Canberra the Capital without Murders

che 19 August 2009 46

The Daily Telegraph has a piece on how canberra appears a killers paradise compared to NSW. They highlight that there have been no murder convictions in the ACT in 11 years, and that any killings are usually prosecuted as manslaughter as its easier to get a conviction, but therefore goes with a much lighter sentence.

I was told once that murder and manslaughter carry the same maximum sentence (please correct me if I’m wrong) which is why the DPP go for manslaughter, but when it comes time for sentencing it seems the ACT is much lighter than NSW.

There are proposed changes going up in the ACT LA to bring the ACT in line with NSW for the requirements to prove a Murder conviction, but will the sentencing be any different?

Ralph and BerraJ also had their thoughts on the story.

    The Daily Telegraph has an interesting story today that draws attention to the soft treatment of those who commit murder (aka ‘manslaughter’ in the Capital), and our not recording a murder conviction for 11 years.

    The article draws attention to previous RiotACT favourites, such as Glenn Porritt, was found not guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter after stabbing his mother 57 times.

    It appears that pressure from the community (which would include agitation on this site) has seen the ACT Government apparently proposing changes that make it easier for judges to convict for murder.

    This would be a good outcome if in fact it is true, however, the obvious question is whether the ACT’s bleeding heart bench possesses the gumption to convict for murder.

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46 Responses to Canberra the Capital without Murders
cleo cleo 11:30 pm 27 Oct 10

Actually it is up to the judge, and evidence.

vg vg 1:51 pm 24 Oct 10

You cannot ‘get’ manslaughter…..and sadly it won’t matter what the family do or don’t think if an alternative of manslaughter is found.It is what the system allows

Beef Beef 11:43 am 24 Oct 10

He will get manslaughter.

cleo cleo 12:35 am 22 Oct 10

The families will not accept manslaughter for their murders, I’m sure his defence would have wanted that, NO WAY!

cleo cleo 11:07 pm 06 Apr 10

QUID I read where the person who caused your mother’s death got off with the manslaughter charge, I’m very sorry, I hope they lock him up in a mental hospital

cleo cleo 8:30 pm 03 Feb 10

Yes we’ll just have to wait and see what the outcome will be, I do sincerely hope the families do get justice, the new laws do not include the victims, the government should not have never changed the laws in the first place!

Tooks Tooks 10:08 am 28 Jan 10

I’m sure it’ll be headline news in Ukraine, Kenya, Brazil etc.

You’re obviously close to the family, so I won’t wind you up anymore. I do sincerely hope justice is done and the family gets some closure.

cleo cleo 11:04 pm 27 Jan 10

You live in your own world, I live in the real world!

Tooks Tooks 5:18 pm 27 Jan 10

No it won’t. Not unless you and I have different definitions of ‘world wide’.

cleo cleo 3:13 am 04 Dec 09

I know the family of Jules have been contacted a couple of times from jurno’s, as far as England, it’s not less than a year to go for trial, don’t be so smug, the family will make sure if justice is not done in Canberra it will go worldwide! Regarding the laws here in Canberra.

Tooks Tooks 11:16 am 02 Dec 09

Worldwide? No. Probably not even nationwide.

cleo cleo 12:05 am 02 Dec 09

VG The news will go worldwide, trust me, if the courts let the murder recieve an unjust sentence for what he did to those inoccent victims.

Canberraboy Canberraboy 4:25 am 19 Sep 09

QUID – thank you

Angel36 Angel36 4:19 am 19 Sep 09

QUID – Thank you.

joy123 joy123 12:08 am 07 Sep 09

Jackel post#4 Because the murderers are getting away with blue murder

doves2 doves2 12:29 am 03 Sep 09


I totally agree

joy123 joy123 11:59 pm 02 Sep 09

Jb overlord am I keeping you busy lol

QUID QUID 12:47 pm 02 Sep 09

Quid MRS here. Having worked for many years in the legal profession, I suspect that its much easier to get offenders behind bars and prove a manslaughter rather than a murder. You may recall my mother-in-law was “manslaughtered” in August 2007 at the Canberra Centre so this is a subject I will continue to go on and on and on about for the rest of time. My husbands good friend of 30yrs Struan Bolis was murdered along with an old friend of mine Julie Tattersall (RIP guys) in that awful Dower murder. Another mate of mine was dumped into a garbage hopper in Kingston and his murder remains listed as “unsolved” despite his killers having ratted each other our and both spending time in custody. They are both now off the hook and walking the streets.For a city that has allegedly no murders, I am able to name someone who has been murdered for each and every year my husband and I have been together. I know so many people who have had their lives tragically taken by other peoples stupidity or selfishness (ie poor Dave in the hopper died from hypothermia after his so called friends panicked and dumped him outside in minus 7 degrees) that I am unable to remember all their names off the top of my head. Canberra has become a truly awful and unsafe place. We are now thankfully living in a safe place a long way from Canberra where I am able to leave the keys in the car when I go into the shops if I dont feel like carrying them. I certainly hope that Struan and Julies murderer gets fully convicted of murder not manslaughter. Cheers to you ppl of ACT. Mrs Q

joy123 joy123 2:34 am 02 Sep 09

Serenace As for not locking your doors, you’ve got to be kidding, I couldn’t lock my door last night, I was locked out and yanked the door dam door open as the barrel kept on turning around with the key, the locksmith came out this afternoon and fixed the lock, they weren’t going to come out at least for a few days, I just said no no no you come out ASAP. Once upon a time at least thirty years ago that was the case, you didn’t have to lock up, I had to talk to my mother about it, as they had someone years ago run into the house and hid under a bed, he was running from police.

joy123 joy123 2:20 am 02 Sep 09

Serenace Yes but locking the murderers away from the public is an effective deterrent. There has never been a double murder like the Downer murders in Canberra, what he did was over kill, he should never be released, he will never stop, he had been charged with attempted murder and grievous bodily harm before, he was only out of prison less then twelve weeks when he committed the murders, as they say some people are born that way and parents need to get help for them early in life, otherwise it’s too late to help them, they never change.

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