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Canberra’s very own holocaust denier

By johnboy - 14 December 2006 59

The Australian reports that a Canberran, Richard Krege, has gone to Tehran to re-affirm the crazies there of their belief that the mass exterminations conducted by the Nazi’s didn’t actually happen.

[Richard Krege]

Richard is an electrical engineer for Airservices Australia. According to The Australian he has been using his work email address to comment on these matters.

Richard Krege, who is on annual leave from the Canberra-based agency, said that only 5000 people died at Treblinka, from disease, and used his own model of the concentration camp to illustrate his claims.

Most historians believe that at least 800,000 prisoners were murdered in the camp, which was in Poland during World War II.

Mr Krege based his argument on a soil survey he undertook at Treblinka in October 1999, claiming to have found no evidence of mass graves.

The bizarre and disturbing (in my opinion) has some favourable coverage of the visit.

Canberrans never cease to amaze.

Thanks to Caz for the tip, she also observes that Richard appears to have been a Toastmaster back in 2001. (ah, wait, he’s still listed as their treasurer for 2005-6.)

UPDATED: Today’s Canberra Times (16-DEC-06) has an excellent Pryor cartoon on the subject with an uncanny likeness to Mr. Krege despite the CT not touching the story at all as far as we know.

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59 Responses to
Canberra’s very own holocaust denier
johnboy 7:49 pm 14 Dec 06

holocaust denial is a particularly perverted church I would contend.

shauno 7:45 pm 14 Dec 06

On the website it says the holocaust was a fairy tail. It really is bizarre what the human mind can come up with. No more bizarre though then the various fairy tail beliefs of the worlds main stream religions.

Woody Mann-Caruso 5:33 pm 14 Dec 06

I just want to make sure it’s as public as possible.


Two of clubs 5:12 pm 14 Dec 06

Looking at the toastmasters site, I’d like to know how this demented mind tried to argue for “Australia is a clever country”.
He quite obviously shuns rational thought.

Anyway, I’m glad someone posted this.
That’s one more scumbag to be on the lookout for around town.

Maelinar 4:59 pm 14 Dec 06

I understand the concept behind this piece of white trash, however they have come out of their rock hidey hole a little too soon to be credible.

I still remember talking to people who had their serial numbers tattoo’d onto them.

Their stories were far more credible, why for instance would a couple of million Jews go and tattoo themselves unless it was done by force ?

In a way, society is better off seeing this affront to humanity while there are still resources and the intent to crush it. Another 50 years and they may have found a reasonable amount of support, in the world of today they will not, and we can arm ourselves with appropriate measures to rebut everything they say.

Any time he wants to talk to a veteran about the horrors of war, and look into the eyes of truth talking to him, he should. He would probably change his tune pretty quickly as well…

johnboy 4:01 pm 14 Dec 06

I agree completely.

I just want to make sure it’s as public as possible.

KaneO 3:54 pm 14 Dec 06

Personally I fully support the iijit’s decision to act like a loony in public. Better an identifiable loony than a closet loony.
In fact, I support anyone’s right to be a total asshat in public.

Spectra 3:43 pm 14 Dec 06

Meh – get enough people together in one place and statistically you’re bound to get a few nutters. Canberra’s more than big enough to have its share.

Mr Evil 3:28 pm 14 Dec 06

So, there will be a job vacancy for an electrical engineer at Airservices advertised soon????

What a jerk!

Absent Diane 3:11 pm 14 Dec 06

yeah seriously what skill is in putting bread into a toaster?!?!

toriness 3:09 pm 14 Dec 06

very sorry to generalise but every person i’ve known associated with toastmasters has been a crazy.

Absent Diane 3:05 pm 14 Dec 06

I particularly liked the bit insinuating that there really wasn’t an issue with sexual equality in the middle east..

terubo 2:53 pm 14 Dec 06

That’s an odd website allright.
What is it with these self-appointed gurus who run ‘the Adelaide Institute’, ‘the Sydney Institute’ etc – have we (yet) got ‘the Canberra Institute’? (says he, rushing off to google…)

Absent Diane 2:44 pm 14 Dec 06

what a fuckhead.

RandomGit 2:41 pm 14 Dec 06

I imagine his research would require the delicacy of a monkey wrench to pick apart.

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