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Call to ban fireworks

By GnT - 10 June 2007 170

It’s the June long weekend, so again we are seeing calls to have fireworks banned in the ACT.

The main reason is cruelty to animals. The RSPCA already has 15 dogs which have run away from fright, and there are also concerns for the native birds and wildlife.

The other reason is burns and other associated injuries, particularly amongst young, drunk, risk-taking males.

An interesting alternative to an outright ban is to set up a designated cracker zone, away from suburbs and with an ambulance on stand-by. This idea has some merit and could be a good compromise, although I suspect this debate will resurface every June for many years to come.

UPDATE: As predicted, the government is considering banning cracker night. Will this debate ever get resolved?

What’s Your opinion?

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170 Responses to
Call to ban fireworks
VYBerlinaV8 now_with 7:11 pm 10 Jun 07

Ban fireworks? What are you guys crazy? This is Darwin at work!

Catriona 7:04 pm 10 Jun 07

How about having the “designated fireworks zone” in front of the chief minister’s house?

And Pandy is right, it’s not just one weekend of fireworks, people continue to use for them weeks afterwards, and well past 10pm at night. Must pet owners be forced to “lock up” their pets for the next couple of weeks so that bogans can set off fireworks?

GregW 6:30 pm 10 Jun 07

So the idea to solve a few burns and what not is to gather the huge amount of people into a small area and sell them fireworks to be let off on location… Sounds, err, reasonable..

I guess thats the problem with compromises, its a moving target. You compromise to the incompetent pet owners, only to have another compromise in a few more years. Compromises in situations like this are just a slow path to eventual banishment.

While were talking about silly proposals how about imposing a fine on owners who can’t lock up their pets this weekend, we’ll call it a deterrent but if it helps the budget so be it..

Pandy 6:30 pm 10 Jun 07

It is not ONE weekend. And why were there numerous fireworks going off after 10om last nite?

WE tell people to wear seat-belts. We can also ban fireworks. Go Hargraeves!

Kramer 5:59 pm 10 Jun 07

Anonymous comments… I’ll fix that in a few minutes.

lateralis 5:17 pm 10 Jun 07

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.
Benjamin Franklin

..for you anon

el 5:09 pm 10 Jun 07

Ban dogs instead. They’re far more uncontrollable than fireworks.

futto 5:02 pm 10 Jun 07

why don’t ALL those who wish these banned, move the 10 km required to live in a state that has restricted them the rather than forcing EVERYONE else too. Dirty Nazis.

futto 5:00 pm 10 Jun 07

“Those who would give up liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety”

Benjamin Franklin

bighead 4:12 pm 10 Jun 07

I dunno, As mush as a designated cracker zone seems like a good idea. I personally liked sitting on the balcony looking over lake Gininderra. Watch everyone else waste their money 😀

Catriona 4:12 pm 10 Jun 07

Gas and hot water are necessities, fireworks are not. You can’t really compare them.

Mess 3:53 pm 10 Jun 07

Pfft designated Cracker Zone… what so all the freeloaders can go watch other peoples fireworks.. ???

Hmm actually sounds plausible… Free entertainment for the kiddies.. Ambulance on standby for the idiots, Would there be free food too ?

Mess 3:48 pm 10 Jun 07

Its one weekend people… get over it!

Are they going to start banning gas and hot water in homes as they injure people too.

If people cant be sensible for one weekend thats their problem. Not everyone elses… Sorry to all the little kiddies that get hurt – but you should have ben taught not to play with fire.. And as for all the animals… its not that hard to lock them up for a weekend. All my cats and my dog ar eloving being kept inside this weekend.

Gus929 3:47 pm 10 Jun 07

A designated “cracker zone” would be a lot of fun, too. More of a community thing than everyone letting off their own crackers in their back yard.

I vote for the lawns on the sides of Parliament House. :).

Catriona 3:04 pm 10 Jun 07

Going by that article, it seems there have been some fatalities as well.

Unfortunately a child will probably have to die (or at the very least be terribly disfigured) before the ACT govt. takes any action on this issue.

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