C100 Greer talk – hit, or miss?

Masquara 10 September 2012 5

Wraparound in yesterday’s Crimes announces that Germs is to deliver a keynote speech at Manning Clark House as part of the centenary celebrations.

Now, with Greer pretty much having had NOTHING to say about Canberra, ever, any thoughts about Robyn “doesn’t know the word diaspora” Archer’s strategy on this one?

Is she counting on Greer going off half-cocked (sorry) and create at least national headlines? Or is she hoping that Greer will assert her academic, historian side and deliver something relevant to Canberra? (If Greer does, it may the one and only relevant and interesting C100 event in 2013).

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5 Responses to C100 Greer talk – hit, or miss?
Thumper Thumper 8:58 am 11 Sep 12

Is it just me, or is everyone else struggling to see the connection between Greer and Canberra?

Or, indeed, the relevance to the centenary?

Primal Primal 11:35 pm 10 Sep 12

When do they get around to announcing the awesome stuff for the centenary?

c_c c_c 10:10 pm 10 Sep 12

I recall that Garrett Cotter, for whom the river is named after, was banished to the other side of the river for something he did. Let’s celebrate Canberra100 with a recreation of it and Robyn can be the star.

As for Greer, no idea what Archer is thinking. Not only is she a poor ambassador for Australia, she is an out of touch anachronism who’s ‘women do as I say’ brand of feminism is as disingenuous as Tony Abbott saying he’s good with women.

breda breda 9:50 pm 10 Sep 12

What a joke. Why Greer is still considered relevant to anything in Australia is a mystery, as she has not lived here for decades. What she has to do with the centenary of Canberra is beyond farce.

I suppose it’s Archer trying to be ‘edgy’. Well, she’s certainly got me on edge. Greer is a headline-for-hire whose last effort was making snide comments about Julia Gillard’s appearance. I am not a Gillard supporter, but for the alleged feminist heroine, it was beyond the pale.

Just waiting for the announcement of some old style German cabaret performances as well. It’s one of Archer’s favourite things.

What a shambles. Edgy, but.

harvyk1 harvyk1 4:57 pm 10 Sep 12

I would imagine the sort of people who would want to hear Greer speak would fit into one of two categories.

1. They agree whole-heartily with everything Greer says, because Greer is the authority which their women’s studies lecturer was channeling, and thou does not question their woman’s studies lecturer.

2. Bloggers and reporters who are hoping Greer says something totally outrageous and offensive that they can use to splash on the front of their blogs and newspapers.

So to answer the question, I expect Ms Robyn is hoping for both national headlines and academic helping hand.

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