Canberra’s 10 most dangerous roads revealed with Hume’s Monaro Highway named the worst

Glynis Quinlan 4 October 2018 19

Gunghalin Drive, Gungahlin is among the roads named in Canberra’s 10 worst accident hotspots. Pictured is a collision between a car and a truck on the corner of Gungahlin Drive and The Valley Avenue on August 6. Photo by George Tsotsos.

Canberra’s top 10 most dangerous roads for motor vehicle accidents have been revealed, with the Monaro Highway in Hume heading the list.

According to the latest crash data from car insurer AAMI, Fyshwick’s Canberra Avenue is the city’s second most dangerous road after being knocked from the top spot it has held for the past three years.

AAMI spokesperson Ms Ashleigh Paterson said the number of accidents on the Monaro Highway in Hume had increased over the past 12 months, which resulted in it dishonourably been crowned Canberra’s worst hotspot for car accidents.

“Hume’s Monaro Highway in Canberra’s south has several lanes of traffic travelling in both directions which can become congested during peak periods with several roads feeding into it,” said Ms Paterson.

“The stretch of road features several sets of traffic lights and multiple entry points, making it prone to congestion during peak hours.”

The 2018 AAMI Crash Index shows that Gundaroo Drive in Gungahlin is Canberra’s third-worst hotspot for car accidents (moving up from fourth last year), while a new entrant to the top 10 list, Anketell Street in Greenway, comes in at number four.

Canberra’s top five worst accident hotspots. Image supplied by AAMI.

Six new roads enter top 10 hotspot list

The crash data actually revealed six new contenders in Canberra’s top 10 accident hotspots for 2018, which is more than any other state or territory in Australia and shows the city’s range of problem areas has been extended.

New entrants to this year’s top 10 are typically main roads in Canberra’s suburbs such as Anketell Street, Northbourne Avenue, Haydon Drive, Drakeford Drive, Pialligo Avenue and Sulwood Drive.

However, taking fifth place in Canberra’s 2018 worst accident hotspots list is an old entrant, Gungahlin Drive, Gungahlin, which moved up from sixth place last year.

The remainder of the top 10 list are all new entrants, with sixth place going to Northbourne Avenue, Braddon, seventh place to Haydon Drive, Bruce, eighth place to Drakeford Drive, Kambah, ninth place to Pialligo Avenue, Pialligo and tenth place to Sulwood Drive, Kambah.

Canberra’s top 10 accident hotspot list is based on AAMI’s analysis of motor accident insurance claims from 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018. This was done as part of a wider national analysis.

Police at the scene of a crash between two vehicles on Pialligo Avenue, Pialligo on September 6. Pialligo Avenue is one of six new entrants to Canberra’s top 10 accident hotspot list. Photo by George Tsotsos.

Small lapses in concentration can lead to serious collisions

“The majority of the hotspots share commonalities in that there is a high volume of vehicles entering and exiting at multiple intersections, frequent stopping and starting, and constantly changing driving conditions,” Ms Paterson said.

“When combined, this creates plenty of opportunities for small misjudgements and lapses in concentration which can lead to serious collisions.

“Concentration is key so we are urging all drivers to be mindful of safe driving behaviours when travelling on our roads, especially when they find themselves in one of these accident-prone areas.”

Most drivers angry when they see others using mobiles

Research into driver behaviours conducted for AAMI by Lonergan Research in 2017 (involving a nationwide survey of 1,255 drivers) revealed nearly two thirds (67 per cent) of drivers become angry when they see others using a mobile phone while driving.

“Despite this, many drivers are still taking dangerous risks when they are behind the wheel with one in three (35 per cent) people admitting to texting while stopped at a traffic light and one in three people (31 per cent) admit to talking on the phone whilst holding the handset,” said Ms Paterson.

“Even more worryingly, one in five people don’t know that having a phone conversation with the handset in your hand is illegal and 38 per cent of people don’t know that having a phone conversation on speakerphone with the handset on your lap is illegal.

“While it is positive that many drivers are unhappy when they see other motorists using a mobile phone when driving, an alarming number of people are still using their mobile phones while on the road,” she said.

“These are concerning findings as we know mobile use is a leading cause of driver distraction and increases the chance of misjudgements and lapses in concentration, leading to traffic collisions.

“We are urging drivers to limit the use of mobile phones while driving and only unlocking your phone when it is absolutely safe to do so.”

Canberra’s top 10 hotspots

Canberra’s top 10 worst accident hotspots according to the 2018 AAMI Crash Index are:

  1. Monaro Highway, Hume
  2. Canberra Avenue, Fyshwick
  3. Gundaroo Drive, Gungahlin
  4. Anketell Street, Greenway
  5. Gungahlin Drive, Gungahlin
  6. Northbourne Avenue, Braddon
  7. Haydon Drive, Bruce
  8. Drakeford Drive, Kambah
  9. Pialligo Avenue, Pialligo
  10. Sulwood Drive, Kambah

Have you encountered problems at one of these hotspots? Do you have suggestions to make them safer? Let us know in the comments below.

