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Canberra Centre Motorcycle parking

By Lurch - 16 October 2007 38

If you haven’t recently noticed, the only new bit of MC parking we have had in a long time has recently been closed.

In the lane way at the Canberra Centre, outside Nando’s, was finally a bit of open, easily accessible bike parking. As it was, there was no exact signage, however bollards were up allowing, essentially, only access by Motorcycle. As of last week, this has just been blockaded up and the bollards removed to allow workmen to paint in car parking lines. I can only assume then next step will be parking meters – but don’t quote me on that.

Here is a letter I sent to John Hargraves, the Minister for such things:


You wouldn’t know me from a bar of soap; however I help run a group of Motorcyclists in Canberra called CanberraRIDERS.
We are a little concerned with the removal of the best MC parking we have had in the Canberra CBD, at the Canberra Centre, outside Nando’s.
My questions are, whose decision was it to remove/change/re-designate this area? And also what is going to be done to replace it.
Currently the only MC parking on that side of civic is the parking down behind the alleyway near Cotton On. This area is small, crowded and bikes are regularly damaged due to both these conditions and passer by’s. Very, very frequently, the entrance to this area is blocked by cars, not realising what they have blocked.
This is all as opposed to the area that has now been closed which was open, spacious, with security guards regularly out there, and maybe even CCTV.
With motorcycles becoming more and more prevalent in the city due to congestion and parking, the MC community as a whole has been waiting a while for some decent parking in the city, and we finally got it. Now it has been taken away.

I await your response and thankyou for your time.

Jason Weber

Does anyone else know of anything I am missing here?

To give you some more information, the Canberra Centre tells me that the area in question was only ever designated ‘Short-term parking’ – you know, what with all those bollards up and no signage. When questioned about this, I was told that this fell under the responsibility of Territory and Municipal Services.

So I email them to…

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
Canberra Centre Motorcycle parking
Lurch 6:55 pm 16 Oct 07

ingeegoodbee – *sigh* And we go again….
A) take up less than a quarter of the space of a car.
B) Do a small fraction of the wear and tear to our roads.
C) Produce a small fraction of green house gases.

Still want to play the “It ain’t fair” card?

jase! 6:28 pm 16 Oct 07

ingeegoodbee can you cite some examples of motorcyclists illegal parking habits? It’s pretty obvious that you don’t like motorcycles from your post but I would be interested to know where riders are parking illegally

Ingeegoodbee 6:15 pm 16 Oct 07

It seems that organ-donors, sorry motorcyclists, seem to leave their bikes whereever it’s convenient anyway. What we need is greater policing of these illegal parking habits and make motorcyclists compete with everyone else for proper parking spaces.

joeyjo 5:45 pm 16 Oct 07

Why don’t they just leave that road the way it was, pedestrians and bikes only?

Lurch 5:42 pm 16 Oct 07

Territory and Municipal Services

b2 5:12 pm 16 Oct 07

who is responsible for the roads, in and underneath parts of the CC? is it the centre or the government?

Morgan 5:06 pm 16 Oct 07

One motorcycle per car spot? Who cares most cars only have one passenger anyway, what’s the difference?

The Canberra Centre is a private operation entitled to institute whatever parking they like.

jase! 4:49 pm 16 Oct 07

Is there something restricting you from parking in any of the car spaces, or do you deserve special treatment for some reason?

have we got a plan for you, 1 motorcycle per car parking spot may well happen and you can bet that shoppers and store owners in civic won’t be impressed by it

Mike Crowther 4:27 pm 16 Oct 07

Does anyone else know of anything I am missing here?

Well a few things spring to mind.
I propose that building codes need to be amended to ensure that wherever public parking is to be provided in a project that:

• There be a legislated ratio of a minimum of one motorcycle for every forty car spaces provided.
• That there be no more that a five percent variation on ground slope in such a motorcycle parking area.
• The minimum width of a provided motorcycle parking space be made 1.2M…just for starters.

I only discovered that space blocked off yesterday myself. I’ve never been comfortable leaving my bike in the aforementioned lane (which is only a few meters from junkie Central.)

For some reason successive governments have viewed provision of services to bike riders as an afterthought rather than part of town planning.

mlm 4:07 pm 16 Oct 07


1) We take up a whole lot less physical space, requiring less gov resources for parking. You could probably park every ACT registered motorbike in just one of the Canberra Centre multi-level carparks.
2) We’re environmentally friendly, although tree-hugging on a motorcycle does tend to be rather fatal.
3) We do a lot less physical damage to the roads because we’re small and light (the bikes if not all of the riders).
4) An accident with a motorbike is mostly going to damage only the motorbike, which is good for CTP premiums.
5) We even have the decency to have a high level of fatalities in crashes. After all, a road scraper is a lot cheaper to operate than an emergency department.
6) As Lurch mentioned, you’d probably get your knickers in a twist if all of the car spots were taken up by little motorbikes and scooters.

Lurch 3:36 pm 16 Oct 07

So you would rather see one motorcycle taking up a whole car parking space?

captainwhorebags 3:35 pm 16 Oct 07

Is there something restricting you from parking in any of the car spaces, or do you deserve special treatment for some reason?

josh 3:03 pm 16 Oct 07

yay riotact!

Lurch 2:51 pm 16 Oct 07

“….and any other bit of pavement in Civic?”

Umm.. because footpath parking in the ACT is a bookable offence!

“Yeah, it was never yours to begin with, so you can’t really complain that it has been taken away.”

So the fact that almost every motorcycle rider in civic does/has used it as such since it has opened and no one has ever said differently is irrelevant?

Sammy 2:46 pm 16 Oct 07

Does anyone else know of anything I am missing here?

Yeah, it was never yours to begin with, so you can’t really complain that it has been taken away.

What is the difference between this bit of road and any other bit of pavement in Civic?

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