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Canberra’s first registered electric car arrives

By johnboy - 18 August 2010 35

Blade Electron Vehicle

Mr Stanhope is celebrating the arrival in Canberra of a Wollemi Systems’ new electric car.

It was manufactured by Victorian-based Blade Electric Vehicles, which converts the Hyundai Getz to an all-electric motor and operating system.

Mr Stanhope congratulated Wollemi Systems for supporting the renewable energy technology.

“As a city designed for motor vehicles, Canberra is an ideal place for companies like Wollemi Systems to use an electric vehicle to travel to and from appointments at sites across the city,” Mr Stanhope said.

“Combined with green power or renewable energy, electric vehicles can run on zero emissions helping to achieve a significant reduction in our carbon footprint.

“I want to congratulate Wollemi Systems for supporting this important emerging technology and setting a precedent for low emissions travel for businesses and individuals in the ACT.

“The ACT Government strongly supports the use of electric vehicles as a way of reducing our city’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“The Government has offered planning and regulatory assistance to Better Place and ActewAGL who plans to roll out electric vehicle infrastructure including recharge points in Canberra.

“The Government is also exploring the option of replacing some of the public service car fleet with electric cars,” Mr Stanhope said.

Something to keep an eye out for.

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35 Responses to
Canberra’s first registered electric car arrives
Holden Caulfield 3:07 pm 18 Aug 10

No Tesla, no care!

Captain RAAF 2:44 pm 18 Aug 10

I’ll be sure to bring one of my V8’s to work this week to celebrate this great milestone!

pajs 2:32 pm 18 Aug 10

But all Riot ACT readers know it isn’t real until it has a media release.

georgesgenitals 2:30 pm 18 Aug 10

It will be good in a few years when electric cars become commonplace, and affordable. I’d be quite happy to do my daily drop off of the family then work commute, followed by the reverse in the evenings. The plug it in overnight and let it recharge. For longer trips I’ll use my other car.

I read in a motoring magazine that if you charge your electric vehicle at home, it costs about one sixth as much as powering the same sized vehicle using petrol.

Gus929 2:25 pm 18 Aug 10

I think “first registered electric car” is at least a little wrong. The Canberra EV people have quite a few enthusiast-converted electric cars on Canberra’s roads already.

I’ll admit “first commercially converted new electric car” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, nor does “Canberra’s first electric car with it’s own press release.” 😉

hax 2:02 pm 18 Aug 10

Good to see something worthwhile. Looking forward to when cars like this become more mainstream (cheaper) and the supporting infrastructure is in place 🙂

eyeLikeCarrots 1:51 pm 18 Aug 10

Sammy said :

Anyone know what they cost?

According to Bernie Hobbs, who was interviewed on ABC the other morning about purchasing one of these, about $50k.

Ouch…… my wallet just had a palpitation.

p1 1:50 pm 18 Aug 10

How big a PV system do I need on my roof to drive one each day and still not pay for electrickery?

Rollersk8r 1:49 pm 18 Aug 10

Talk about mixed messages. On the one hand they’re actively reducing parking spaces and telling us to catch the bus (or catch the ferry if you buy on the Kingston Foreshore!). But on the other electric vehicles are ideally suited to a city designed for cars??

pajs 1:41 pm 18 Aug 10

Not sure about Bernie’s numbers. If it is the Electron electric vehicle from BEV, you are looking at $30k-$35k purchase price, and can also do leases. There is information at

A slightly older source that gives some first-hand experience of owning one is

Sammy 1:35 pm 18 Aug 10

You can listen to Bernie talk about it here:

Sammy 1:33 pm 18 Aug 10

Anyone know what they cost?

According to Bernie Hobbs, who was interviewed on ABC the other morning about purchasing one of these, about $50k.

arescarti42 1:31 pm 18 Aug 10

Cool beans! I’m keeping an ear out for any developments on Better Place Australia’s EV network in Canberra. They’ve been pretty quiet for some time.

Sammy 1:31 pm 18 Aug 10

Actually, it’s a Blade Electric Vehicles electric car. Wollemi Systems just purchased it.

I guess if you remove the “a” before “Wollemi Systems’ new electric car”, the sentence will be correct.

georgesgenitals 1:23 pm 18 Aug 10

Anyone know what they cost?

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