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Canberra Singing

By che 18 April 2008 20

Can you sing good? or just loud? Either way the Chief Minister for the Arts is looking for 500 Canberra Singers to be part of the Olympic Torch Relay Choir in April as the torch passes through 100 hands as it does 7kms around Canberra (I’m guessing Bridge to Bridge).

So anyone going to join in? If your interested you can register here.

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Canberra Singing
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CanberraResident 11:12 am 19 Apr 08

I get that Primal; my point being – anyone who joins now won’t really have much of a chance to rehearse etc. They obviously don’t have their 500. Would be great to hear you sing Primal.

Primal 11:05 am 19 Apr 08

CanberraResident said :

Uhm, isn’t this a bit short notice?

It would be if it wasn’t originally dated ‘January’.

CanberraResident 11:01 am 19 Apr 08

Uhm, isn’t this a bit short notice?


it’s “YOU’RE” … if I see that again, I might BRAKE something … hehe

RuffnReady 4:12 pm 18 Apr 08

lol, wrong spelling? Actually no, you are just a punster. Kudos! 🙂

Colin_Dixon 1:41 pm 18 Apr 08

Any good sexual health clinic should be able to help you with that, RuffnReady

RuffnReady 1:28 pm 18 Apr 08

On a related matter, I have a decent untrained voice that I’d like to train into a good voice. Anyone recommend a good singing coach? I’m talking about rock/indy songs. Want to learn to use my diaphragm.

DarkLadyWolfMother 11:44 am 18 Apr 08

So, anyone know any good songs supporting Tibet that this choir could sing?

*tries very, very hard to look all innocent ‘n’ stuff*

ant 10:36 am 18 Apr 08

eh_steve said :

“The aim is to bring together more than 500 voices, believed to be the biggest choir ever to be assembled in Canberra,

Hmmm. The Sing It Yourself Messiah events they used to hold in the 80s would have been bigger than that, I suspect.

Jazz 10:19 am 18 Apr 08

So did anyone make it into the Olympic Torch Choir?

eh_steve 1:46 pm 12 Jan 08

This text from the site che links to:

“The aim is to bring together more than 500 voices, believed to be the biggest choir ever to be assembled in Canberra, to perform at several key stages of the relay’s 20km journey.

While Canberra is limited to just 80 individuals carrying the torch, involvement in the Torch Relay Choir provides a great opportunity for Canberra citizens to be a part of the relay’s journey.”

How did you get 7 kilometres and 100 hands out of that?

I-filed 12:16 pm 12 Jan 08

Great platform for a protest about organ harvesting … how about applications from every Falun Gong practitioner in Canberra? Oh, there’s an audition process. Anyone think Falun Gong has a hope in hell of getting into the choir all wearing yellow, with ACT Govt China apologists on the panel?

Skidbladnir 4:27 pm 11 Jan 08

Generally I don’t participate in what gets mentioned, but they normally go up by about midday.
If they don’t go up , someone might get worried that Jazz had died, been hit by a bus, or was in a coma.
(Not me, but it just seemed strange)

caf 4:03 pm 11 Jan 08

Maybe you should reflect on what the acronym “DIY” means, then perhaps the answer will become clearer.

Skidbladnir 3:56 pm 11 Jan 08

We might have a copper pipes and papier mache sculpture to it eventually, if nobody (ACT Libs, Greens, Independants)starts asking questions of why the Great Comrade keeps spending our money like there’s no limit to it…

Side note:
Why is there no DIY Wotzon This Weekend up yet?

Mælinar 2:17 pm 11 Jan 08

I think consensus is that they were already scraping the bottom of the barrel when they purchased the ‘rocks on forklift racks with spikes through them’ works along GDE way.

farout 1:58 pm 11 Jan 08

What, no humungous sculpture to commemorate the Passing of the Torch?

Mælinar 1:22 pm 11 Jan 08

So if we all went along, and sang out of tune and very badly, would that be piss funny ?

I guessed not.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 1:11 pm 11 Jan 08

Singstar says I’m top shit, but I’m not.

Mr Evil 12:34 pm 11 Jan 08

Or Khe Sahn?

Kramer 12:28 pm 11 Jan 08

Only if it’s the Brumbies song.

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