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Lurch 16 October 2007 38

If you haven’t recently noticed, the only new bit of MC parking we have had in a long time has recently been closed.

In the lane way at the Canberra Centre, outside Nando’s, was finally a bit of open, easily accessible bike parking. As it was, there was no exact signage, however bollards were up allowing, essentially, only access by Motorcycle. As of last week, this has just been blockaded up and the bollards removed to allow workmen to paint in car parking lines. I can only assume then next step will be parking meters – but don’t quote me on that.

Here is a letter I sent to John Hargraves, the Minister for such things:


You wouldn’t know me from a bar of soap; however I help run a group of Motorcyclists in Canberra called CanberraRIDERS.
We are a little concerned with the removal of the best MC parking we have had in the Canberra CBD, at the Canberra Centre, outside Nando’s.
My questions are, whose decision was it to remove/change/re-designate this area? And also what is going to be done to replace it.
Currently the only MC parking on that side of civic is the parking down behind the alleyway near Cotton On. This area is small, crowded and bikes are regularly damaged due to both these conditions and passer by’s. Very, very frequently, the entrance to this area is blocked by cars, not realising what they have blocked.
This is all as opposed to the area that has now been closed which was open, spacious, with security guards regularly out there, and maybe even CCTV.
With motorcycles becoming more and more prevalent in the city due to congestion and parking, the MC community as a whole has been waiting a while for some decent parking in the city, and we finally got it. Now it has been taken away.

I await your response and thankyou for your time.

Jason Weber

Does anyone else know of anything I am missing here?

To give you some more information, the Canberra Centre tells me that the area in question was only ever designated ‘Short-term parking’ – you know, what with all those bollards up and no signage. When questioned about this, I was told that this fell under the responsibility of Territory and Municipal Services.

So I email them to…

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38 Responses to Canberra Centre Motorcycle parking
addicus addicus 4:21 pm 27 Sep 11

Having these parks doesn’t assist in the ACT Governments expected income from parking fines and infridgements. Please go park somewhere illegally, so we can make some more money! Hang on, I’ll just re-mark where you are now…….that’ll be 82 bucks thanks.

FishGnome FishGnome 11:57 am 23 Oct 09

Folks, as a newbie to the ACT 2 wheel scene but a long term rider of some 20+ years in Vic I can say that the ACT is somehwat regressive on bike parking. In Vic almost any where is ok to park as long as it is out of the way of pedestrians and cars (obviously with a few legislative constraints). There was a small piece in today’s CT that suggested the MRA have made a submission to the receptive bods running this fair territory’s affairs. It may be worthwhile piggy backing this initiative (as a suggestion only of course!).

alb alb 12:04 pm 07 Mar 09

wow – this is really an eye-opener…..I niavely thought that the ACT – in accordance with its aims of being green, sustainable and encouraging socially responsible activities would be actively encouraging the use of motorcycles and scooters as an alternative to cars.
reduced emissions, reduced road wear and tear, reduced congestion all seem to align with that?
I *thought* that there would be an ACT government policy *requiring* a % of MC parking at all major locations….and over time that would increase…….until I got a bike 6 months ago and found MC parking to be few and far between.
In most places this means there is none. Incredible.
Am I asking for free packing for MCs/scooters? yes. Is this ‘unfair’ to car drivers I am one of them too) – no. This would be government encouraging desired behaviour in society. Thats what governments are elected to do.
I am gob-smacked that this isnt ACT govt policy right now.

Lenient Lenient 12:56 pm 16 Mar 08

“$14,990 drive away Hyundoosan incurs LESS stamp duty than say, a second hand Buell at $17,000???? Let’s see….3% of ..mmm ….carry the one…mutter mutter ….TOO HARD for me.”

Then let me explain a Buell is a state of the art piece of engineering (although it is of US origin, so not that state if the art) and a Hyundai is a piece of rubbish. Of course you pay more (and therefore more stamp duty). This is not a fair comparison in anyway.

jasere jasere 12:00 am 26 Oct 07

down alleyway across the road thats been a moto park for years or do you like to look at your scooter while sipping your latte

sepi sepi 8:17 pm 21 Oct 07

Stamp duty aside, the 12 new parking spaces they have created in Genge st behind the multi storey carpark are unneccessary. They will be five minute spots, and whenever you want one they’ll be full. They would avhe been far better as motorbike parks, as they were used for the last few weeks.

