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Canberra Bushfire Information

Danman 11 December 2006 52

Hi guys – Just wondering if anyone could help me.
Living in a fringing suburb of Canberra (northside) and having not much between my house and pure bushland I have been watching the smoke closely for the past 24 hours.

Apparently there was a small fire on Gunghalin Hill last night – but I was unaware of this.
The boys at the ESA told me of a bushfire in Wee-Jasper – but not much else.
I was wondering if anyone knows of any good live sites (regular updates) for current LOCAL bushfire information.
It would save the switch at ESA a lot of grief from my street of concerened homeowners.

Cheers in advanced.

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52 Responses to Canberra Bushfire Information
Thumper Thumper 8:32 am 13 Dec 06

That is pure gold bonfire….

Thumper Thumper 8:30 am 13 Dec 06

The stupid fat kid shouldn’t have videoed himself being a tosser.

Simple as that….

bonfire bonfire 12:34 pm 12 Dec 06
Danman Danman 11:30 am 12 Dec 06

Raza (the star wars kid) reportedly suffered considerable embarrassment, in part because the video showed him to be overweight and not particularly graceful. The case raised privacy issues and was extensively reported in mainstream news media worldwide, including The New York Times, CBS News and BBC News. The boy underwent therapy and counseling. Raza became the spokesperson for an anti-bullying campaign in Ontario, but later changed his mind and the program was taken down.

An Internet petition to get Raza a cameo role in Star Wars Episode III received more than 178,000 digital signatures. Although George Lucas sympathized with the young man’s plight, the film contains no such cameo and there were never any plans known to do so, nor is it at all clear that Raza himself would have wished it. At the height of the video’s popularity, two webloggers ( and began a fundraiser to buy Raza an Apple iPod. In less than a week, they raised over $3,200 and shipped him a 30GB iPod and a $2,600 gift certificate.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:23 am 12 Dec 06

for those of you that don’t what I am talking about (though I assume most do)

star wars kid

Thumper Thumper 10:11 am 12 Dec 06

Oh yeah, I also have a bow, but haven’t used it for a while…

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:04 am 12 Dec 06

I also watch that star wars kid movie regularly.. so have become pretty hand with a bow..

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:58 am 12 Dec 06

I am planning on going to the mall.

Thumper Thumper 9:57 am 12 Dec 06

I have a late 1800s cavalry sword….

bonfire bonfire 9:48 am 12 Dec 06

ive got a cricket bat – zombies lookout…

che che 8:45 am 12 Dec 06

Fire plans are easy, what everyone should be figuring out is their Zombie plan

Danman Danman 8:01 am 12 Dec 06

All good mate – I have thick skin 🙂 lets have a beer 🙂

gurunik gurunik 7:53 am 12 Dec 06

no offence to you intended danman….peace. was just keeping with the feisty spirit of this place, but wasn’t a personal slight.

Danman Danman 7:44 am 12 Dec 06

Eh in any case – I acknowledged that i was wrong about the origin of Canberra bushfires.

At the time of those bushfires – I was a chef at the airport cafe – the business “donated” a lot of coffees cold drinks and chips to them heroes, weirdly enough – only when I was on shift.

That morning I started at 0400 and finished at 1530 – got home and was fighting bushfires an hour later.
Was not all that fun a day for me – and I wa sonly in Lyons – we did not even get the worst of it.

We had no lektricity for about a week ( i lived about 100m from the burnt down sub station) but we had about a crowd of 20 or so people around my mates ute watching the tv on our front lawn with an inverter.

We figured – no electricity – time to get the campin gear out – so we “camped” inside our house.

I have nothing but pride and respect for them guys – even now – when i see them at hall markets I always give them a tenner – after all – Ill probably need them someday.

Jey Jey 7:17 am 12 Dec 06

A fire has rights?

KaneO KaneO 7:11 am 12 Dec 06

Danman, I’ve heard the same tone and type of comment firsthand from rural firies in relation to the ’03 fires.
They weren’t *allowed* to go stamp it out quickly due to the fact it was a ‘natural’ fire, and therefore had the right to exist in a national park, being a ‘natural’ part of the revegatation cycle.
Just another example of greenie policies in action.

Danman Danman 9:34 pm 11 Dec 06

Gurunik – I concede you rnicname is correct and I stand corrected.

I also believe that your tone is unnecessary – given the seriousness of my initial post.


ex0dus1985 ex0dus1985 8:53 pm 11 Dec 06



ex0dus1985 ex0dus1985 8:52 pm 11 Dec 06

This site uses google maps and gives you a pretty good view of the fires, and is updated regularly:

el el 8:29 pm 11 Dec 06

Shut our eyes, stick our fingers in our ears and go ‘la la la la la’??

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