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Canberra suburbs to share aircraft noise ?

By footyboy - 6 December 2006 35

As reported on the ABC.

Jon Stanhope has backed calls from Canberra International Airport to stop the new housing development at Tralee just across the border.

A complete fiasco in town planning will see this new development directly under the main flight paths.

There is concern that future residents of the new development will complain about the noise and call for flight paths to be altered and directed over areas such as Tuggeranong to share the noise.

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35 Responses to
Canberra suburbs to share aircraft noise ?
Unbeliever 4:01 pm 06 Dec 06

Let them approve it. Let them build it. Let others buy it and then complain.

This is none of our business in the ACT.

seepi 3:36 pm 06 Dec 06

The other capital city airports have curfews – someone must be able to impose them.

roccon 3:34 pm 06 Dec 06

The airport is in the ACT, not NSW

shouldn’t we take a share of the noise ??

caf 3:16 pm 06 Dec 06

seepi: does the ACT Government actually have any power to impose a curfew on the Canberra airport?

seepi 3:11 pm 06 Dec 06

ps – the nsw govt had to buy back houses in marrickville which were unlivable due to aircraft noise.
we don’t want to let canberra airport get that bad.

seepi 3:10 pm 06 Dec 06

There is some aircraft noise in north canberra, especially small planes and helicopters.

Mr Evil 3:06 pm 06 Dec 06

Let them build it, but:

A. Make the NSW Govt and Queanbeyan Council sign a document stating they will not make any complaints, or take any form of action against the airport owners and/or the ACT Govt about aircraft noise affecting Tralee at any time during the future.

B. Make all prospective buyers of property within the development (now and at any time in the future) sign a document stating that they understand the consequences of living under a flightpath and that they will never take action against the airport and/or ACT Govt for any noise complaints.

That should f*ck them!

Growling Ferret 2:54 pm 06 Dec 06

The morons in Jerrabombera moved in under a flightpath and next to a Speedway, and got the speedway shut down because it was too noisy…

I have no sympathy for anyone stupid enough to buy land anywhere under a flightpath.

The few flights a day we get in Canberra are a tiny % of those the residents near Mascot get daily…

Sammy 2:32 pm 06 Dec 06

If you think about it, there really is very little impact (on the ACT side) from the flightpath. Planes come in to the east of Chisholm, and follow the NSW/ACT border north all the way to the airport. Keep development away from the border, and nothing is under the flightpath.

bonfire 2:26 pm 06 Dec 06

only an idiot would:
a – propose building under a flightpath
b – support building under a flightpath
c – provide building approval
d – buy a house under a flightpath

typical qbn moronic actions

tommy 1:53 pm 06 Dec 06

Good URL here from the Airservices Australia showing the distance between the airport and the developments (about 10km):

Also Airservices Australia appear to support the development as it meets the Australian Standard AS2021-2000:

tommy 1:50 pm 06 Dec 06

Maybe Stanhope is trying to suck up to the airport after the recent falling out over Epicentre.

Unbeliever 1:43 pm 06 Dec 06

‘Mr Stanhope said good planning had resulted in a situation where the Canberra Airport could expand its business and prosper, without subjecting the vast majority of Canberra householders to significant aircraft noise.

…Canberrans will not be forced to compensate for poor planning decisions by NSW.’

I love internally inconsistent documents. Good planing should be a stand alone plan and not rely on NSW (as a jusrisdiction over which the ACT has no control) to support the ACT’s planning decisions.

As with the rhetoric over the Hume jail site, I’d suggest we Canberrans listen to our own advice to NSW and butt out of things which we can’t control – but that we simply don’t like.

seepi 1:39 pm 06 Dec 06

I hope Jon S is also considering a curfew for the airport. As they get busier additional suburbs will probably have to share the noise load anyway I would think.

It would be poor planning to build directly under a flightpath.

benno1 1:36 pm 06 Dec 06

QBN council is just doing it to spite the ACT for building the jail

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