-linked spiv? Who does he think he is kidding?

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25 Responses to Blame Hargreaves for Grassby, not me: Stanhope
emd emd 5:15 pm 17 Mar 07

I listened to the radio thingy. A caller wanted to know why the hospital had to raise money for a laser eye thingy for newborn babies through donations, but the government was paying for the Grassby statue with taxpayer funds. Stanhope was trying to get out of it by saying that perhaps in hindsight it wasn’t the best decision, but that arts funding is important… the ABC presenter quite rightly corrected him that it wasn’t a question of arts funding in general, but about the priorities of paying for a statue of a politician.

Very interesting, and Stanhope sounded like a fool.

johnboy johnboy 4:55 pm 17 Mar 07

Wow, we have a new nutter of monumental proportions.

zephyr9673 zephyr9673 2:28 pm 17 Mar 07

Shall we march on parliament and reclaim the Territory?

I thought that was why you voted labor in?

Try being green, you vote for them and vote for them, but they never get in, so the libs win the next election and we start turning back the aristocrsy of the mediaval period while the blessed capos hock everything and blame the workers for being slack.

As to your revolution mate, everyone knows its broken, no one can be bothered fixxing it, the only way to fix something up, let alone voting for a lying capo to claim he will, while his boss continues hocking all the treasures of the classical period, labour only looks as far forward as the 18th century not bad but repetitive.

I reckon we’ve had enough practice revolutions and democratic elections, I reckon we should double the dole, for students, and leave the doll bludgers alone, and legalise pot so they can do something useful.

Then, we should send the lawyers from the family court to saudi arabi, and cut their hands off.

Then we have an almost bloodless coup, and our kids are safer.

Just kidding, but really, I think Pauline hanson would agree with me here, we should lock the legal system up in the Pri$on system, just so they know what they are building.

Stanhope, should for instance, go and try a coupld of months at BRC, I tell you, we would see a real reveiw on the Pri$on.

So, I am voting green again, but I would rather the bribed labour goverment than liberals.

Bob Brown for PM.

kenk kenk 12:50 pm 17 Mar 07

Hargraves is history – he closed old Canberra’s library, supported school closures and the dragway and used my money to erect a statue to a bloke who makes Arfur (in ‘Minder’ – played by George Cole) look good.

Pandy Pandy 12:37 pm 17 Mar 07

Daily Terror blames Stanhope for approving the statue in todys editorial.

Pandy Pandy 10:03 am 17 Mar 07

As I was indicating, what an image!

louise louise 8:35 pm 16 Mar 07

You don’t know how old I am. It might be something you don’t want to encourage.

Pandy Pandy 7:59 pm 16 Mar 07

Louise over a hotair vent wearing a kilt.

mutley mutley 5:42 pm 16 Mar 07

you’ll have to wear it traditionally Louise… watch out for wind gusts

louise louise 5:06 pm 16 Mar 07

I’ld go out and buy a kilt for the occasion.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 3:48 pm 16 Mar 07

I’ll carry a torch or a pitchfork in your angry mob.

There’s no justice like angry mob justice…

Thumper Thumper 3:18 pm 16 Mar 07

I’ll have to find my kilt…

queen_vic_toria_II queen_vic_toria_II 2:13 pm 16 Mar 07

I’m with Thumper!!!

Name the date and time and I am there!

bonfire bonfire 2:08 pm 16 Mar 07

apparently stanhope was having dinner with a rabbi, a watchmaker and a CPA when the statue decision was taken…

Ari Ari 2:07 pm 16 Mar 07

I’ve seen better decision making by drunks with corporate credit cards …

louise louise 2:06 pm 16 Mar 07

Maybe it’s the start of a cabinet rift. one can only hope.

barking toad barking toad 2:03 pm 16 Mar 07

Does the mayor really expect us to believe he didn’t know about this project from the outset? Sure, there may not be a formal John to Jon memo seeking funding approval. But John didn’t mention to Jon in a puffy chested way about his grandiose plan? Purleeeeease!

Jon and Johnny are no longer sweethearts.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:40 pm 16 Mar 07

FOI: Where was Jon when they were making the decision about erecting a statue to big Al ?

What was he doing ?
Was he on a Junket ?
Why did his minor ministers not think it important enough to report to him ?

Thumper Thumper 1:40 pm 16 Mar 07

If only we had a Govenor General…

Sir John Kerr anyone?

Shall we march on parliament and reclaim the Territory?

Thumper Thumper 1:36 pm 16 Mar 07


Nuff said.

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