Canberra drivers to see images of speed and red light offences for free online

Lachlan Roberts 31 July 2018 20
A sample online camera image of a red light camera infringement. Photo: Supplied by Access Canberra

A sample online camera image of a red light camera infringement. Photo: Supplied by Access Canberra.

If you have been hit with a speeding fine or red light infringement, you can now access the camera images from your offence online for free.

Previously, drivers requesting a camera image after they received a speeding or red light traffic infringement were forced to send an application to the Traffic Camera Office, with the image sent by post or email.

Access Canberra’s Director of Customer Coordination Josh Rynehart said the new initiative was another example of Access Canberra making it easier for the community to work with the government.

“Drivers don’t often have a good recollection of the offence for which they have been issued an infringement and this new initiative will assist drivers when paying fines or disputing infringements,” Mr Rynehart said.

“Having easy online access to images at their fingertips will help drivers review their journey and decide what action to take.

“Drivers will only need to contact Access Canberra if the issue is complex. For example, if they were not the driver they will need to complete a declaration form.”

Last year, 15 per cent of infringements were disputed or requested to be withdrawn and Mr Rynehart expects appeals will decrease once drivers have the opportunity to view images online.

Mr Rynehart believes the new system will also provide clearer images and automatic checks for a stolen vehicle and interstate number plates.

Under the new system, drivers just need to type in their unique image identification number and vehicle registration number from their infringement notice on the website.

Online camera images will be available for viewing for 12 months from the offence date, with no cost to view the images.

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20 Responses to Canberra drivers to see images of speed and red light offences for free online
Troy Summerfield Troy Summerfield 11:07 am 27 Jun 18

Back in my day you had to go in to an office somewhere and request to see it and it cost $15 for a copy.

Catherine Kerr-stevens Catherine Kerr-stevens 9:14 pm 26 Jun 18

I got done as the signs for the light rail are so confusing down northbound avenue as a result of the light rail - I was distracted trying to navigate lanes and went through a red light by mistake - I would never do this normally and was hit with a huge fine, think it is so unfair! Any compensation for the confusion caused by light rail, which led to my mistake? Regards CKS

    Ro Ald Ro Ald 9:43 pm 26 Jun 18

    This is surely a joke, right?

    Catherine Kerr-stevens Catherine Kerr-stevens 10:21 pm 26 Jun 18

    Roald Martinsen no not a joke - northbourne avenue is confusing with no clear signs when to merge until the last moment and u are trapped - canberra drivers don't like u to merge in! C

    Simon Troman Simon Troman 4:45 pm 27 Jun 18

    Catherine Kerr-stevens you know you can challenge the fine? You could try saying the multitude of signage etc made it difficult to see the traffic lights or some such. Have to say thought that the whole point of red light cameras is to catch you running a red light, regardless of the reason. The fine is both punishment and lesson, to help you see better next time......

    Chris Thomas Chris Thomas 8:59 pm 27 Jun 18

    Point is to make money as red light cameras cause indecision and rash reactions in drivers. Does absolutely nothing for safety.

    Alex Finch Alex Finch 8:47 am 28 Jun 18

    You don’t go through a red light regardless if you’re reading signs or not. A traffic light is more important that almost any roadwork sign

Caitlin Jarosz Caitlin Jarosz 9:11 am 26 Jun 18

Max Papandrea too soon ?

David Ilchef David Ilchef 1:34 am 26 Jun 18

The camera system is flawed.

I was once rear ended into a intersection. The car that hit me was out of shot so to the camera, and the fact it takes photos not footage, it looked like I stopped my vehicle over the line. Fortunately the police report of the incident was able to clear my name

    Casey Barton Casey Barton 7:22 am 26 Jun 18

    Hubby got caught a few weeks ago. He was sent the video footage as well as stills. The photos didn’t show the car up his arse that would have hit him if he’d stopped but the video footage did. The video showed both his car and the front of the one right up behind him going through (it was a left turn, definitely not condoning his actions but I was certainly not as cranky as I had been when I saw the stills)

    David Ilchef David Ilchef 8:06 am 26 Jun 18

    This was years ago, I only got photos. Good that footage is avalible

    Tim Cole Tim Cole 9:15 am 26 Jun 18

    I think that the newer digital cameras have a few more features than the originals

    David Ilchef David Ilchef 9:43 am 26 Jun 18

    Tim Cole about time

Vikki Downing Vikki Downing 10:18 pm 25 Jun 18

Finally catching up the nsw good to see

Scott Welsh Scott Welsh 9:20 pm 25 Jun 18

It wasn’t particularly difficult before, just email and they send it. But hey, it’s still progression.

imhotep imhotep 12:22 pm 25 Jun 18

But it’s already free to see. Just stand on any Canberra street corner for more than 5 minutes.
And it’s live action too, none of this grainy image / no audio rubbish.

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