Canberrans urged to shop around for petrol before long weekend as prices jump by 5.5cpl

Glynis Quinlan 5 July 2021 20
Petrol pricing Canberra

Canberra’s petrol prices have jumped by 5.5cpl over the last few days.

Canberra motorists are being encouraged to shop around before filling up this Queen’s Birthday long weekend with Canberra’s petrol prices jumping by 5.5 cents per litre (cpl) over the last few days and differing significantly between suburbs.

Canberra had the unwanted distinction of being the most expensive capital city for buying petrol over the last quarter (March 3 to June 3) according to the latest analysis by

As of June 4, the cheapest place to fill up in Canberra was in Fyshwick at 152.9cpl, while motorists were paying 155.9cpl in Holt, Dickson, Braddon, Wanniassa, Mawson and Belconnen.

The analysis revealed that Canberrans paid an average price of 148.5cpl for petrol over the past quarter – with the average price in Sydney and Adelaide being 8.5cpl cheaper.

The analysis states that after a reasonable period of stability, Canberra’s petrol prices have jumped 5.5cpl in the last few days.

Household savings expert Abigail Koch at said that petrol prices in Australia’s capital cities over the last quarter have been at their highest since 2014.

“Our quarterly petrol analysis revealed Aussies were paying, on average, 142.5cpl over the last few months – 5.1cpl higher than last quarter,” Ms Koch said.

“Around the country, most capital cities are some way from the expected bottom of their cycle.

“This, coupled with world oil prices being higher than in any other time over recent memory, means motorists should shop around for the best price before filling up this long weekend,” Ms Koch said.

“We recommend drivers across the country compare prices on free petrol apps, such as, to find the best deals before hitting the road.”

The free comparison website, which updates its petrol price data three times daily across all major Australian cities, analysed the average cents per litre of unleaded petrol from 3 March to 3 June 2018.

The data was sourced across Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to gauge which parts of the country were the cheapest for petrol, and where prices are sitting in the cycle ahead of the weekend.

Have you noticed the jump in petrol prices in recent days? Do you tend to shop around for petrol? Let us know in the comments below.

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20 Responses to Canberrans urged to shop around for petrol before long weekend as prices jump by 5.5cpl
Jess Smuggle Jess Smuggle 12:17 am 10 Jun 18

Currently on holiday in the NT. Fuel is cheaper up here and it's technically classed as remote 🤔

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 8:30 am 10 Jun 18

    I have just returned from the NT. I think I paid up to $1.80 something, but mostly it was in the $1.50 plus area. The cheapest petrol so far this trip was $1.39 in Port Augusta, but I also saw (one place only) $1.37 in Adelaide. Adelaide prices varied up to $1.51; the most expensive I spotted there.

Jessica Brisbane Jessica Brisbane 3:37 pm 08 Jun 18

Costco. I save far more than the membership fee in petrol every year.

Monica Apple Monica Apple 12:29 pm 08 Jun 18

Piet Arnold oh dear and the tank is low low low 😂

Veronika Sain Veronika Sain 10:11 pm 07 Jun 18

I paid 178.9 cents per litre of a higher grade unleaded on Tuesday so I can’t imagine how much higher stations will go with that $2 perhaps?

Ben Jones Ben Jones 6:45 pm 07 Jun 18

But where is ACT fuel watch ! Aren’t they supposed to keep the servos honest ...

Dave Wilkinson Dave Wilkinson 10:24 am 07 Jun 18

Blatant price gouging..

Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 8:44 am 07 Jun 18

Stop shoving cash into the tank! I saved a bundle at the servo and less trips to the mechanic.

Tina Newsome Tina Newsome 10:25 pm 06 Jun 18

Fill up in Queanbeyan or Fyshwick much cheaper

Pamela Tomlinson Pamela Tomlinson 6:10 pm 06 Jun 18

We just came back from OS for 7 weeks and couldn’t believe the jump in price of diesel. $1.60 per litre!

Jeff Gadd Jeff Gadd 5:22 pm 06 Jun 18

Shop around?? not much choice in ACT when only two servos are under $1.53 a litre for E10 unleaded. We are being gouged and ACCC are useless to do anything about it other than their usual lame rhetoric.

    Jeff Slipper Jeff Slipper 5:30 pm 06 Jun 18

    Paradoxically fuel can be cheaper say s you head north to Maryborough than in Brisbane where it is bulk stored despite transport costs.

    Limited rhyme or reason.

    Dave Bolton Dave Bolton 6:31 pm 08 Jun 18

    Same deal in Canberra, drive outside the boarder to any small country town & it's a lot cheaper. The chief minister says his focus is on things he can influence (tax, tax, tax), as lobbying the ACCC in the past has resulted in absolutely nothing. Maybe they don't like him either so simply dismiss the concerns raised. We are an easy target for this disgusting practice to target Canberra with no one prepared to take this issue on. Just try to find anyone who will show an interest.

Blen_Carmichael Blen_Carmichael 4:44 pm 06 Jun 18

I filled up at Costco last Friday and paid $1.39 for a litre. Still, I have that luxury of working from home and dictating my own hours. I’d hate to queue up there on a Saturday morning.

Nate Mooré Nate Mooré 3:05 pm 06 Jun 18

This is crazy. When oil was $100/barrel, fuel in the US was $4/gal. Since the price of oil dropped, its back to around $2.80 gallon ($1 per litre AUD, give or take). Why are prices in Aus still at $100/barrel prices?? And why are we the only country in the world that has a “fuel cycle”? The US just had Memorial Day weekend, and prices didn’t move a cent...

Keith Alderson Keith Alderson 1:49 pm 06 Jun 18

I was using the 7-eleven app for a while there as they had been cheap. then their prices went up. Cheapest I can get 98 at the moment is $1.56 and some shell stations are up to $1.82 for V-power. Canberra doesn't have a price cycle like other cities, the price just keeps increasing with rarely a dip in price to be found.

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