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By Auntyem - 1 April 2010 39

I was surprised by something my (80 year old) mother said last weekend. She said she was followed by a bogon and I assumed she was talking about a moth. Not so. She said the bogon asked her for money and followed her down Bunda street.

I tried to explain that the term is bogan and she nodded and said ‘bogon’.

I asked her what she thought a bogan was and she said they’re people who are born in the lower class, swear in the street and rarely shower. I asked her why she thinks bogans rarely shower and she said that Banjo Patterson talks about a Bogan Shower (which means standing in the dusty rain) in one of his poems.

After reading a lot of RA posts where bogans are mentioned I’d be interested to find out what the RA definition of bogan is?


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39 Responses to
jasere 4:32 pm 01 Apr 10

Thumper said :

Is this the bogan equivalent of a lion marking his territory?

So if a bogan is equivalent of a lion that truly makes you a rabbit in every way.

54-11 3:44 pm 01 Apr 10

Mully williams

Daspuck 3:43 pm 01 Apr 10

Bogans themselves often don’t even realise they are bogans. I stood outside Coles in Jamison a few weeks ago and watched a rather rough looking family making fun of another man for being a “bogan” because he was carrying a case of Melbourne Bitter beer. I personally woulda assumed the family themselves fit the bogan description but then that’s just me:)

Maybe it’s like the term “slut”- there are various degrees of bogan-ness and anyone they see as “below” them IS one but they themselves are just “true blue aussie” (just like a “slut” might see themselves as just “affectionate”).

Gerry-Built 2:27 pm 01 Apr 10

I have heard it said that the term ‘Charnies’ can be used interchangeably for bogan, and is the more localised variety. These can often be seen in shopping centres around Canberra and featuring “trakkies” (loose fitting track pants) and ugg boots (the female of the species often sports the pink variety), and commonly featuring flannelette upper garments, over black band t-shirts…

Generally, Charnies can be found complaining bitterly (often with colourful language) about the price of grocery food items, particularly whilst purchasing cartons of cigarettes and pre-mixed alcoholic beverages.

Charnies are no longer native to the Charnwood region, as the introduction of other more desirable species continues to effectively disperse populations. Charnies often breed in large numbers, generally with multiple partners. Parents often have significant trouble in rearing socially responsible offspring.

Adult Charnies must drive large, loud vehicles, often sporting flower decals (generally specific to female variety) or Southern Cross decals (generally specific to male variety).

…that’s what I heard anyhow…

deye 12:09 pm 01 Apr 10

sure she didn’t mean Vogon ?

Thumper 11:52 am 01 Apr 10

The average bogan earns more than I ever will

Indeed, I have some seriously cashed up bogans living next door to me. For some reason the male of the species has an incredible urge to rev his brand new V8 Commodore at 9.00am every weekend morning, followed by his Harley fat boy.

Of course it goes without saying that he doesn’t actually drive them anywhere, just revs the crap out of them for half an hour each.

Is this the bogan equivalent of a lion marking his territory?

PBO 11:43 am 01 Apr 10

If you hit a Bogan hard enough he will turn into a pile of Flannies, but if you lose the fight you then become a Bogan.

speechie 11:39 am 01 Apr 10
Gives a few good definitions 🙂

SmileOnTrial 11:13 am 01 Apr 10

Lower class Aussie that lives to drink. Never met a bogan that doesnt drink.

Thoroughly Smashed 10:39 am 01 Apr 10

Bogans have trouble communicating with their mouth, so they resort to other body parts instead.

sloppery 10:34 am 01 Apr 10

Bogan = uneducated.

Lazy I 9:55 am 01 Apr 10

This pretty much sums it up:

DeadlySchnauzer 9:25 am 01 Apr 10

Bogan: A person who doesn’t give a crap about anyone but themselves. Can be of any socio-economic background.

– revving cars and doing burnouts late at night.
– having loud outdoor parties till 4am on weekdays
– burning toxic smelling rubbish in their backyard rather than paying the $9 tip fee.
– walking around with aggressive dogs (usually poorly trained staffies) that are off leash and uncontrolled.
– throwing lit cigarrette butts into your garden as they walk past the house.

johnboy 9:23 am 01 Apr 10

Well your mother, by your own description, does not understand the bogue.

The average bogan earns more than I ever will and lives in a much bigger (though not necessarily nicer) house.

They’re just soul dead passive consumers.

Here are the things they like:

PBO 8:52 am 01 Apr 10

Bogan is a word used to describe a Booner, otherwise known as a Bevan.

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