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Car break in’s in the long stay car park

By You - 15 April 2008 69

I’d thought i’d give a heads up for anyone parking in the big long stay car park that is situation on London Circuit (up from the Legislative Assembly) that there have been a massive number of break in’s during the middle of the day within the past few months. I would say that literally every afternoon there is fresh glass scattered someone where in the car park due to yet another car being broken into. Even today as I parked and started walking back through the car park after lunch, I saw a car with a freshly broken window

I have caught the guy in the act during lunch hours a couple of months back. Reported it to the police, but due to ACT police being absolutely hopeless at their jobs, they didn’t bother sending a squad car around or really giving a damn. The guy is around 6 foot, medium build, in his late 20’s early 30’s and was riding a mountain bike. He also had an accomplice acting as a lookout on another mountain bike who was waiting along the edge of London Circuit.

If the police actually sent an undercover cop to just wait there for a week, they would easily catch the guy.

What’s Your opinion?

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69 Responses to
Car break in’s in the long stay car park
Pandy 8:12 am 16 Apr 08

Chief Minister talkback on the ABC anyone?

I wonder if the legislative assembly carpark has the same number of break-ins?

tybreaker 8:04 am 16 Apr 08

I vote we force them to repair the damage they’ve done to the windows by gluing the window back together one chip at a time.

Special G 6:21 am 16 Apr 08

I’m all up for a good Lynchin’. Once we catch em we can poke them with pitch forks all the way back to Garema Pl and string them up in one of he trees there. Learn all them other fockers at the same time.

On a side note that car park has always been bad for breakins. Anyone remember Clea Rose – the coppers were patrolling that car park in an unmarked car. Did nothing as far as getting car theives off the streets – that’s something that won’t happen in Canberra.

Tooks 11:42 pm 15 Apr 08

To the original poster. Do you know for sure a police car wasn’t sent? Presumably you provided a description of the offender (hopefully better than the description you posted here) and a statement at the station? If not, why? Would be interested in knowing why they wouldn’t send anyone.

Hax – Do you mean he broke into five cars, or stole five? Fair effort stealing 5 in 20 minutes. What did the cops say when you rang them?

RuffnReady – that’s a great idea, you lead the way. You must be tough. You have a tough name.

Duke 11:34 pm 15 Apr 08

hax – How does one guy steal 5 cars in 20mins? How many cars did he steal before you thought to call the police? To hax and You, if you see that happen again, grab the steering wheel lock from your car and go make yourselves a citizens arrest!

RuffnReady 11:28 pm 15 Apr 08

Vigilante group with baseball bats, anyone?

I’m up for beating on some junkies, and since the cops won’t do anything to stop the crims, I reckon we’d probably be alright beating on the too.

hax 10:56 pm 15 Apr 08

I sa’w ONE guy steal 5 cars from civic carpark one time, in the space of 20 minutes.

The result of stolen goods/cars from the police is always..
Q. “you have insurance?”
A. “yes/no/maybe”
Q. “well thats that then”

This doesn’t help take (especially regular) car thieves off the street.

Aeek 10:35 pm 15 Apr 08

What chance there is a crime spree on the 24th?

sepi 9:59 pm 15 Apr 08

More police for Canberra.

Last election police was an issue, but it seemed to go quiet, and this time around noone is saying anything.

I think aCT police should be split from the AFP, as AFP has more interesting jobs and gets all the good people.

AndyC 9:58 pm 15 Apr 08

There is only one answer – Trunk Monkey. Have a search on your favourite video sharing site for examples.

eh_steve 9:11 pm 15 Apr 08

I park here daily and have noticed the fresh glass too. It’s a concernIf you were talking about the Honda Civic with the freshly broken window (not mine), that didn’t occur today. It’s the same down at the pool aswell, which is where I used to park.

I’ve been trying to track down one of those cars that looks after itself on the NRMA ad, but no luck so far…..

You 9:04 pm 15 Apr 08

I actually edited my post, but it appears that the unedited version made it through for some reason.

gooterz 8:57 pm 15 Apr 08


Thumper 8:56 pm 15 Apr 08

Maybe they were writing ‘car break in is in the long stay car park?’

However, it is a worry in broad daylight.

pug206gti 8:41 pm 15 Apr 08

Spelling/punctuation lesson:

Car break in’s in the long stay car park
number of break in’s during the

Fail. In English there is no apostrophe before the S needed unless there is ownership being expressed. Here we just have a plural, so no apostrophe needed. This also applies when there is a vowel at the end of a word, e.g. pizzas. Just to confused those playing along at home, you could however say “The pizza’s cheese” or even more out there “the two pizzas’ cheese”.

Yes, I’m a pedant.

Love, your resident apostrophe nazi.

(Incidentally, cars being broken into in broad daylight is a worry.)

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