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19 Responses to Canberra’s 10 most dangerous roads revealed with Hume’s Monaro Highway named the worst
Christine Rusan Christine Rusan 10:00 pm 05 Oct 18

Not surprised two roads in Gungahlin made the list. I have seen so so many bad drivers since moving up here. I drive on both those roads and they dont pose any risk, its definitely the bad drivers.

A_Cog A_Cog 1:16 pm 05 Oct 18

Hilariously, the Pialligo Rd results are because RoadsACT fumbled the supposed road safety improvement project at the intersection of Pialligo Rd and Oaks Estate Rd.

There is no merge lane for Canberra-bound traffic coming off Oaks Estate Rd onto Pialligo Rd. The RHS turn-off for Queanbeyan-bound traffic fits only 6 cars, for a road with 10,000 vehicles daily. Genius!

That 2016 project cost over $800,000, and not only worsened safety, but has ruined throughput during peak hour, increasing crash risk even moreso.

Only in the ACT could the roads agency do projects that actually create accidents.

Nik Jimmy Nik Jimmy 9:01 am 05 Oct 18

I drive Monaro highway from theodore to Hume everyday, and people just don't care about the speed limit. Going 100km in 80km zones and overtaking people on the left shoulder. And if you are going the speed limit, you always have someone right up your bum.

Brett Griffiths Brett Griffiths 7:31 am 05 Oct 18

And most dangerous in winter time is Monaro Highway coming down the hill to Johnstone Drive roundabout, went from original dual lanes to now a single lane with a bicycle lane! Traffic backs up the hill up to 5 Klms long, see heaps of rear Enders and near misses there!

Jeffrey Brown Jeffrey Brown 11:48 pm 04 Oct 18

Are you sure its the roads that are dangerous? I mean its not like they ALL OF A SUDDEN change their configurations and jump at you with their teeth.

If anything, its the drivers that are dangerous.

    Christine Rusan Christine Rusan 10:01 pm 05 Oct 18

    Couldn't agree with you more. Personally seen this in Gungahlin, no wonder two roads up here made the list. Bad drivers galore up here

Emily White Emily White 9:42 pm 04 Oct 18

Andrea remember that accident we saw earlier this year?

Nathan Brereton Nathan Brereton 8:34 pm 04 Oct 18

Ben Anderson keep an eye on the roads. CC Ben Johnson

Ben Green Ben Green 7:29 pm 04 Oct 18

Does this data include kangaroo hits? If so, surely it's not a coincidence that the road recently identified with the largest amount of roo hits is also the road with the largest amount of crashes / claims?

    Joel Castner Joel Castner 7:54 pm 04 Oct 18

    Ben Green I was thinking the same

    Julian Rowe Julian Rowe 8:46 pm 04 Oct 18

    Yeah I was coming here to say the exact same thing. I wonder what road is the worst for non animal related incidents

Mac John Mac John 7:00 pm 04 Oct 18

Monaro highway is the worst, particularly where it intersects with the Royals Station entrench and the old Cooma road. If travelling northbound, you are risking you life turning right due to other north bound cars overtaking across the intersections. Some work such as a medium strip and new signage etc needs to occur..

Rhonda Maxwell Rhonda Maxwell 6:55 pm 04 Oct 18

I think it would be fair to say that these are the ten busiest roads in the ACT as well.

Kerri Hallas Kerri Hallas 6:43 pm 04 Oct 18

Ugh! My 4 times daily commute!

Stephen Esdaile Stephen Esdaile 6:22 pm 04 Oct 18

Gundaroo Drive and Gungahlin Drive? Would have nothing to do with the roadworks that have been going for over two years?

Went through there today and, as usual, no workers to be seen.

Those 22 story towers were started after the roadwork and are already tenanted. C'mon ACT Government, pull your finger out and finish the bloody job.

    Nathan Willson Nathan Willson 6:43 pm 04 Oct 18

    Yeah, but building an apartment is super easy compared to a road 😆

    (or is it that apartments make ACT Gov more money than roads? Always get that mixed up)

    Rhonda Maxwell Rhonda Maxwell 6:56 pm 04 Oct 18

    I have heard that there are multiple builders warranty issues with those towers.

    Stephen Esdaile Stephen Esdaile 7:00 pm 04 Oct 18

    Rhonda Janine that's pretty normal (but not good), but this road isn't even looking half done and the bits that are done look pretty average. It's inexcusable.

    If this was any other developed nation, the road would have been finished eighteen months ago. To a better standard. The ACT government doesn't know how to write a contract for infrastructure that actually gets a job done right and on time.

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