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Bricks and mortar computers in Canberra?

chow 6 November 2012 13

If you want a computer question answered go to the internet I say.

Hive mind – where do you recommend buying a new laptop and extended international warranty package? Bricks and mortar would be nice but not a must.


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13 Responses to Bricks and mortar computers in Canberra?
Holditz 6:24 pm 06 Nov 12

Has anyone got any opinions about the laptop shop on the north side of the City Bus Interchange, next to the sandwhich shop and the newsagent’s?

arescarti42 12:45 pm 06 Nov 12

I bought my last laptop from, which is based in NYC. Even with $70 postage to Aus, it was still about $100 cheaper than buying it locally. AFAIK Asus has an international warranty on all of their products, and you can buy extensions on line.

Otherwise, in Canberra, MSY is almost certainly cheapest (for obvious reasons) and JB HiFi does reasonable deals.

thatsnotme 11:59 am 06 Nov 12

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

Hard question to answer as its all about what you are using it for?
You can save a heap if you know somebody who can build it for you and you just pay for components.

That approach is easy with a PC, but putting together a laptop from scratch? I don’t think you’re going to be saving any money, even if it’s possible!

dtc 11:57 am 06 Nov 12

ACC in Dickson always (im my experience) do a good job and good price. Not sure about the international warranty (in fact I doubt it); but other than Apple you probably dont have much choice in that respect

Pitchka 11:55 am 06 Nov 12

Witht he price of PC’s/Laptops these days, building from the ground up just doesnt seem worth it anymore.. You can get a decent laptop (i3/i5) for about 500-600 bucks.

I think the most important thing to do these days, especially if you have just purchased a laptop, is get somoene to wipe it clean, get rid of all the shit on it, and reinstall Win 7 Pro/Office etc and a good anti virus.

shirty_bear 10:55 am 06 Nov 12

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

You can save a heap if you know somebody who can build it for you and you just pay for components.

Probably makes a mess of the “extended international warranty package” stipulation. Which is where my knowledge of the problem expires, too.

But my first stop for non-Apple bricks&mortar computing in Cbr is always MSY Fyshwick.

watto23 10:51 am 06 Nov 12

If you want an international warranty most places can supply something, however depending on where you are what sort of service you’d actually get. most of the time you’d have to send your computer to the nearest repair facility, which in some places may still be several countries away.

If you compare like for like Apple Mac’s are actually priced ok. Its just that you can’t get a cheap Macbook below $1000. But compare it to the Samsung series 9 with SSD etc etc and they look competitively priced. If warranty is your main concern Applecare is probably the best by far, but its also not that cheap as far as extra warranty goes.

JB Hifi will provide extra warranty as well at a reasonable price, but like most, you use manufacturers warranty while it lasts and thats often pretty poor.

cross 10:44 am 06 Nov 12

Our family all have Dell I think they only sell online through Dell_ebay or never had a problem although shipping can be a little slow but there phone service is good.
as far as bricks and mortar go forget Dick Smiths ,Harvey ,Domayne ,Good guys and the like they will sell you a computer and thats it.
If Apple Macs are your thing I hear the service both online and at their stores is exceptional .

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 10:35 am 06 Nov 12

Lazy I said :

Apple shop in Civic. Macbook Pro/Air + Applecare.

This. but depends on money situation.

If you cannot afford a mac or are one who is partial to pc for whatever reason, jb hifi is easy to deal with and decently priced.

Hard question to answer as its all about what you are using it for?
You can save a heap if you know somebody who can build it for you and you just pay for components.

Sammy 10:30 am 06 Nov 12

I am, of course, referring to the Apple Store, as others have stated.

Sammy 10:29 am 06 Nov 12

There is a ‘bricks and mortar’ computer store in the Canberra Centre that will sell you a laptop with international extended warranty. With that 3-year extended warranty you can walk into one of almost 400 stores world-wide and get (more than likely) instant help with any issues you might be having.

In fact, I was in said store a few weeks back and a visiting Canadian tourist came in with his laptop, and was able to get a software issue resolved on the spot, and to great relief.

Lazy I 10:26 am 06 Nov 12

Apple shop in Civic. Macbook Pro/Air + Applecare.

Gwilym 10:05 am 06 Nov 12

Good Morning Chow,

I would recommend the Apple Store or JB Hi-Fi in the Canberra Centre.


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