Building industry held up by new approval regime?

johnboy 21 July 2008 8

In the Canberra Times Graham Downie is taking a poke at the strife builders are in with holdups to so called Class 10a structures.

Apparently things like decks and pergolas are taking up to three months to get approval, where once it was done in a day.

The builders are taking a hit with a gaping whole opening in their schedules.

Andrew Barr is admitting there had been problems but, of course, they’re all in the past and all outstanding certificates are going to be issues today.

Any readers have any direct experience of what’s involved?

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8 Responses to Building industry held up by new approval regime?
Pandy Pandy 9:18 am 22 Jul 08


Easements detail are found under ACTEWAGL website: infor for the builder or some such.

Basically you need to leave 3 m clear horizontally and unlimited vertically over the easement. small shrubs, paving and small sheds are allowed to encroach.

Also you need to leave a permanent 2.7 m emergency access path way to the easement, unlimited vertically. If you don’t have one, ACTEW can come in and knock a pathway through and charge you for it. Seriously.

Nosey Nosey 12:41 am 22 Jul 08


From past involvement with PALM (now ACTPLA), I think I am correct by stating that you can’t build anything permanent on an easement ie garden shed, retaining wall.

As for the type, I’m not sure. If it’s an electrical easement I don’t see why anything would be a problem as long as there is room around the power pole (if there is one) to check the condition.

If it’s a water (storm/sewerage) easement then nothing permanent can be built on it as ACTEWAGL need access if a pipe collapses or something similar.

I hope this helps but don’t take it as gospel.

c` c` 4:01 pm 21 Jul 08

gaping whole?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:54 pm 21 Jul 08

There’s a house one suburb away from me that been in a perpetual state of renovation\delapidation for over five years now.

Anyone know how to force ACTPLA to take action on such a thing?

harley harley 2:43 pm 21 Jul 08

Bugger. I just submitted an amendment request for an already approved Class 10A…

The old approval was under the old scheme, and took 6 weeks, including 2 weeks of “neighbour notification”

The problem with non-approved structures is not that ACTPLA will make you take them down, it’s that your public liability insurance may not cover injuries on your property. Not sure if it has to be *because* of the unapproved structure or not, but definitely not something I want to test.

LG LG 10:59 am 21 Jul 08

I’m with Thumper. Will be putting in a deck next year. Fortunately it’ll be less than 1m high otherwise I might have to have piled up some dirt underneath it to make it less than 1m above ground 😉

On an unrelated note (it actually is unrelated), can someone give me a rundown on easements? Are there different types which affect if/what/how you can build near them.


Pandy Pandy 9:59 am 21 Jul 08

Over 1m above ground… you need it.

Thumper Thumper 9:51 am 21 Jul 08

Approval? For decks?

Stuff that. Just build the sucker…

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