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Canberra’s biggest eyesore?

By vandam - 6 June 2009 100

This morning on the radio they were talking about Australia’s biggest eyesore (which happened to be Surfers Paradise).

It got me thinking about Canberra’s biggest eyesore. This morning the favourites were the Belconnen Shopping Mall and the National Art Museum.

So what is Canberra’s Biggest eyesore? Could it be the various art pieces popping up around Canberra? The camp site they call the Aboriginal Tent Embassy? or buildings such as the Sky Plaza?

Personally my vote goes to the National Art Museum Followed closely by that metal art thing they have on the GDE.

What’s Your opinion?

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100 Responses to
Canberra’s biggest eyesore?
ant 11:51 am 06 Jun 09

TP 3000 said :

But those that hate Sky Plaza, an even uglier building is planned to go up in that Woden East development.

How will it be possible to be uglier? I guess if they put eyebrows on it, or something.

Pommy bastard 11:49 am 06 Jun 09

Am I alone in thinking the new buildings at the airport have been built in a “trendy today, dated cr@p tomorrow,” style?

Having said that, I’ll tip my hat towards Sky Plaza, as well as and most of the public art which is inflicted on us, with special mention for the collapsed pylons, the rock egg cups and the broken clock.

Oh and that awful Bugs Bunny on a pole thing.

Davo111 11:37 am 06 Jun 09

plus one for belco

54-11 11:36 am 06 Jun 09

The National Museum – the architect was having a wank when he designed that bloody awful skitube thingy.

TP 3000 11:28 am 06 Jun 09

New (Circus Top) Parliament House.

But those that hate Sky Plaza, an even uglier building is planned to go up in that Woden East development. It could be described as “modern architecture”

ant 11:26 am 06 Jun 09

I jumped on to say “that bloody awful yellow undercoat thing sticking up above the southern cross club at Woden” but I apprehend that is in fact Sky Plaza and everyone else has got in before me.

Did you know, that shocker won a prize? True. It did. Now we can give it another one: Worst Eyesore.

Running second is the Tent Embassy… get rid of it! Someone grow a backbone and bulldoze the lot of it.

Whatsup 10:43 am 06 Jun 09

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy said :

Belconnen. No doubt at all.


Footloose 10:39 am 06 Jun 09

Definately Sky Plaza. Boxy badness, pastel nightmare. It is our No. 1 architectural stylistic queeff.

moneypenny2612 10:33 am 06 Jun 09

Although it was recently demolished, the Belco bus interchange was one ugly mofo.

i also hate Sky Plaza in Woden – probably because it sticks out like the proverbial…

On the other hand, I don’t mind the NGA – although that modernist/brutalist style is an acquired taste.

The best thing they ever did to the NGA building was the night-time slide show to celebrate its 25th birthday. Found some pics on Flickr if you missed it:

pity they never published a commemorative calendar.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:55 am 06 Jun 09

Belconnen. No doubt at all.

grundy 9:45 am 06 Jun 09

Definitely Belconnen

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:30 am 06 Jun 09

The north side.

harvyk1 9:02 am 06 Jun 09

Number 1 without a doubt – The GDE metal mistake (aka the first attempt at a bridge over the barton highway 🙂

Sky Plaza is pretty ordinary, but nothing more or less ugly than what is found in other cities. (or other buildings found in Canberra)

Danman 8:45 am 06 Jun 09


Very Busy 8:40 am 06 Jun 09

The new Centrelink building in Tuggeranong. Ugly concrete and not in keeping with the rest of the Town Centre buildings.

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