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Canberra Bushfire Information

By Danman - 11 December 2006 52

Hi guys – Just wondering if anyone could help me.
Living in a fringing suburb of Canberra (northside) and having not much between my house and pure bushland I have been watching the smoke closely for the past 24 hours.

Apparently there was a small fire on Gunghalin Hill last night – but I was unaware of this.
The boys at the ESA told me of a bushfire in Wee-Jasper – but not much else.
I was wondering if anyone knows of any good live sites (regular updates) for current LOCAL bushfire information.
It would save the switch at ESA a lot of grief from my street of concerened homeowners.

Cheers in advanced.

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52 Responses to
Canberra Bushfire Information
Absent Diane 3:30 pm 11 Dec 06

so i assume neither of you are insualted?

Thumper 3:29 pm 11 Dec 06

Oh, fair enough then!


Jey 3:25 pm 11 Dec 06

Thumper, that’s what I meant by ‘clearing the yard etc.’

Thumper 3:21 pm 11 Dec 06

Block your downpipes and fill the gutters with water.

Sit on your roof with a hose and spray everything down.

There’s actually a lot of things you can do…

Jey 3:04 pm 11 Dec 06

sounds like your pretty prepared Danman, there’s not much else you can really do, other than clearing the yard etc.

Danman 3:00 pm 11 Dec 06

Andy – My main concern was being unable to find relaible information to put my mind at ease.

I have a tin box with my birth certificates and trade papers in it – all my 35mm negatives and a recent back up of all my digital images.

Bar Mrs Danman and our dog, everything else is insured and can burn for all I care.

In saying so – I have taken preventative measures – even to the extent of installing my UHF CB back in my falco – proved to be very handy in 2003.

Mrs Danmans stuff is at her mums still since 2003.

Im yet to get the boots jeans jumper and bandana ready – thats just paranoid.

This is the 1st year my basil coriander parsley pumpkins tomatos and sunflowers are going off – be a pity to lose them

andy 2:44 pm 11 Dec 06

damn that GA site is getting utterly hammered.
they should contact us for some 3tier application development and implementation.

danman, i was a bit concerned being in a north-west belco suburb yesterday as well.. literally across the road is a large tract of bushland too.

RandomGit 2:44 pm 11 Dec 06

I like thisone from Electron Soup.

Sammy 2:04 pm 11 Dec 06

That thunderstorm, if it eventuates, will likely start fires in the mountains

johnboy 2:02 pm 11 Dec 06

666 is blaming tumut with no ACT fires known.

bear in mind there’s a thunderstorm building above the clouds

Sammy 1:59 pm 11 Dec 06

For something truly frightening, take a look at the Victorian bushfire situation from the last fortnight here:

DavidM 1:54 pm 11 Dec 06

Yeah, the smoke in town looks pretty bad, with that typical flat light you get with bushfire smoke.

I’d appreciate a live-update bushfire site, too, something like the Bureau of Meteorology provides for the weather.

Wouldn’t be too hard to cobble together, and at least that way the load would be off the ESA switch, as you say.

Sammy 1:54 pm 11 Dec 06
Al 1:53 pm 11 Dec 06

Have a look at this site by CSIRO:

Sammy 1:51 pm 11 Dec 06

Dunno about any fire at Wee Jasper, but the fire burning near Billo Road around Tumut has been specified a Class 3 bushfire, which is the worst.

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