Butternut Sweetheart’s Underwater Post-Apocalyptic Indie Debut

CBR DIG 30 October 2019

I spoke to Luke Moseley, the man behind the musical project Butternut Sweetheart about his self-described “underwater post-apocalyptic indie” debut single, Paper Cut. He tells me that he was hanging out next to the ocean a lot and learning to surf while he was writing the single and other songs for this project, and it was that “pseudo-drowning kind of feeling” that comes with learning to surf that inspired the music.

“A lot of the production elements make me feel like I’m being held underwater, and then I get a moment of clarity somewhere later in the song.”

Butternut Sweetheart is a pretty quirky name to bestow upon yourself, and when I asked Moseley how he settled on it he explained that he always finds it really stressful to think up titles for things, “but it could have something to do with the fact that I used to eat pumpkin every single day for an 18 month period.”

Moseley has been working in the music industry as a guitar tech for a few years now, setting up for other artists’ shows. This experience has undoubtedly influenced his own music career. “It’s difficult not to absorb some kind of inspiration just by being around so many musicians, and gigs and audiences. It’s really infectious.”

Some of the artists that Moseley has worked for in the past include RUFUS and Ball Park Music, who he cites as some of his important inspirations for this project along with DD Dumbo and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

We can expect to see Butternut Sweetheart’s sophomore single released in May of this year, and soon after that he will be going on tour with Ball Park Music.

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