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Canberra too ignorant and un-australian for AFL?

johnboy 2 June 2009 74

Over on The Roar someone called Pippinu has had a lengthy spray on the unworthiness of Canberra, or Sydney for that matter for “the Australian game”:

    One positive for Melburnians is that they get to have a bit of a look at their old MCG scoreboard which will bring back many memories.

    Apart from that, Manuka, and Canberra generally, has very little to offer the AFL, and they should leave the city, and its bureaucrats, to the other codes.

    The lack of understanding and appreciation for the Australian game in Canberra is only rivalled by one other city, and that is Sydney, who are on the verge of getting a second team, when they barely deserve the first one.

Are we unworthy?

What's Your Opinion?

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74 Responses to Canberra too ignorant and un-australian for AFL?
Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 12:12 am 06 Jun 09

…but can any of the big men actually kick a footy over a jam tin?

What’s this ‘jam’ stuff you keep going on about? Is it pink and fruity, like AFL players? Do you eat it on tiny triangles of crustless white toast in your fairy princess castles while you giggle about that dreamy Warrick Capper? Is the tin higher than 3m – you know, the height of a league crossbar? Oh, you wouldn’t know about kicking a real goal – you can just kick it along the ground through a gap 20m wide, level with the jam tin. Awesome skills!

Oh, don’t cry. Here’s a point. And a doily for your jam toast.

p1 p1 11:53 pm 05 Jun 09

so, to sum up,

AFL you get points for missing,
Soccer doesn’t have any points scored,
NRL players stand around watching each other pull themselves,
Rugby… Did anyone have a problem with union?

What aboit cricket? Baseball?

jake555 jake555 10:17 pm 05 Jun 09

I see your point Michael C, and like the soccer idea, however we’d never hear the end of the “get a point for missing” cry that we hear so often from non-AFL fans. End of the day, you can only try (no pun intended) to come up with a system for an entertaining game.

We’ve all seen a Rugby Union match where an exciting, attacking, try-oriented team is beaten by field goal shots and penalty goals, hence the Super 14 Bonus point system – which rewards consistency and competitiveness. Not so cool if you win more games than the team above and miss the finals through bonus points – but thems the rules.

This thread had an actual topic until Skid Marx and WMC decided to put in their 2 cents, thus starting the “my footy is more betterer than your footy” argument (myself included, but in the true spirit of this type of argument – he started it.)

chewy14 chewy14 2:37 pm 04 Jun 09

51000 at the SOO last night in Melbourne.

pippinu pippinu 2:08 pm 04 Jun 09

….while nobody watches.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 9:49 am 04 Jun 09

Bah! AFL, NRL; who cares. Just silly games to keep the peasantry occupied while the real men play Rugby.

Michael C Michael C 9:22 am 04 Jun 09

jake 555 –

I always figure that you could mount an argument that behinds ONLY be used on ‘countback’ to break the deadlock of a game drawn on goals. I.e. most goals wins. And, as we know, bad kicking IS bad football, so, 8.22.70 perhaps should not beat 10.5.65! However, if we take the RUgby perspective of simply accumulating a score by whatever means – then, 70 beats 65 no worries.

I reckon soccer needs a similar system based on ‘near corners’ – i.e. corners generated within the bounds of the kick off area (as the Aust Footy notion evolved with the kick off area being ‘posted’). Okay, it’d look like behinds – but, the logic would be that it’d be harder for a team to sit on an early goal and park a bus – as, should they concede a goal, rather than the fall back position of a 1-1 draw, they may be faced with a 1.2-1.8 scoreline becuase whilst defending their lead they were no longer attacking and their opposition was drawing the ‘near corners’.

To me – that forces a greater sporting strategy conundrum – of how best to balance attack with defence, as, anyone can just defend to the hilt (esp in soccer).

