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Capitalists in Capitol Theatre

By Sands - 1 January 2008 51

I went to the movies in Manuka yesterday to see No Country for Old Men.  About half an hour into the movie I went downstairs to buy some water but they were closing up.  The guy working in the candy bar said it wasn’t too late to buy something but that I’d need the exact change.

I asked how much the water was and he said “Really expensive, it’s $4.50”.  I had a $20 note and $4.45 in coins.  I asked if $4.45 was ok and he said “No, sorry I can’t give it to you for $4.45”.  I laughed and asked him if he was serious and he said “yeah, sorry”.

What kind of greed is that where they’ll charge $10 for popped corn but deny a patron water because they’re 5c short!  I was dumbfounded.  Luckily the movie was brilliant so I didn’t stew on it…

[ED] On the other hand their tickets are only $8 which is for all sessions and all days, far better than paying $16.50 elsewhere.

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51 Responses to
Capitalists in Capitol Theatre
Thumper 1:38 pm 02 Jan 08


contraband extra lids….


staria 1:32 pm 02 Jan 08

I guess it comes down to how much of a fuss you like to make. Depends on the place and the staff I suppose. I try and take my own water with me wherever I go so don’t run into too many problems. I do remember going to the U2 concert in Sydney and while we were allowed to bring our own water, we weren’t allowed to keep the lids on!?! We’d anticipated that from a message on their website, and brought some contraband extra lids, but I thought that was really weird.

Sands 1:07 pm 02 Jan 08

Yeah, I’ve heard that it’s illegal, but plenty of clubs still wont give it to you. In a Melbourne club I went to (as part of an after conference party thing) all the cold water taps had been removed in the bathrooms! When I left I saw two police officers and – being completely wasted – told them about it and that I thought it was really irresponsible. They couldn’t have cared less. Or maybe I was just too drunk to have made any sense.

Skidbladnir 1:01 pm 02 Jan 08

In places that typically sell bottled water, unless you’re at a closed-off festival event in the middle of nowhere, the keywords for combatting thirst are “Can I have a cup\glass of water?” instead of “I want a bottled water.”

Iirc it is one request nobody is allowed to deny you.

staria 12:56 pm 02 Jan 08

You should have asked for a cup of water instead. It’s illegal for anyone to refuse you that (even if they have bottled water to sell). I went to a small independent cinema up in QLD over the break and they didn’t have any water (or solo, or ice, or chips…) so I just asked for a cup of water – no problems! I do the same thing at Maccas too (when I have to go there…)

Sands 12:25 pm 02 Jan 08

“… so pay the $4.50 already…”

What’s wrong with you?? He wouldn’t take the $20 (note that he said I needed the exact money) and wouldn’t let me off the 5c I needed to make up the money in coins!

And bighead, the dendy cards are excellent aren’t they. I actually do have one (I got my renewal letter last week). I just happened to be driving past Manuka and given the tickets are so cheap and I had 3 hours to kill, decided to pop in and see it there. But thanks for the suggestion.

Skidbladnir – what an idiotic statement. I needed a drink of water. Simple. Bit of lateral thinking people please!

Skidbladnir 11:51 am 02 Jan 08

So if you’re going to be thirsty and want water, bring your own and save $4.49.
Of if you must buy the Bottled Gullibility Water, don’t admit to it on Riotact, and save your credibility?

Mike Crowther 11:47 am 02 Jan 08


Thumper 10:45 am 02 Jan 08

I saw the Golden Compass there last week.

Staff were not actually very helpful. They probably just wanted to go home…

pierce 10:43 am 02 Jan 08

Awesome movie though.

VYBerlinaV8 9:46 pm 01 Jan 08

… so pay the $4.50 already…

You 7:53 pm 01 Jan 08

To be fair, that 5c would show up as missing at the end of the month, and someone’s balls would be broken.

Yes, managers will act like complete wankers over 5c

Felix the Cat 7:47 pm 01 Jan 08

Or hire a DVD for $3 and get all the water you want for FREE from your kitchen sink tap.

bighead 5:27 pm 01 Jan 08

$16.50 elsewhere? Get yourself a Club Dendy Card. Sure you lose a bit of money upfront. But I have well and truly made my money back at $9.50 each time.

VYBerlinaV8 4:43 pm 01 Jan 08

You had to break a 20 to buy some overpriced water in a movie cinema in one the the priciest suburbs in town? Even the starving Africans are appalled.

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