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Car Pool and save petrol and $$$

By bonfire - 13 September 2005 42

As this city has no mass transit public transport infrastructure, there are few ways we can save petrol and dollars.

One of them is Car Pooling.

Im encouraging staff in my office to car pool, and I think that its something small we can all do to help others.

Spread the word.

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
Car Pool and save petrol and $$$
Mr Evil 2:34 pm 13 Sep 05

Openyourmind, are you saying it’s okay for a cyclist to run a red light?

colsim 2:32 pm 13 Sep 05

Getting back on-topic – for those interested in carpooling, 2XXfm has a free lifts offered and wanted service that is broadcast M-F at 8.15, 12.30 and 4.45 (if memory serves). All you need to do is call the station on 62 300 100 and they’ll take care of the rest. (Good for carpooling and one off rides both)

As for the “I hate cyclists” ranters – get over it. The only reason I can think of for your small minded bile is that you think they regard you as morally inferior – when the fact is that most cyclists are drivers as well at some stage and the only time we think about drivers when we are on the road is when one cuts in sharply in front of us.

When you never speed, drink drive, change lanes without signalling and so on and so forth, then start whinging about cyclists sharing the road.

OpenYourMind 2:25 pm 13 Sep 05

And here’s a previous comment I made on cyclists breaking the law:

Firstly, this concept of ‘dangerous lawbreakers’ is quite odd. I’m not denying that plenty of cyclists do break laws – just as almost all motorists break at least one law on any one trip. Don’t believe me, well just sit as a passenger with just about anyone. But, I can’t remember the last time a bicycle plowed through a childcare centre, ran up the back of another car killing all occupants etc. That’s the difference, cars are very good at killing lots of other people. I’m not saying that what some cyclists do isn’t lawbreaking, just that the end result is usually very different and that’s why attention needs to be paid to cars and even more so to trucks.

Your comments about cyclists sometimes being pedestrians and sometimes vehicles is equally uninformed. Firstly, when cyclists do this, they are breaking no laws. Secondly, the nature of cycling and of our cycling system is such that on any one trip, you can be on a footpath, cycleway and cycle lane. This is the case with my daily commute from Duffy to Belconnen. Sometimes, cyclists will switch to the footpath to cross at a set of lights – for a motorist this is a little annoying, but hardly a ‘dangerous’ crime on the same scale as a trucky popping no-doze all night.

Mr Evil 2:23 pm 13 Sep 05

Absent Diane, I agree with your comments about some cyclists on the road being inconsiderate and a danger to themselves on the road, but by and large most (not all!) cyclists are generally considerate while on the road.
Nothing makes my blood boil more than seeing fellow cyclists running red lights, riding across pedestrian crossings and riding without lights at night as it makes all cyclists look bad.

bonfire 2:09 pm 13 Sep 05

car pooling is perfect for the less mobile and lazy.

If three people in your office all drive from palmerston to the one place of work, why not share.

cycling is an intrinsically selfish activity. its a solo activity, unless you dink someone, and they break numerous road laws.

Absent Diane 2:07 pm 13 Sep 05

Prob is mr evil…..a lot of these pricks who ride on the road take up half the road, ride a very pedestrian speeds and make things dangerour for themselves and everybody else…. I can understand pro/quality riders using the roads…but for every other mufftard use the bikepaths that god made just for us

OpenYourMind 2:07 pm 13 Sep 05

Maelinar, The Canberra Times recently compiled a report based on Dept of Transport stats and an independent report which showed that the cost to the ACT of motor vehicle accidents (particularly those involving a fatality) far exceeded the revenue gained in excise, registration etc. That’s before a single metre of asphalt is taken into account. Think about that.

So, overall your average tax paying cyclist is probably contributing a greater proportion to that bit of road you are driving on than you are.

Mr Evil 2:04 pm 13 Sep 05

FOR FUCKS SAKE! I pay a shitload of tax every year, which entitles me to ride on “your” road as much as I like. Next thing we know, you’ll all be telling pedestrians to get off the fuckin’ footpaths because you own that too? Grow up!

My taxes are also spent on the health system, which incidentally (among other things) goes towards repairing the damage motor vehicle accidents can cause too.

Ralph 2:02 pm 13 Sep 05

Hear hear.

Beep beep – get out of my way.

Maelinar 1:58 pm 13 Sep 05

Mr Evil, they do own the road.

When cyclists start paying road user charges, and exise on their spandex, then they can share it.

Absent Diane 1:55 pm 13 Sep 05

START RANT – I really hate these hippies and pseudolefties who preach about trees, the environment and whales shitting in oceans and then have the guts to drive some shitty old bomb that is doing the environment more damage than fucking anything… mufftards!!! – END RANT

Mr Evil 1:37 pm 13 Sep 05

No, really, cycling is a good idea; so long as you can be bothered putting up with some of the fuckheads who drive their cars like the road is theirs and nobody elses!

ssanta 1:37 pm 13 Sep 05

I say Zepplins. Canberra has nothing sharp for it t9o get stuck on other than telstryama

Ralph 1:29 pm 13 Sep 05

And we can all have big group hugzzz.

OpenYourMind 12:59 pm 13 Sep 05

Cycling can be a viable alternative for many of us. Provided that your work has sufficient shower facilities and secure bike facilities it’s worth considering. Not only do you save on petrol, get fitter, but you get a fantastic opportunity to really enjoy the Canberra environment – my morning ride around Lake Burley Griffin is a real pleasure.

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