Kramer Kramer 11:35 pm 03 Jun 09

I don’t hold much hope (or respect) for AFL in Canberra… However, I can see a market for Aussie Rules in Canberra, but only if it is a seperate league like the LFL.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:07 pm 03 Jun 09

Must be about time to swap feet Woody.

jake555 jake555 9:52 pm 03 Jun 09

Imagine if you didn’t get a point for – as some put it – “missing a goal”. Half the games would finish in draws, not unlike another football code I know – how boring. I agree with Wellington and chewy, it’s an accuracy thing.

I also think of it as breaking the scores apart and awarding the attacking team, ie. a team who score of 6.9 should beat a team who score 6.5 as they had more scoring shots, more attacking plays, etc.

But if no one got those behinds in the above example…..the result….oh crap, another boring draw (are we watching the English Premier League?) ps. not bringing soccer into it at all, just using an example.

pippinu pippinu 1:21 pm 03 Jun 09

I’m perfectly fine with watching all four football codes (I’m simply pointing out some of the finer features of the great Australian game to our good friend here who seems to be having trouble grappling with logic).

In Melbourne we have no problem with either union or league (although we do get confused as to which is which – is it union or league that has the space man helmets where they say hup, hup, hup? – we are accustomed to seeing that one on television).

Deckard Deckard 1:15 pm 03 Jun 09

Get a room guys. What’s wrong with watching them both? Like most people I know.

pippinu pippinu 1:13 pm 03 Jun 09

…. if they can’t kick a footy, they can always take up sumo wrestling – although there’s a bit of skill in that…

pippinu pippinu 1:12 pm 03 Jun 09

…but can any of the big men actually kick a footy over a jam tin?

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 1:06 pm 03 Jun 09

To get to a league ‘scoring range’ you get six attempts while 13 big men try to smash you into the ground, passing the ball in the opposite direction to the target the whole time. To get to an AFL ‘scoring range’ you just need to be prancing somewhere in the area (no positions, no offside – who has time to remember all that _and_ their first name?) and have the ball bounce off you (or the opposing team, who cares?)

pippinu pippinu 12:55 pm 03 Jun 09

But the scoring range is the full width of the playing surface – that’s pretty wide.

Fortunately the ground is the size of a postage stamp so the fat boys don’t have to run too far (because if they were playing aussie rules, they’d be sucking in the big ones within two minutes of the ball up).

pippinu pippinu 12:52 pm 03 Jun 09

You mean I’ve been under the illusion all my life that the game is Australian?

I will desist from calling it the great Australian game forthwith.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 12:50 pm 03 Jun 09

Aww, you can do better than that, pippy.

A league goal is 5.5 m wide and 3m off the ground. If somebody manages to kick the ball through that elevated, narrow target they get a whopping 1 point.

An AFL goal is three sets of posts, each 6.4m wide. You can dribble the ball on the ground from right in front of the goal and get 6 points. Hell, it could bounce it off an opposing player’s head and go through the posts by fluke and I’d still get a point for effort – the same as a league player gets for hitting a much, much smaller target from much further away. We’d say ‘that’s ar$e’ but you call it a ‘behind’ so nobody’s feelings get hurt.

AFL is a special sport for special little boys who need to feel special about everything they do, including missing. The whole game has been built around incompetence:

“I can’t run without fumbling the ball!”
“That’s OK – we’ll make it a rule that you *have* to drop it while you’re running!”
“I caught it! I actually caught it!”
“That’s super! OK, everybody stop while little Fernando gets a free kick for being such a special winner!”
“I tried to kick it in, but it bounced off my face instead.”
“There there precious. You can get a point anyway because you’re daddy’s special angel.”

Thumper Thumper 12:48 pm 03 Jun 09

I actually really don’t care.

But it’s funny reading the arguments for and against.

chewy14 chewy14 12:45 pm 03 Jun 09

No Thumper it was actually an aboriginal game played by the natives or whatever the AFL want to come up with this week, to prove the game is actually Australian.

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