About 15 bikes in each of the 4 bays, is over 50 bikes that can get a convenient park, and will be encouraged to ride to work. It makes sense to me that more bikes on the road and less cars will alleviate traffic and parking congestion.

kylearaus kylearaus 7:28 pm 21 Oct 07

You’re right. What a “melonhead” I was. I forgot to explain that when you buy a new motor vehicle of ANY type, then you have to pay stamp duty. Even when you move from interstate, you have to pay stamp duty on your motorised pride and joy. This stamp duty, as you so sagely point out, is calculated on the cost of the vehicle. Who would have thought that??

So is it my ariffmetic, or what? “For passenger vehicles with a purchase price or market value of less than $45,000, duty is payable at the rate of $3.00 for every $100.00 or part thereof”. Does this mean that my shiny new $14,990 drive away Hyundoosan incurs LESS stamp duty than say, a second hand Buell at $17,000???? Let’s see….3% of ..mmm ….carry the one…mutter mutter ….TOO HARD for me.

It must, coz I’m a melon head.

Listen, the point of the comment is that the cost of owning a motorcycle is NOT cheep, like a budgie. There are no favours from the Government, You pay your rego at a disproportionate rate to most cars, you pay your stamp duty, you pay your insurance, and its GST/Stamp duty etc. In return, you don’t add much to traffic congestion, you don’t cause road damage at the same rate as cars and trucks, and you get to park in dingy crowded parking spaces. (If you can get there before the cars that I regularly see in Barton in the at least one Motorcycle parking area)

Sorry for being a melon head. I cant help it.


If all the people who drive a car with 0 (nil passengers) from their home to their place of work, AND who didn’t have school children to transport, (and all those types of exceptions, which are the way of the world) then the current woeful state of roads and parking would last many more years. It is not a difficult concept. Look around you in the morning peak and see how many cars have NO passenger. Shirtloads is my observation. Think (you all can do it) how much less congestion there would be if all these single passenger cars, with no need for detours etc, all were on bikes/scooters/treadlies. Everyone, open your mind to the possibilities.



Yes, I know this is a bit pie in the sky, but my main point was the cost of stamp duty. The rest just happened.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 7:22 am 20 Oct 07

“Don’t let the fact that stamp duty on a new bike is the same as a lot of cars cloud your judgment.”

Of perhaps you could try not to let the fact that stamp duty is calculated on the price of the vehicle cloud your lack of intelligence. Melonhead.

Maelinar Maelinar 4:26 pm 19 Oct 07

I simply can’t wait for this protest to get off the ground.

Mix it with the Canberra illegal parking corps, and for every bike in a car spot, there will be an illegally parked car over the white line divider.

Gold !

kylearaus kylearaus 3:34 pm 19 Oct 07

Dear Mr Hargreaves,

Have you managed to get out of the Assemby lately? If so, you may have noticed the number of motorcycles parked in the side street near the new bit of the Canberra Centre. Fortunately, someone has decided that it would be a better use of resources to rent bollards and put there. I am sure you can recoup the cost of this with paid short term car parking and fines. It is good to know that the economic management of the territory is in good hands. The fact that there is a demand for this facility only means you get more pleasure from denying it, eh John?

What have those motorcyclists got to complain about? Surely we enjoy being scalped at the rego office each year. I personally look forward to being abused by a car driver when I park in a car space. And what if motorbikes cause shirtloads less wear and tear on road surfaces? Gee, if more people took to motorcycles and scooters coz there was an incentive, such as parking availability, where would you spend the money on crap road repairs? And you know that nobody would thank you if there was a noticeable reduction in traffic congestion. Why bother with this group of ratbags? Just let them suffer. Get up them John. Don’t let the fact that stamp duty on a new bike is the same as a lot of cars cloud your judgement. It must be better for the planet to have Northbourne Ave filled with cars every morning, not to mention your desire for the government to put speed/redlight cameras every where in the interests of road safety.

