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Broadband Help

By papadoc - 4 March 2008 28

I’ve just moved into a place in Belconnen with no home phone or broadband set up. Telstra want to me $30 a month for the home phone and $90 a month for ADSL 2+ with a 25 Gig limit. Any ideas on anything cheaper? I’m really new to all this!

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Broadband Help
Jono 6:47 pm 04 Mar 08

Sorry, should clarify: I meant *hosting* your own website.

Jono 6:47 pm 04 Mar 08

Watch out for iinet’s Naked plans – they count both uploads and downloads in the quota.
That’s only likely to affect you adversely if you are pirating an excessive amount of TV shows and movies, or running your own (moderately popular) website. Otherwise you won’t notice it.

RuffnReady 6:08 pm 04 Mar 08

Watch out for iinet’s Naked plans – they count both uploads and downloads in the quota.

freddie281 5:42 pm 04 Mar 08

For heavens sake…Do not choose Telstra!!! Overpriced & overrated!!! My vague, little outcry will save you heartache in the long run should you heed it.

hingo 4:18 pm 04 Mar 08

As said by everyone above. Telstra overcharge for their shitty sub-par service. The only reason they have customers is the fact that people (such as the elderly) think that anything involving a phone line requires some sort of Telstra service to enable it.

JC 4:05 pm 04 Mar 08

Sammy intetesting comment. You do know that with ADSL that in most cases Telstra is still the company that is providing the service? Well from your home through the Telstra network to the ISP.

Only with ADSL2 do the ISP’s install their own equipment in the exchange and you are free from the Telstra broadband network. All you need then is the Telstra copper.

ADSL in Aust is bloody expensive and in most cases it is because of Telstra. I currently live in the UK I pay 5 pounds per month (about $12AUD) for 8mb/s download with no traffic limits.

bailes23 3:58 pm 04 Mar 08

Sorry – I stuffed up the link.

Try this one instead – IInet naked DSL – News story

bailes23 3:56 pm 04 Mar 08

The IInet naked dsl looks like a good option.
Just be ready to wait a while… they’ve been in the news lately in regards to long setup waits. See story below.
IInet naked DSL – News story

Mælinar 3:49 pm 04 Mar 08

Dodo internet here, ADSL unshaped connection for $60/m

Thats 24/7 internet with no d/l limits, for those in the know. Unfortunately they dont offer it at the moment, that boat has long since sailed.

Sammy 3:39 pm 04 Mar 08

People foolishly believe that with Telstra they are getting a technologically superior broadband service, when in reality this is almost completely false.

Go with a company that knows, and focusses on, delivering superior broadband, like Internode.

taco 3:28 pm 04 Mar 08

I am connected to TPG off the Belconnen exchange
$49.95 a month for 18gb peak and 7gb off peak (1am to 7am) @ adsl2+ speeds – I synch at around 8.5mbit down and 1mbit up and real world downloads top out at about 800KB/s.

If I didn’t already have a current phone setup I would sign up for iinet’s naked DSL in a heartbeat – $69.95 a month for 10gb peak + 20gb off peak (2am to 12noon) at adsl2+ speeds with unlimited free local and national calls (not counting 1300 and 13 numbers or mobile) – and no telstra line rental to pay.

dalryk 2:30 pm 04 Mar 08

I’m with Exetel, on a $85/month plan – which includes line rental (and relatively cheap call costs) 24Gb peak limit, additional 48Gb off-peak limit, and only $3/Gb excess.

I third the comment that Telstra suck balls and should be avoided like the plague.

Holden Caulfield 2:28 pm 04 Mar 08

Internode, iiNet, TPG, Westnet (if in ACT yet) will all most likely offer better deals for ADSL2+

If you don’t need a landline for phone calls I’m not too sure what can be done. But the Whirlpool forum posted above by Spectra will have all the answers and more.

FWIW, I have Internode ADSL2+ at home for $60/month, with 20GB download limits. The service has been very reliable in the 4 years I’ve been with them. We prefer to keep a landline in any case, and that’s with Telstra, for some reason(!).

LG 2:24 pm 04 Mar 08

Naked DSL is iiNet (no $30/month phone rental)

almost anyone and everyone is better value than Telstra

Spectra 2:19 pm 04 Mar 08

Almost everyone is cheaper/better in some way than Telstra. Check out broadband choice for a relatively comprehensive, searchable database of providers and plans.

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