Cameron Offices – going…

Kramer 24 October 2007 15

Here’s a pic I took of the infamous Cameron Offices (or at least what’s left of them) earlier in the week. Wings 8 & 9 have now been levelled to the ground, and I’m waiting for the whole lot to now collapse (if I was a Comsuper employee, I’d be taking leave until the demolition work is completed).

Cameron Offices

Click on the photo for a bigger image. Apologies to the photo buffs for the quality – the photos were taken with a Nokia 6300 phone camera on auto mode, and stitched together.

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15 Responses to Cameron Offices – going…
Kramer Kramer 12:51 pm 27 Oct 07

Luke – I have worked in both Cameron Offices and ABS House, and the newer building is so much better to work in. The atrium in ABS House is far more impressive than anything the Cameron Offices ever had to offer, just a pity that not many people know its there from just walking past the building. Most people pleading for the preservation of old buildings are looking in through rose coloured windows, having never worked in these terrible buildings (more so in the latter years).

Meconium – from your comment I guess you have been actively campaining to preserve heritage buildings in Canberra?

Meconium Meconium 9:19 am 27 Oct 07

F**k this town and idiots like the above poster.

GregW GregW 5:16 pm 25 Oct 07

‘We’re never going to have a culture/heritage if we keep destryoying things when they go out of fashion.’


Luke Luke 4:54 pm 25 Oct 07

They shouldn’t have knocked them over. I used to work in them (briefly), and I think they had huge potential to be a grea work environment. It’s just unfortunate the public service departments that filled them couldn’t muster any inspiration beyond ‘grey cubicles’ to fit them out.

It’s also a disgusting waste of resources, seeing them pulled down, They were basically built to last forever (which is proved by how long it’s taking to pull them down).

And what are we replacing them with? Totally uninspired prefab boxes like ABS house. Now there’s an example of crap architecture.

I don’t get this town… We’re never going to have a culture/heritage if we keep destryoying things when they go out of fashion.

bonfire bonfire 4:53 pm 25 Oct 07

you dont *have* to design a building to look bland. unless your budget only goes so far as putting blueboard and glass up on the outside.

at least modern brutalist looked interesting.

noodlemeister noodlemeister 4:03 pm 25 Oct 07

They may look more “interesting” than a glass or concrete box, but looking at an interesting piece of architecture and actually working/living in them is completely different. Yes the two remaining units have been refurbished, but they are still not a very functional or comfortable place to work. Crap lighting, crap design and nowhere near enough space. But unfortunately I don’t think there is anywhere in Canberra that has decent offices that are great to work in, if there was I wouldn’t really care what they looked like on the outside!

JD114 JD114 1:31 pm 25 Oct 07

This software is without peer in the freeware world:

A bit clunky you have to set parameters under options I think, and for large images it takes a while, but the results are normally as good as I can do manually in 10x the time…

bonfire bonfire 12:11 pm 25 Oct 07

we dont let buildings age gracefully in canberra, we knock em down and whack up a business friendly fischer and paykel box.

sepi sepi 10:52 am 25 Oct 07

Yep – much better than a glass or concrete box.

And usually architecture needs to age a bit before it actually looks ‘intersting’ instead of just old fashioned.

I never worked in those buildings though so I can’t comment on amenity.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:15 am 25 Oct 07

I thought they were interesting architecture actually.
Perhaps the building mechanics needed massive rethinks and for sure the concrete all needed a clean, but the interplay of spaces, light and level changes were so much better than just another glass box.

noodlemeister noodlemeister 8:41 am 25 Oct 07

Those of you who have worked in these monstrosities will probably know that the floors are slightly sprung. So as somebody who’s currently working in Wing 4, the vibrations from demolition work are getting a bit worrying!

Kramer Kramer 8:22 am 25 Oct 07

I use Canon Photo Stitch – which I got bundled with my Canon camera.

bighead bighead 12:50 am 25 Oct 07

Hey Kramer, what program do you use to stitch photos together like that? Being wanting to do it for ages.

AussieGal83 AussieGal83 10:19 pm 24 Oct 07

Wow, I cant believe theyre gone.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 9:01 pm 24 Oct 07

The Offices look better than ever.

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