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stereo henry 3 July 2007 14

ABC Canberra is currently running a competition for amateur photographers called Capturing the Capital. They are looking for photos of different Capital Region icons and institutions (this month it’s Parliament House)…

“Every month we will nominate a different Canberra icon or institution that will be the subject of that month’s online photo gallery.

At the end of each month a panel of experts will convene to decide which one photograph stands above the rest. The photo/photographer that the panel pick will receive an ABC Shop gift voucher to the value of $30.00 and will also have their shot as the headline photograph of that month’s gallery.”

[ED – Feel free to post them here too]

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14 Responses to Capturing the Capital
Danman Danman 12:35 pm 04 Jul 07

caf – I guarantee that 90% of people on these photo sharing websites do not read the 10 or so pages of computer font terms and conditions of use before they click the Ok button.

Basically if you want to keep photos to yourself – keep them off the internet – or keep your internet versions low res – or digitally locked and watermarked (not in the photo – but metadata)

MissUnderstood MissUnderstood 11:16 am 04 Jul 07

“They are looking for photos of different Capital Region icons and institutions (this month it’s Parliament House)…”

Let’s see how many photographers vying for this month’s prize are arrested on suspcicion of terrorist activity for loitering around PH and taking pics!

caf caf 10:59 am 04 Jul 07

So if you choose to publish your work under a license that allows commercial use, someone might use it commercially? Well knock me over with a feather duster.

Danman Danman 10:09 am 04 Jul 07

whoops – forgot to close Url tag properly … Admins ?

wheres that edit button

Danman Danman 10:07 am 04 Jul 07

Stereo Henry – Watever you want published – upload to Flickr and give several tags – wont be long until it starts appearing on bus bill boards; under Creative commons laws – hence only upload low res – or in my case – pictures that are not my favourite/best – alternately you can nail down on various access levels.

As for 30 dollars prize money – gimmie a break – I get better satisfaction posting images to RiotACT…….** Jazz its all yours….

**I recieved no money/beer/incentive for this comment.

stereo henry stereo henry 8:30 am 04 Jul 07

As an amateur photographer I’d be stoked to have my work published

CraigFromCurtin CraigFromCurtin 11:56 pm 03 Jul 07

30 bucks? *THIRTY* bucks? Once again I find myself agreeing with VYBerlina. “Hold me back boys”, I’m goin’ all out for that 30 bucks. Sheesh – I’d spend more than that in petrol driving around getting a couple of photo shots to submit! 30 bucks won’t even buy ME a meal and dessert in many of Canberra’s restaurants, let alone me and a friend.

How about $3000 bucks ABC? Who set the prize? 30 bucks wouldn’t even inspire my 10 year old.

sim_m_o sim_m_o 4:39 pm 03 Jul 07

I wonder if the terrorist hotline will be inundated with reports of people photographing landmarks….

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 3:57 pm 03 Jul 07

Holy crap! A $30 prize! Wait while I quit my job…

stereo henry stereo henry 1:35 pm 03 Jul 07

looks like they’ve been doing similar things all over the country for a while:

It’s all user generated – some great stuff!

Ntp Ntp 1:26 pm 03 Jul 07

I wonder if they got the idea from our images of Canberra series; I know enough ABC staffers read Riot. Good thing about hte ABC is they have a budget!

stereo henry stereo henry 1:13 pm 03 Jul 07

no mention of experts as yet

Jazz Jazz 1:12 pm 03 Jul 07

no chance Danman. Its mine mwhahahahha.

who’s the panel of experts that needs appeasing?

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 12:31 pm 03 Jul 07

Go for it Danman 🙂

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