Canberra Goss gives up on Canberra? Things to do for New Years.

johnboy 3 December 2008 78

Four days later and we’re still waiting for Canberra Goss’s Foreshore reportage.

Even so we were astonished to read the girls have written off Canberra for New Years’ completely!

    There’s no better reason to party than the birth of a brand new year. So pull out your party gear and head to one of these top spots around Australia to celebrate the end of 2008. Canberra Goss has been doing some investigating and Canberra is not holding much on! Also, with showers expected on NYE it might be a wise idea to move on out for new years!

They proceed to offer a comprehensive list of parties in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Anyone else feel certain enough of the weather forecast a month out to leave town?

Also, while we’re here, any suggestion for things to do in Canberra on the biggest night of the year?

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78 Responses to Canberra Goss gives up on Canberra? Things to do for New Years.
Sands Sands 3:02 pm 04 Dec 08

Hmm, over my head ant. But I think we agree…

ant ant 11:16 pm 03 Dec 08

So it’s incumbent on us to go and pollute their site with tales of fake paddock parties.

Sands Sands 10:43 pm 03 Dec 08

agreed, my point is that they shouldn’t rely on readers to provide content. They should get off their backsides and find it themselves. That’s why people are going to the site isn’t it? To find out what’s on. And I don’t mean parties, I mean what Canberra business is offering. Heaps of places have specials on for NYE but they don’t advertise it widely (or it’s too hard to find). This site could do a bit of leg work and centralise the packages on offer. Lots of scope later on, but they can’t have a page with NYE events on in other cities! There are dozens of those already. Useless for us in Canberra.

ant ant 10:25 pm 03 Dec 08

Well, if they want people to provide their content, you could have a lot of fun talking aobut some party that’s on NYE, killer music etc, and it turns out to be an empty paddock.

Sands Sands 9:48 pm 03 Dec 08

I got all excited when I first clicked on the site…. but it was short lived. CG, I like the homepage – but that’s about all. Try asking what your readers want and you might get a bit of a following (and not the current bores on there).

Go around to all the restaurants and ask them what they’re planning, then post the menus/packages online. Then work your way around to the pubs/clubs to see what they’re putting on. There will be more than enough going on to fill the page – but don’t rely on everyone else to do the work. Ie, have a blank page then ask RA to fill it for you.

Great idea – poor execution. But don’t give up!

A good Canberra ‘what’s on’ site would complement RA really well. But after reading the site (was that orange text on a black background?!), I know where I’ll be going (staying) for my Canberra commentary…. 🙂

My two cents – take it or leave it.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:10 pm 03 Dec 08

Pandy said :

GC, you got photos of you that I can look at?

They sure do.
Jb can probably share the link I sent him t’other day.
Or email and ask for some non-academy branded photos.

bd84 bd84 8:46 pm 03 Dec 08

There hasn’t been anything decent on in Canberra on NYE for years, besides the government’s crummy idea of entertainment. Fireworks provide 10 mins of entertainment, better off finding something to do somewhere else for the rest of the night.

johnboy johnboy 6:20 pm 03 Dec 08

Nambucco Deliria said :

Why are you expecting a review of Foreshore from them, JB? The fact that those people even attended says everything about their critical faculties as far as music is concerned.

I was curious to see what could be achieved by taking the inside running.

Very little it seems.

Pandy Pandy 5:58 pm 03 Dec 08

GC, you got photos of you that I can look at?

Nambucco Deliria Nambucco Deliria 5:45 pm 03 Dec 08

Why are you expecting a review of Foreshore from them, JB? The fact that those people even attended says everything about their critical faculties as far as music is concerned.

harvyk1 harvyk1 4:41 pm 03 Dec 08

blueberry said :

Yeah but how many will stay? or contribute?

Fair point, but considering the cost was only a little bit of time, it’s a return for zero investment.

Cameron Cameron 4:33 pm 03 Dec 08

I have little doubt CG will visit RA (whether they contribute or not) just as much as JB seems to visit CG.

p1 p1 4:26 pm 03 Dec 08

I made some posts, but I am not sure that you would consider them contributing.

Actually, I think that riotact gets a fair few of its regulars from the host of people that first come here to read slander written about themselves on the site (like me, for instance). So maybe Canberra Dross will end up being regulars?

blueberry blueberry 4:18 pm 03 Dec 08

Yeah but how many will stay? or contribute?

harvyk1 harvyk1 4:07 pm 03 Dec 08

For all we know it could be an interesting marketing exercise by Canberra Goss to get some visitors for free.

How many people had never heard of the site before now, and how many people have now taken a look at it just because of this thread?

ant ant 4:06 pm 03 Dec 08

You’re quite right, Cameron, it’s shocking! Terrible! We all suck.

Cameron Cameron 3:37 pm 03 Dec 08

If anonymous internet piss taking is your idea of entertainment, good luck to you. I always thought it was a coping mechanism for those who miss the days of doing it to someone’s face in primary school.

Don’t get me wrong – the odd piss take has its place, but the usual signs of over the top were starting to appear in this thread. People getting stuck into CG for being relatively good natured about it all and *gasp* posting in the thread. How dare they try and give RA ‘contributors’ some understanding of where they’re coming from (as ill-informed and underprepared as that might be).

p1 p1 3:27 pm 03 Dec 08

Because it is fun?

Cameron Cameron 3:18 pm 03 Dec 08

Why bother?

ant ant 2:43 pm 03 Dec 08

Why can’t we poke fun at them?

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