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Canberrans head to the Web for Census Night

By S4anta - 9 August 2006 48

The ABC is heaping praise on the citizenry of the ACT after our use of the interweb during census night.

Apparently, “The ACT’s renowned for being the most computer literate and most educated society in Australia”

Yay. So, hands up, who was responsible for this? And how many of you said your profession was a Professional Turkey Baster?

What’s Your opinion?

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48 Responses to
Canberrans head to the Web for Census Night
OpenYourMind 5:23 pm 09 Aug 06

Nah, even if they had 90% doing it online, the amount of effort for the other 10% means that the frequency won’t be increased. So many things to consider such as oil rig workers, people overseas, disabled, non-english speaking etc. etc.

Heavs 5:13 pm 09 Aug 06

My religion was Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. didn’t bother going online though. Agree with JB – they’ll just do it more regularly if they get a good response rate online.

OpenYourMind 5:08 pm 09 Aug 06

Online worked a treat for me. If you can type and have filled in online surveys before, the process is extremely fast + the census collector doesn’t have to return to collect the form.

I am concerned that by expressing a religion of Pirate or Jedi I would completely waste my religion count when I really wanted to be counted as no religion or atheist or as I put it ‘extreme atheist’.

Ralph 5:05 pm 09 Aug 06

I tried accessing at work yesterday and it kept timing out. Was working fine last night though.

Absent Diane 4:58 pm 09 Aug 06

Yeah we didnt think of doing it on the interweb.. mostly because we are in between interweb PC’s at the mo..

But the hardest question for me and the lady was friend was working out whether we are defacto or housemates.. housemates sounds a lot more funner and deviant

caf 4:53 pm 09 Aug 06

Didn’t think doing it online would really work for us, as a sharehouse with people not usually all around at the same time. Leaving the form on the kitchen bench for everyone to get to it when they had time works well.

PigDog 4:10 pm 09 Aug 06

The online census kept timing out for me – had to do it the ol’ fashioned way. Did this happen to anyone else?

Ralph 3:31 pm 09 Aug 06

Gee I thought it would actually be higher than 11 per cent across the whole of Australia. I suppose that’s overly optimistic. Nevertheless submitting it online is likely to be a good proxy for intelligence.

Absent Diane 3:17 pm 09 Aug 06

I made the mistake of having turning the TV on at the exact same time rove mcAnus was on and talking about census forms. I was glad that I didn’t put down a pirate as my occupation because rove mcanus said to do it. Rove is not my master he does not control my legs.

Geoffco 3:01 pm 09 Aug 06

We wanted to do it electronically, but we didn’t get the necessary envelope with the second, online part of the code so we had to fill out the paper version. Bummer.

Thumper 1:44 pm 09 Aug 06

Damn, I could have put ‘pirate’ as my occupation.

VYBerlinaV8 1:42 pm 09 Aug 06

I hear this census we are all putting “Pirate of the Caribbean” as our religion.

Thumper 1:41 pm 09 Aug 06

Didn’t use the web, dead tree version was quicker.

I wonder how many Jedi there are in Australia at this stage?

S4anta 1:38 pm 09 Aug 06

There reports of house of Vikings in Scullin.

johnboy 1:29 pm 09 Aug 06


If not for the cost of doing this on paper the ABS will have us filling in the damn forms every week.

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