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Canberra unites on short-term alcohol crackdown

By RiotPost - 11 December 2009 24

This weekend is Operation Unite, the trans-Tasman police crackdown on alcohol related incidents.

The news carriers are flooding the airwaves, papers, tv and net with quotes from police chiefs. Indeed the SMH even has Canberra’s Mick Phelan saying his bit.

But is this really going to achieve anything?

Call me cynical but I can’t see this doing anything beyond this weekend. Unless there has been a massive funding increase for the police I’m fairly sure the numbers of cops which we’ll see on the street will not be able to be sustained.

Policing is only one aspect of reducing drunken street crime. Do we put more emphasis on personal responsibility? Put more regulation and enforcement on those that sell it? Or do we just put up with it?

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24 Responses to
Canberra unites on short-term alcohol crackdown
p1 3:32 pm 13 Dec 09

I remember when my brother worked in one of the mining towns out west in NSW, they were having a lot of stabbings in town at 4 or 5 am.

That stopped the bars selling grog after 12 midnight, although they could stay open. Instead of drinking steadily for hours and hours, people would get them in quicker, buy half a dozen just before cut off, drink all those in record time, and be way too munted to get in real fights.

J Dawg 11:22 pm 12 Dec 09

basketcase said :

Shutting the pubs and clubs at 10pm or midnight would be a start.

I don’t think that’d work too well, because then when it hits 10pm or 12am or whatever, you have hundreds of drunk people who are annoyed because they want to keep drinking on the streets, no doubt taking out their anger on everyone around them.

Good in theory, bad in practice.

Maybe a ‘no spirits after 11pm, no beer/wine after 12am but venues can stay open as long as they want (serving soft drinks and water)’ approach might work…

Having said that, I would be against any such curfew idea. I think the arrogant drunks of today are only influenced by the police and any other authority, but only in numbers! Which is a shame and a huge drain on resources, but then again the problem is too large to be contained economically.

imhotep 7:00 pm 12 Dec 09

basketcase said :

Shutting the pubs and clubs at 10pm or midnight would be a start.

I agree with the idea, although imagine the wailing if they ever tried it.

basketcase 4:42 pm 12 Dec 09

Shutting the pubs and clubs at 10pm or midnight would be a start. It was an social irresponsible move when they allowed a no hold bars policy on drinking hours. (Good for property valuation, good for alcohol taxes and good for poker machine revenue)

Notice that wasn’t an option on the poll. Maybe early closing is conceptually difficult for some people.

How about a curfew?

Mordd 3:25 pm 12 Dec 09

Legalise marijuana, criminalise alcohol, reduce speed limit to 20 km/h maximum, install padded “bumper bars” around the edges of all cars so that if anything is hit, its unlikely to cause damage (to staionary objects or people). Make it mandatory politicians take a hit from the parliamentary bong before speaking or asking questions w/out notice, would make question time on ABC worth watching.

BigDave 1:11 pm 12 Dec 09

There are certain beers on the market which turn me into a psychopath. I choose not to drink them, ever. Shame others can’t be responsible for themselves.

cleo 12:38 am 12 Dec 09

Some people should never drink, if it changes you personality, and they become aggressive, I’m one of the lucky one’s, I am always happy when I have a few, which is a rare event, as far as LMR saying to smoke pot is the way to go, well you will be affected forever, which leads to mental health problems, how stupid!

Punter 9:14 pm 11 Dec 09

I tip my hat to you spinact #3, nail on the head my friend. A lot of people in our community need a little more concrete in their coffee. Caf, the emphasis on personal responsibility is an attempt to catch the idiots before they get legless methinks. A hollow request perhaps, but worth asking.

MWF 8:21 pm 11 Dec 09

Goody! I hope they start with all the people “jagging off” at the “Chis” Tavern.

luther_bendross 6:45 pm 11 Dec 09

This may not have a long-lasting effect, however I fully understand and support the police here. This is really Operation We’ve Had a F—ing Gutful. So they should too.

Also, lolz @ and w/ LMR. You’re right, any accident involving a stoned driver (whilst they may be plentiful) would probably only occur at 15km/h as a maximum, and would mostly be confined to Maccas drive throughs and near shiny things.

LMR 4:26 pm 11 Dec 09

I recently returned from Amsterdam, and I can tell you their model is the way to go, a few vapor hits at a coffeeshop and no one could be buggered getting pissed and violent.

Free the Weed!!

I got talking to a bartender who told me he doesnt let people smoke weed in the bar because they dont drink when smoking. So there is the solution, smoke weed stay sober. Its even safer to drive stoned than not, I mean reaction times might be down but they drive so slow that any accident would be minor. Also the paranoia facter greatly improves caution, so they might stop at a give way sign for half an hour just to make sure there is no traffic coming and then forget what they were talking about but its safer.

bd84 3:43 pm 11 Dec 09

Well it’s a combination for people needing to grow a brain and take responsibility and the need for more police (not just for drunken thugs).

Pumping resources into the problem gets results, as we have seen with random breath testing where: more testing = more people caught = OMGZ in the media. All this does really is take resources away from other operations.

At the moment, I believe a lot of people are taken to the watchhouse for being a drunk in public for their own safety and released the next morning with no penalty. Time to make sure all these people are fined – enough to cover the cost of their detention would suffice.

spinact 3:30 pm 11 Dec 09

#1 and 2, unfortunately you’re pretty much spot on. These days it seems that no one is responsible for their action anymore.

Get drunk, fall over, it’s the barman’s fault.

Get drunk overseas, fall over, get arrested, it’s the barmans fault AND the Australian Government has get you out of jail.

Pull out in front of someone at an intersection, have accident, it was the intersection’s fault, Government must install traffic lights and speed humps.

Not to sound gay or anything but our entire society needs to man up!

Spideydog 1:40 pm 11 Dec 09

While i strongly think drinkers need to man up and take responsibility for their actions…… this won’t happen in a society of “it’s not my fault, finger point someone else” Cynical, I know.

Drunken thugs don’t take responsibility for their actions (a great proportion anyways)

caf 12:42 pm 11 Dec 09

Do we put more emphasis on personal responsibility?

Care to explain exactly what you mean by that?

The idiots getting legless and starting fights are already behaving in a socially unacceptable manner, what makes you think that asking them to take responsibility for their actions is going to have the slightest effect on them?

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