Body Found in LBG

RiotPost 6 December 2009 25

Just heard on the ABC that a body was found in Lake Burley Griffin this morning at 6 AM at the base of Kings Avenue Bridge. ABC story here.

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25 Responses to Body Found in LBG
Wokie Wokie 11:28 am 14 Jul 11

Heard that it was suicide due to having a a rather large debt.
Was informed that he had been caught on video recordings at the casino here in Canberra leading up to his death.
Correct he was recently married and had a baby on the way.

TAD TAD 6:17 pm 09 Dec 09

DND, and that’s why you never pay attention to the grapevine.

Sometimes things are exactly how they appear.

Granny Granny 6:11 pm 09 Dec 09

Poor man. I hope somebody is around to watch out for his wife and new little child. So terribly sad.

Tooks Tooks 5:44 pm 09 Dec 09

Don’t put too much faith in these rumours. This man had other major issues (one in particular) in his life, which I won’t comment on further.

Devil_n_Disquiz Devil_n_Disquiz 2:38 pm 09 Dec 09

Plenty of scuttlebutt and rumour doing the rounds in taxi circles. I have not heard any differing opinion other than what I’m about to write:

Taxi driver was recently married and wife pregnant. According to other taxi drivers he was extremely happy about it too.

Drivers last (uncompleted) job (before death) was a pick up off Kingston rank with Navy personal onboard. Taxi found unlocked and meter still running.

With the recent news surrounding racism against Indians, further rumour suggest that the reason the police are calling it a suicide is to prevent any further political fallout.

Draw your own conclusions.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 12:20 am 08 Dec 09

People can make fun of me when I’m dead too, no problem – it’s a well sign posted two way street … and before anyoe says “yeah, but what about the family?”, I’ll say – thought of that to.

caf caf 10:25 pm 07 Dec 09

I think you’ll find that TAD knows a little more about the subject than you 😉

Clown Killer Clown Killer 9:06 pm 07 Dec 09

Not suspicious = police code for suicide

I think you’ll find that “Found dead in the shower” is the pilice code for suicide. “Not Suspicious” is the civilian one …

A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster 7:58 pm 07 Dec 09

TAD said :

Not suspicious = police code for suicide


TAD TAD 6:26 pm 07 Dec 09

Not suspicious = police code for suicide

Friska Friska 3:28 pm 07 Dec 09

Maybe, just maybe, he had enough of living and working in Queanbehole! *runs*

dr phil dr phil 3:13 pm 07 Dec 09

106.3 news said that police don’t believe its suspicious.

Maybe the taxi driver just couldn’t hold it and got out to do a leak and fell down the hill into the water? Poor bloke.

Friska Friska 1:00 pm 07 Dec 09

LGB seems like a death trap these days.

fortyseven fortyseven 11:52 am 07 Dec 09

dr phil said :

didn’t someone drown as well over the weekend down near the yatch club?

Yeah a guy in his 40s drown on Sunday as well.

dr phil dr phil 10:36 am 07 Dec 09

didn’t someone drown as well over the weekend down near the yatch club?

lemaChet lemaChet 9:26 am 07 Dec 09

Rubbish truck, anyone ?

I-filed I-filed 10:45 pm 06 Dec 09

Are any of the Beaudeans still on the loose?

bd84 bd84 7:56 pm 06 Dec 09

It was a taxi, from across the border. More here

astrojax astrojax 7:26 pm 06 Dec 09

apparently yes, morgan.

Devil_n_Disquiz Devil_n_Disquiz 6:10 pm 06 Dec 09

One of the Queanbeyan Elite taxis.

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