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Car break in’s in the long stay car park

By You 15 April 2008 69

I’d thought i’d give a heads up for anyone parking in the big long stay car park that is situation on London Circuit (up from the Legislative Assembly) that there have been a massive number of break in’s during the middle of the day within the past few months. I would say that literally every afternoon there is fresh glass scattered someone where in the car park due to yet another car being broken into. Even today as I parked and started walking back through the car park after lunch, I saw a car with a freshly broken window

I have caught the guy in the act during lunch hours a couple of months back. Reported it to the police, but due to ACT police being absolutely hopeless at their jobs, they didn’t bother sending a squad car around or really giving a damn. The guy is around 6 foot, medium build, in his late 20’s early 30’s and was riding a mountain bike. He also had an accomplice acting as a lookout on another mountain bike who was waiting along the edge of London Circuit.

If the police actually sent an undercover cop to just wait there for a week, they would easily catch the guy.

What’s Your opinion?

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Car break in’s in the long stay car park
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Proud Local 12:36 am 27 Apr 08

El, yep, you are dead right but at least we inconvenience them somewhat. Thats the way I look at it anyway……

Spideydog 3:32 pm 26 Apr 08

i dunno wot yoall are goin on bout, carnt we just have a intelgent argument without spellin cops…..

Lenient 2:04 pm 26 Apr 08

ahem… grammar.

Lenient 1:31 pm 26 Apr 08


What a total waste of a hyphen and more bad grammer. This is a worse crime then white powder and car break in combined.

ant 10:17 am 26 Apr 08

It looks like the crims have well and truly won, doesn’t it?

el 10:15 pm 25 Apr 08

It wouldn’t matter anyway, Proud Local. You guys could arrest the person, they’d front up to the magistrate for a stern talking to and a feather duster across their buttocks, then they’d be free to go back to pinching cars (probably within 5 minutes or so given the proximity of the courts to said carpark).

Proud Local 7:29 pm 25 Apr 08

Is this a topic about grammar or crime?

To say that Police are hopeless and uncaring etc, is as always untrue and unfair. If I received a job from Comms stating that there is currently a man in the magistrates carpark stealing cars, and has already stolen 3 in the past 10 minutes, I couldn’t get their fast enough and neither could any other co-workers that were free. Hell, we even go to these carparks when we hear there is a “suspicious” person in the area loitering. So to say that we don’t do anything is again off the mark.

We have become well aware of this particular car park and the recent break ins and it now receives extra patrols regulary. But surprise surprise, cop cars are spotted a mile away and there are never any thieves or suspicious people in the car park when we drive through. It would be easy for them to hide and then break in and so as we left the area I guess. We have a pretty good idea on who it is but no proof, not even enough to get a warrant past a magistrate.

Two undercover officers would not be a bad idea but thats a decision for the higher powers that be. Even though it’s only two people it’s still a valuable resource to be tied up in a carpark all day for weeks on end. As everyone knows on here, we don’t exactly have people spare in the ACT so you would need good justification for doing that. Perhaps it is there for this case, dunno.

Fluges 12:41 am 20 Apr 08

Try Practical English Usage, Michael Swan, Oxford University Press, 1997, El. Or just Google.

The in’s and out’s of English punctuation is all open to debate anyway. Neither of those prepositions is possessive by the way, as I’ve written them, but that’s a pretty accepted spelling. As is “do’s”, “no’s” and “yes’s” rather than “dos”, “nos” and “yesses” and, well, “break in’s”. Of course, “break-ins” or “break ins” are acceptable too. I think it was wrong of the apostrophe nazi named after a French car (why do people choose their cars as a nick name, BTW? I’d feel stupid calling myself “MX5”) to admonish You.

As an old professional cutter ‘n paster myself, I work on the basis that if an apostrophe makes a plural noun more ‘elegant’, then use it. That approach is generally accepted by most linguists too, though not the punctuation nazi’s, I agree.


sepi 10:09 pm 19 Apr 08

yes – I was always taught that 1990’s etc was a common error, but definitely wrong.

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