You have to ignore this stupid outbreak of common sense. This shouldn’t be difficult given your Government’s track record.

Your sincerely

MotorCyle Rider.

FoMoCo FoMoCo 8:58 am 17 Oct 07

P1: yes you are required to “pay and display” in such car parks, which isnt exactly easy to do 🙁 Hence why you dont see bikes in them.

JC JC 3:23 am 17 Oct 07

Mim, based on this statement ” An accident with a motorbike is mostly going to damage only the motorbike, which is good for CTP premiums.” you have no idea what CTP is all about.

In fact being a bike rider will increase CTP because it covers damage to people not property. Also I would have though in an accident with a motor bike the rider would suffer the most damage, hence raising CTP.

As for parking, agree there needs to be dedicated spaces so as to not waste them. But you should pay the same rate as everyone else.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 10:30 pm 16 Oct 07

Never in my post did I say or imply anything about anything being “unfair” so lurch you can shove that up your bum. And since you were asking I can cite the plethora of bikes you see parked on side walks and footpaths outside (and this is a limited list for the sake of brevity)- Kambah Tavern, Wanniassa shopping centre, O’Connor shops and Green Square in Kingston. Now to be fair, I will be honest and point out that these bikes are normally of the American built variety – and I have always wondered why someone would be so stupid as to spend money on a sh!tbox Harley when you could have a far better perfornming Jap or Euro bike and get the same sound by simply jamming a couple of holes in the muffler with a screw-driver!

As to any of the other whinges you losers have managed to dredge up – who cares, just make sure you lay off the booze, I might need one of your kidneys one day!

mad_kiwi mad_kiwi 9:35 pm 16 Oct 07

I find the canberra centre carparks very motorbike friendly. just ride around the swing arms on the way in and again on the way out. undercover and secure to some level, sweet

sepi sepi 9:30 pm 16 Oct 07

That road was open to cars today with a pedestrian crossing. I don’t know why they bothered. It seemed to work better as a pedestrain/bike zone.

Lack of bike parking is an issue at Defence as well, where there is only one small area in the whole suburb/Russell complex.

I support the idea of more bike parking around the place. Those 5 carparks outside nandos were always filled with about 20 bikes at all times – I was amazed. And I hate to see one bike taking up a whole car space.

bd84 bd84 9:01 pm 16 Oct 07

p1: I believe motorcyclists are not required to pay and display.

Anyway regarding the Canberra Centre “motorcycle” parking. I noticed it the other day too blocked with bollards. For a start I think you will find that the roads under the canberra centre are still “closed roads” while the construction work around there is completed. So technically, unless you’re a construction worker you’re breaking the law by even riding your motorcycle through there..

It was never designated for motorcyclists in the first place from the lack of signposting, so i’m guessing that they’re preparing to open that road and create short stay parking like all of the other street parking around there. Why not ring canberra centre management and ask? I think you will find they still conrtol that area, and you’re more likely to get an answer out of them than you are getting one out of the minister for useless!

p1 p1 8:42 pm 16 Oct 07

What is the go for motorcycle parking in “pay and display” carparks in the ACT? If you wish to occupy a space, are you required to “display” the ticket? Because that may be a logistical problem for most bikes… In the Canberra Centre you can just pay and take a space like everybody else, although I personally think that there should be a reduced rate due to size etc…

Lurch Lurch 7:16 pm 16 Oct 07

However what this has bought to light is the amount of bike parking in civic.
I’d be interested to see the per capita of motorcycle licences held in he ACT compared to other states… Hrmm…

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 7:12 pm 16 Oct 07

Well in all honesty Lurch, I do think that there is a good case for free designated motorcycle parking, or at least cheaper ($2 day perhaps?) because a motorcycle does take up a lot less space.

However I don’t think you’ve get any reason to complain about an area never identified as being bike parking suddenly becoming unavailable to you.

Lurch Lurch 7:07 pm 16 Oct 07

captainwhorebags – I stand corrected.
Cars ~$650
Bikes ~$500

But certainly not 1/5th the price…

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