Canberra Metro fines 386 passengers for fare evasion on light rail

Lachlan Roberts 25 October 2019 93
Fare evasions are up

Almost 100 infringements have been issued for fare evasion since 1 October. Photo: File.

Canberra Metro staff have issued 386 infringements to passengers for fare evasion since light rail commenced, with nearly a fourth of those infringements handed out this month.

Fare evasion infringements have been issued to 306 adults and 80 kids since the light rail took its first passengers in April, but Transport Canberra said fare evasion is still very low. A spokesperson said the vast majority of light rail customers travel with a valid ticket, with just 0.12 per cent of total tickets checked actually incurring a fine.

This month has seen an increase in the number of people pinged for boarding the LRV with an incorrect fare paid or no ticket at all; a total of 94 infringements have been issued for fare evasion since 1 October, to 80 adults and 14 kids. But Transport Canberra said it only represents a very small proportion, only 0.2 per cent, of total tickets checked during the period.

The fine for fare evasion is up to $181 for an adult and $75 for a child.

A Transport Canberra spokesperson said 16 customer service officers are responsible for checking that light rail customers are travelling with a valid ticket. Police or staff may request a passenger to produce a valid ticket or MyWay card for inspection including applicable concessionary entitlement.

The spokesperson said the officers do not target particular times of the day or particular stops.

“The first priority for our customer service officers is always the safety and security of our customers travelling on the light rail, while also supporting customers in using the system and providing an exceptional customer experience,” the spokesperson said.

“Ticket checking is conducted randomly across the light rail’s hours of operation, and across the 13 stops along the route.”

Earlier this year, Canberra Metro apologised to a 16-year-old girl after staff threatened to fine the teenager for not carrying ID while on a light rail vehicle.

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93 Responses to Canberra Metro fines 386 passengers for fare evasion on light rail
Nadar Musa Nadar Musa 5:55 pm 31 Oct 19

I tapped my card and the customer service officer or more like a dictator of tram checked it and said I did not tap it...they machine could not read it..and they insist I did not tap it properly..she was so rude telling me how not intelligent I was for not tapping...she the the old lady at night.....she was just insisting that I did not tap proper you put your card...i put it on the machine and was a big drama..she just act like she was a police....gosh...really..

Trina Onrust Trina Onrust 5:44 pm 30 Oct 19

Blake Thompson Brittany Rayner not cool to dodge the fare guys 🤔

Robin Verhoeff Robin Verhoeff 11:22 am 30 Oct 19

As they say, "build it and they will come up with means to evade paying its fares"

John Scheltus John Scheltus 8:05 am 30 Oct 19

About half of the participants? Just asking😎

Pat McCauley Pat McCauley 12:09 am 30 Oct 19

People should be publicly flogged for this crime😎

Ramesh Arjuna Kasilingam Ramesh Arjuna Kasilingam 9:30 pm 29 Oct 19

No issues with the light rail however the idea that so much money and resources are being poured into light rail while absolutely nothing is being done to reverse the damage to public transport in Canberra by the new bus network is mind boggling! Have we forgotten the whole purpose of public transport??

Jacob Taylor Jacob Taylor 4:14 pm 29 Oct 19

So they managed to get there infringements working perfectly to see who’s avoiding paying for there trip. But still can’t get it to work for a month straight without something not working right ?? Makes sense good job Canberra

Chelsea Bishop Benjamin TaylorAzza Whatev'sLuke Taylor

Kiriel Kiriel 2:17 pm 29 Oct 19

I do have to give a shout out for one of the TC fellows that was checking people’s fares late last Saturday night. He was so very merry and cheerful and polite to everyone that you just couldn’t be annoyed at him for the inconvenience of needing to drag out your cards to show him.

Kiriel Kiriel 2:11 pm 29 Oct 19

I almost got fined on the weekend. I have a my-way card with plenty of credit on it, but it has been a while since I caught the bus. I swiped my card and oh, my card no longer works! What the hell?!! Apparently your card now lapses after a certain period and you have to buy a new one.

So I had to buy another card in the city, pay an extra 5 bucks for the new card, and now have to chase up with TC to get the credit from the old card transferred to the new one. In the meantime, I had to pay $5 to get the tram from Dickson into Civic, where on my card it would have cost something like $2.60.

Alison Bell Alison Bell 12:28 pm 29 Oct 19

Rebecca Norris..I'm sure you overhear this being disucssed at length at work...

Capital Retro Capital Retro 8:39 am 29 Oct 19

“……16 officers checking tram tickets….”

That’s an annual wages bill of at lease $1 million so what is the point in doing it (apart from soliciting another 16 Labor voters).

Claudia Maruca Claudia Maruca 10:01 pm 28 Oct 19

A mate of mine got fined for not travelling with her student ID while using a student my way card in her school uniform. A bit dodgy I reckon

David Gleeson David Gleeson 7:48 pm 28 Oct 19

Don’t worry tax payers who don’t use it will look after the debt

Colin Mitchell Colin Mitchell 6:57 pm 28 Oct 19

That's one way to pay off the toy train set.

ChrisinTurner ChrisinTurner 6:12 pm 28 Oct 19

Interesting that there are 16 officers checking tram tickets yet the government can’t manage enough drivers to run a full weekend timetable for our buses. Train them as bus drivers please.

Sam Sulvig Sam Sulvig 1:42 pm 28 Oct 19

What a joke, You gonna use those fines to pay bus drivers? Telling everyone you just dont have the staff cause you laid them off is pretty garbage.

Gail Ward Gail Ward 9:13 am 28 Oct 19

If everyone organised auto top up with the bank there would be no reason for myway cards to run out

Lyndon Zoukowski Lyndon Zoukowski 9:09 am 28 Oct 19


John Morrissey John Morrissey 7:27 am 28 Oct 19

I wonder how many of those infringements were due to a myway card running out of balance. It maybe better if you could still tag on and off if your card is in arrears but running out of money on the card then generates a text or email with a link that allows for mobile recharge of the card within 72 hrs. I for one would like more data about why people are evading fares before we all jump in to create more complicated fine structures. The Admin costs of means tested fines would be huge....

Briony Leyden Briony Leyden 6:45 am 28 Oct 19

If they can't afford to pay for fare as if they can afford the fine

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