Canberraconnect website with untested changes

swissbignose 26 January 2008 22

It appears that someone has promoted changes to the website without proper review.

Unless someone is trying to send a message stating the A.C.T. Government is boring and tedious…

Canberra Connect website

[Ed. Its a little hard to see in the above image so here’s a link to the original. For those with keener eye’s you’ll note that there’s a link to ‘Blah Blah’, ‘grants test’, ‘Tenders and Contracts test link’ and a ‘Test link to ACT Home’. Priceless.]

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22 Responses to Canberraconnect website with untested changes
ant ant 2:02 pm 07 Apr 08

Well, I guess it’s more polite than “blah blah”.

farout farout 12:35 pm 07 Apr 08

And now here’s faunding for projects to link families, schools and communities.

swissbignose swissbignose 11:45 am 29 Jan 08

The website is currently unavailable, while the website is still up and working.

nik73 nik73 11:33 am 29 Jan 08

Not defending Intact or anything, but they don’t have a single thing to do with the operation of that site.

p1 p1 7:20 pm 28 Jan 08

I was once made redundant from my job. The one redeeming feature of this unemployment was that I no longer had to deal with InTACT on a daily basis.

astrojax astrojax 2:04 pm 28 Jan 08

no room is too small to swing a cat… and there is surely an excuse for crap websites – what would you rail at, ant? life would be sooooo boring (unless you have a cat and a small-ish room)

ant ant 10:46 am 28 Jan 08

Better to throw the aging cat at the computer I should think.

In 2008, there is NO excuse for crap websites.

Hugo Hugo 8:28 am 28 Jan 08

I like to treat Canberra gov websites as a chess game that keeps my ageing brain in order. Unfortunately it doesn’t often work so I compensate by throwing the computer at my ageing cat.

hingo hingo 11:05 am 27 Jan 08

Thanks for that Mr Waffle, I’ll have you know that I consider myself to be very courteous and helpful to my customers. As LIC said, nobody will be there to fix it until Tuesday – if you are lucky.

Mr Waffle Mr Waffle 10:47 am 27 Jan 08

“Don’t be dissing INTACT, foo!

Comment by barney — 27 January, 2008 @ 12:07 am”

Yeah, they do a good enough job of making arses out of themselves as it is…

Tempestas Tempestas 10:44 am 27 Jan 08

I would of thought “blah blah” on any Government website would be a case of truth in advertising.

“The new honest Canberra Connect – Like we care. What-ever!”

ant ant 10:17 am 27 Jan 08

well spotted! that’s too funny. lots o stuff on that Blah Blah linky too.

astrojax astrojax 10:00 am 27 Jan 08

surely ‘blah blah’ will be more user-friendly and earnest than many other state and territory governments’ sites? we should be trumpeting this as a step forward!

NathanaelB NathanaelB 9:15 am 27 Jan 08

I assume you’ve let them know? Having “blah blah” on the home page is surely worthy of public humiliation, but still it’d be nice to drop them a message 🙂

barney barney 12:07 am 27 Jan 08

Don’t be dissing INTACT, foo!

LIC LIC 11:59 pm 26 Jan 08

Still there, and I’d guess its staying till Tuesday. No-one will be at home at Intact to fix it.

swissbignose swissbignose 11:49 pm 26 Jan 08

Yeah – don’t quite know what’s going on. I made sure I wasn’t looking at a cached copy. It’s still looking screwed to me. Obviously, the web admins are not Saturday night RiotACT readers.

jase! jase! 11:46 pm 26 Jan 08

still does it for me

Sands Sands 11:46 pm 26 Jan 08

Really? I just looked and it’s still there. They’re going to have a bit of a spike in their unique user hits!

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