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Canberra Roo Cull Protest

By stonedwookie 10 March 2008 13

I hear its on this weekend sometime but im not sure when anyone have the time for it?

What’s Your opinion?

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Canberra Roo Cull Protest
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Duke 4:35 pm 11 Mar 08

I don’t know why the Government even announced it. They should have just gone out there, got the job done then waited for any potential fallout.

Ingeegoodbee 4:07 pm 11 Mar 08

Apparently the clueless anti-cull maggots are planning to waste more time and money clogging up the local courts with a challenge to the humane disposal of these surplus marsupials. Personally I’m looking forward to the protest action … It’s a good way to find out if you’re government has any spine.

Thumper 1:20 pm 11 Mar 08

Sounds like the ideal opportunity for a counter march featuring Sam Kekovitch, Sam Neil and the dancing butchers from the Red Meat ads. Bring the BBQ and the beers and have a sunday arvo session.


pure gold…

Duke 1:17 pm 11 Mar 08

The idea of relocating these kangaroos is so wildly impractical it amazes me that they even considered it.

First they would have to tranquilise each animal, and unlike an ordinary rifle you have to get pretty close to do this.

Then once the animal is down they would have to load each one on to a truck and drive them to their new location.

The cost of doing this would be phenomenal, but if they want to present the bill to the protesters i’d be cool with that.

meher baba 12:48 pm 11 Mar 08

There are so many important critical battles to be fought about habitat, native flora and fauna and etc. across the country and these limelight-seekers want to focus on this non-issue.

That said, I do think it is a bit odd that the ACT Government appears to believe that it is less inhumane to shoot the kangaroos than to relocate them outside the ACT. I personally wouldn’t suggest to anyone that they move from the ACT to NSW, but I’m not sure that I’d be prepared to shoot them to stop them from going.

neanderthalsis 11:11 am 11 Mar 08

Utterly ludicrous. Surely getting in a professional roo-shooter would be cheaper and make better economic sense given the sale of the meat / hide afterwards.

All the whining NIMBYs, pinkos and hippies would complain about the noise and “danger” of using firearms in a suburban area, but I have rarely ever seen a professional shooter miss.

stonedwookie 10:51 am 11 Mar 08

they plan on burying them on site so the meat will be wasted

p1 10:44 am 11 Mar 08

I am curious to know if the tranquilizers / lethal injections would prevent the consumption of the meat by humans or animals? Because if that is the case, then I would like to protest the massive waste that will go on.

neanderthalsis 10:23 am 11 Mar 08

“Mr O’Brien said protesters would have no hesitation in putting themselves in harm’s way to try to save the kangaroos.”

Does this mean we will see hairy legged, tie-dyed, alto-lacto-vegan hippies tranqulised and given lethal injections? could be fun to watch

Sounds like the ideal opportunity for a counter march featuring Sam Kekovitch, Sam Neil and the dancing butchers from the Red Meat ads. Bring the BBQ and the beers and have a sunday arvo session.

pug206gti 8:22 am 11 Mar 08

I pondered this over the weekend. Is it wrong to come and counter protest things like kangaroo culls and save the whales marches? I wouldn’t want to go and be like the young libs and annoy everyone, but are protests the soul place of the anti-mob?

Duke 9:38 pm 10 Mar 08

No doubt the police will be out there with plenty of mace and batons on hand to deal with those degenerate protesters……we can only hope!

bd84 9:34 pm 10 Mar 08

because you want to go and watch?

these drug effected star wars characters have some weird ideas of having fun on the weekends..

stonedwookie 8:37 pm 10 Mar 08

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