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Campbell’s Crimes and Misdemeanors

By Susan Kinsey - 13 February 2010 18

The issue about the development at the bottom of Blamey Crescent, isn’t so much that it is “development” and heaven forbid, that Canberra should eschew any form of development – no matter how ugly. We are the nation’s capital after all!  We wouldn’t want to appear to be too hickish about issues relating to “development’.

But it seems to me the key issue is that the “development” is happening with very little prior awareness of the parameters of the “development”, how encroaching traffic issues might impact on Campbell residents (for example) or why it simply had to be located right smack-dab at that Blamey Cresent and Constitution Avenue intersection. 

Since local news is often as exciting as reading a ten-year old telephone directory, perhaps I haven’t been reading my Canberra Times assiduously.  But judging from a previous article on this and the feedback, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of facts about it.  All I can make out is there seem to be an awful lot of smoke, dust and grit and very little information.
Apart from the idea that the building will be encroachment on what was a much more scenic skyline in and around a suburban street, by a five (or is it seven) story building, along a suburban corridor which was once reknown as a quiet northern suburb right next to the city, or apart from the fact that it was done by stealth, ie one day there was a national park, the next it’s a humungous building site. I suppose this stealth-like m.o. is the way Asio hopes to operate in relation to their dealings with terrorism and international espionage? One minute the mean old terrorist is hitting on you, the next he’s dead? Or is it really the nation’s development authority’s m.o. not to engage in any community exchange, because it really isn’t any of our business, (we just live here).  Judging by the current build-up of mud, traffic congestion and parking issues, it’s no wonder no one wants to discuss the best way forward.  
The treatment of citizens as problems whose potential issues can only be solved by not providing opportunities for dialogue or any information, or by taking action thus making outcomes an ‘au fait accompli’ before any community buy-in, is probably more reflective of exactly how developed Canberra is.  Many developing countries deal with their citizens this way too.

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18 Responses to
Campbell’s Crimes and Misdemeanors
captainwhorebags 5:17 pm 16 Feb 10

wishuwell: you mean someone lied to complete a land sale? Say it aint so!

Who was this man who gave the promise? Were they duly authorised to do so? Was there an expiry on the promise? I don’t mean to cast aspersions on your father, but I hope he didn’t take it seriously when in 1957 he was told “there’ll be no building from here down to the lake forever and ever”. I mean, the lake wasn’t even completed until 1964.

Living in the A.C.T. means that we all have to suffer somewhat for the “greater good” – restrictions on city planning, leased residential land, lack of equal democratic representation etc. I don’t see how your needs trump those of the national interest (a debate on the usefulness of ASIO is offtopic).

spinact 11:36 am 16 Feb 10
spinact 11:35 am 16 Feb 10

So many things wrong with the OP it’s hard to know where to start, although some of the replies above cover off most things.

On a related issue, the ASIO building was suppose to coincide with the complete re-developemnet of Consitution Ave as part of the NCA’s infamous Griffin Legacy. Take a look at amendment 60 to the National Capital Plan ( But make sure you take some deep breaths before you to read it, you may be a little surprised at the number of buildings that are allowed in the area under the planning law.

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