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Boy hit by car at school crossing in Amaroo

By nyssa76 - 1 March 2006 41

A Year 1 boy (approx 6yo) was hit this morning at a school crossing in Amaroo. (see ABC)

Question: if the child was at the crossing at 9:15am (when school has already started) where were his parents? A 6yo doesn’t have the capacity to judge a moving vehicle.

Also, what in the hell was the motorist thinking? It’s not like we don’t have 40kms zones all day.

Thankfully the student was taken to Calvary but was not seriously hurt.

What’s Your opinion?

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41 Responses to
Boy hit by car at school crossing in Amaroo
Ari 8:40 pm 02 Mar 06

The driver was fuly aware there were kids, since he was a school parent dropping his own kid off.

RandomGit 8:34 pm 02 Mar 06

He was not seriously hurt.

Scuse me while I asperse all over everyones shoes, but that leads me to believe:
*The car was doing 40
*Because he knew he was in a school zone
*Also because he saw the orange flags
*And was watching for kids.

Hence, the kid was not seriously hurt.

Oh lookie!

The driver of the car is helping police with their inquiries

That hardly sounds like the actions of an irresponsible driver.

I got 3 of your 5 points beat Nys, one doubly so. With facts.

Suck it!

Blamemonkey 4:56 pm 02 Mar 06

Do we in fact know that the kid was hit by a car?

It could have been a Llama or a Moose in disguise.

Please be more creative with your insults, next Nyssa is going to be moking kimba’s choice in shoes 🙂

kimba 4:25 pm 02 Mar 06

I don’t know the facts…no one here knows the facts – that’s the point! If you know the facts -and you should as your’re at expert on children’s crossings – please share them with us.

And please make sure they are the facts not just your aspersions.

nyssa76 4:03 pm 02 Mar 06

kimba, you’re a tool.

Look up the facts. Oh that’s right, I’m casting aspersions.

“(I think 76 is for IQ)” – Grow up and learn to read more than just the Weeties box.

kimba 11:37 am 02 Mar 06

Kewl, we don’t need eye-witnesses, the police or the judicial system anymore as we have nyssa76 (I think 76 is for IQ) to pass judgement and cast aspersions

LurkerGal 9:49 am 02 Mar 06

I dont know what happened, so I can’t comment. I do know that my daughter is now 10, and I wouldn’t let her walk to school by herself. But we don’t know for sure that the parents weren’t there. Perhaps the mother told him to wait, but he shot out. Unfortunately, kids (particularly on wheels) can be speedy and don’t always do as they are told.

gingermick 9:21 am 02 Mar 06

NYS, Are YOU off THE medication?

nyssa76 6:57 pm 01 Mar 06

Here’s a thought, dumbass, it’s a bloody school crossing and there was NO REPORTED news that ANY PARENT/CARER was on the scene.

So WHO CALLED the cops? 1) the driver or 2) the school.

I don’t jump to any conclusions.
1) Children CAN’T judge the moving distance of a car until at least 10yo;
2) School crossing have ORANGE flags which IDENTIFY that it is a school crossing;
3) We have 40kms/hr speed zone signs which are basically “watch out for children” sign;
4) EVERY morning the radio (no matter what station you are on) tells you that SCHOOL ZONES ARE INFORCE from 8am and
5) You’d have to be blind freddy not to realise that you were in a school zone and that there is a POSSIBILITY that there would be children around.

I don’t need to “be there” to know those facts. I work in schools. I know when the orange flags are taken in and put out again (2:30pm).

As a parent of a 6yo boy, I sure as hell wouldn’t be letting him cross the road on his own either by walking OR riding a bike.

kimba 5:49 pm 01 Mar 06

All I’m saying dumbass is that you weren’t there so why jump to any conclussions!

nyssa76 4:19 pm 01 Mar 06

Irrespective of that. Why was a 6yo crossing on his own?

Again, 6yo’s can’t judge a moving vehicle. Anyone who teaches road safety would know that.

kimba, it’s a school zone, so here’s a thought, there might actually be children around and we should be on the look out for them.

How a driver, if he/she was doing 40kms, would NOT see the CROSSING FLAGS which are BRIGHT ORANGE is beyond me.

They AREN’T collected until 9:30am by the relevant admin people – who CAN judge the moving distance of a car.

TAD 1:27 pm 01 Mar 06

Have you considered that the child “may” have been riding his bike across the crossing?

TAD 1:26 pm 01 Mar 06

Have you considered that the child “may” have actually riding his bike across the crossing?

RandomGit 11:29 am 01 Mar 06

I judge you as having far too much sense kimba. Stand there and SIZZLE in my judgement!!

kimba 8:49 am 01 Mar 06

Well derrrrrrr, perhaps the car was doing the speed limit. Even when you are travelling at 40 (or under) you can still hit a pedestrian.

Shouldn’t we just let the police do their job before we start to judge the driver, the boy or his parent(s)?

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