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papadoc 8 February 2007 45

Finally a place where you can get the latest news and reviews on anything that happens in this beautiful city. Recieve regular bulletins and read the blog when you become a friend of your home. That’s:


[ED – Be prepared to gouge out your eyeballs]

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45 Responses to Canberra at home on Myspace
schmerica_ schmerica_ 12:04 pm 10 Feb 07

Papadoc I enjoyed the bulletin – It was awesome.

Danman Danman 10:33 am 10 Feb 07

to be totally anally correct – the public holiday for canberra day is a monday – the 19th of march.
How do I know ?

I get the public holiday off for my birthday this year !!

poptop poptop 5:44 pm 09 Feb 07

Mate, what we have here is a failure to commmunicate.

The ACT Government has been assiduously spruiking around that Canberra’s 94th birthday will be riotously celebrated on the 11th of March, while you are hosting a webpage that advertises Canberra as an 18 year old, Piscean, male. It just strikes me as odd. Funny, but odd.

To be fair, 11 March DOES mean Canberra is a Pisces.

papadoc papadoc 4:47 pm 09 Feb 07

No Poptop, I am in fact an Aries.

Now let me pose a question…

When you attempt to find a single mother to join you in that extra marital affair you so deeply crave, do you search for those your own age, or a little bit younger? My target audience is the 18-30 year old market so therefore I place myself at the bottom of the search spectrum which gains me the wider audience. That is the only reason. And why are you so hung up about my age? If it’s for the obvious reason, I apologise, but I don’t swing that way. Sorry Mate…

Maelinar Maelinar 2:21 pm 09 Feb 07

Everytime I see that name, I can’t get papa lazarou out of my head…


poptop poptop 1:47 pm 09 Feb 07

papadoc [may I call you ‘Mate’ too?], I didn’t comment on your age and so my disappointment is significantly moderated.

The myspace page you generously and iteratively shared, clearly states that Canberra is an 18 year old male and is a Pisces!

Perhaps we should all drop by for the birthday celebration which must be just around the corner.

Are you a Pisces too?

Danman Danman 1:46 pm 09 Feb 07

and I’m proud to say that ill NEVER have a period in my life

Al Al 1:14 pm 09 Feb 07

Embarrassedly looks at suit jacket hanging in corner….
Sammy: I’m proud to say I’ve never had a period in my life. 🙂

papadoc papadoc 1:10 pm 09 Feb 07

Just in response to schmerica_’s comment. It’s really not relevant at all, but I just found it interesting. Thanks for signing up into my Friends list, I hope you enjoyed the bulletin. But just quickly, it was a bulletin I’d posted up, hence being on the bulletin board and not my site…

Maelinar Maelinar 12:54 pm 09 Feb 07

Anybody can go to the Phoenix, all you need is $10 to invest in a complete wardrobe at any vinnies store in town, and waltz on in in your newfound accroutements.

The Guinness is the freshest in Canberra, chug 4 of them and you’ll be a local in no time.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 12:37 pm 09 Feb 07

Im 20 and although I think the myspace page is a good idea… How is reporting on Anna Nicole Smith relevant to events happening in Canberra? That’s one thing I like about this site. It typically won’t contain dribble regarding cities in other parts of the country, let alone overseas, that don’t relate to Canberra.

terubo terubo 12:22 pm 09 Feb 07

I’m not old enough to go to the Phoenix yet.

papadoc papadoc 11:40 am 09 Feb 07

Sorry to disappoint you poptop, but I’m actually 24.

poptop poptop 11:07 am 09 Feb 07

While coming to grips with my surprise ‘Mate’ relationship with papadoc, I popped over to Canberra’s myspace to see whether I had misjudged the situation.

I have learnt that Canberra claims to be an 18 year old male.


seepi seepi 10:45 am 09 Feb 07

I haven’t been to the Phoenix since I turned 30 and gave up smoking!

Thumper Thumper 9:29 am 09 Feb 07

Not me, I’m too world weary and jaded….

Crushed by the unachievable expectations of a world steeped in the unaccountable lust for prestige and success and downtrodden by the system whereby a lack of ambitions held within the said individual holds them in an environmental limbo somewhere between where the wind blows and the eagle lands.

Shall I just go and get drunk now?


Hey, can that piece of gobbledegook go to the poolroom?

Danman Danman 9:29 am 09 Feb 07

You mean you’re a nude trapeze artist as well as a photographer-chef?

Still to find a job that will incorporate ALL my hobbies into one.

Ill leave it to everyones imagination how I use the trapeze when I have a frypan in one hand and a camera in the other.

Phoenix rocks – stale beer and cigarette smell – mercury ales – good live music and plenty of dark corners to feverishly grope and couple with your “Buddy System” partner of choice for the night, and im well off 30-something

Jazz Jazz 9:16 am 09 Feb 07


If you feel you have a story of interest to our readership please feel free to hit the ‘submit news’ link at the top of the page. You would be surprised at the demographic you might reach.
Not just those you are targeting, but those 30 somethings in the phoenix bar might raise their world weary heads and get an appreciation for the interests and issues affecting canberra’s youth.

johnboy johnboy 9:14 am 09 Feb 07

“my high school agers do the myspace thing all the time.”

They do right now, what are they going to do in five minutes time?

Already a majority of myspace users are over 35.

When the kids all flit off to the next big thing it’s going to be a bugger moving the archives over.

miz miz 8:43 am 09 Feb 07

papadoc, I think you’ve targeted your market well – my high school agers do the myspace thing all the time.

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