Cars mating in Hughes

johnboy 31 July 2013 29

car mating

An elderly man had a lucky escape this afternoon after his 4WD crash landed onto top of a parked car in a shopping centre car park.

The man was driving along Wisdom Street in Hughes when he crashed through a garden bed and came to a stop after partially mounting a parked car.

No one was in the parked car at the time.

ACT Fire & Rescue responded with two fire pumpers and a commander. Firefighters had to use a ladder to assist the driver from his vehicle.

ACT Ambulance Paramedics intensive car paramedics assessed the man on scene and is now being transported to The Canberra Hosptial in a stable conditions with minor injuries.

[Courtesy ESA, thanks to Grump for the image]

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29 Responses to Cars mating in Hughes
bundah bundah 3:35 pm 01 Aug 13

What do rioters think of making driving simulators available, particularly for novices and the elderly to help improve their driving skills? That would also be one way of determining if they’re too far gone.

CutSnake CutSnake 3:19 pm 01 Aug 13

Wrinklies tag on this story? Really? And the predictable responses:
Gen Y accident – take away the young fool’s licence. Wrinkly / elderly / baby boomer accident – take away the old fool’s licence. Gen X accident – would probably never happen, but if it did it would be sure to be a vehicle design flaw.

Genie Genie 11:05 am 01 Aug 13

Every driver regardless of age should be re-tested every 10 years. Whether it is a written or a physical test.

When my mother attempted to teach me how to drive some 10+ years ago, her knowledge of road rules was still from when she learnt how to drive. We were constantly updating her knowledge.

Secondly my grandmother at the age of 80 still held a drivers licence despite not even being behind the wheel of a car for at least 20+ years.

ToastFliesRED ToastFliesRED 10:19 am 01 Aug 13

I’m no expert on the Karma Sutra but I am not convinced that “mating” would be the right term for that position, looks more like something associated with getting one’s nether regions in the vicinity of the other’s nose. if the white commodore was facing the other way then that would be more like mating.

RAGD RAGD 10:12 am 01 Aug 13

I just realised the effort it would have taken to mount that car. Wisdom street runs along side the shops. The car he landed on is inside the shops carpark ( from what I can tell of the pic). That means he has mounted the kerb, gone over a footpath (there is a bus stop nearby from memory) , has gone over a metre or two of bushes and has landed on top of the car. He is lucky no one was walking on the footpath.

tim_c tim_c 10:09 am 01 Aug 13

It will keep happening as long as our community is so accepting of such potentially tragic “mistakes” – consider the community uproar if someone had let loose with any potentially lethal implement near a suburban shopping centre eg. a gun. But when someone lets loose with a car, people just don’t respond – perhaps that’s why cars are still killing around 1500 people every year in Australia alone, with many more so badly injured their lives will never be the same again. Our local Canberra City Council only exacerbates the problem by demonstrating that a driver’s licence is a right, not a privilege.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 7:54 am 01 Aug 13

This must be a sure sign that the end times cometh, when a white Commodore is on the receiving end of this carnage, and isn’t the instigator for a change?

bundah bundah 11:36 pm 31 Jul 13

Primal said :

bundah said :

He mounted a white commodore lol

Does that count as mitigating circumstances?

Well perhaps he is a conscientious rioter who saw an opportunity to disable yet another potential bogan weapon?

bd84 bd84 11:19 pm 31 Jul 13

Someone tell him that he’s doing it wrong.. Cars in Canberra mate by mounting each other from behind.

bigred bigred 9:25 pm 31 Jul 13

Probably an argument for regular retesting of the whole population, or greater focus on enforcing the mobile phone ban or.??

Antagonist Antagonist 8:05 pm 31 Jul 13

Ben_Dover said :

test at age 60, 65, then 68, 70, and once a year after that.

Given the quality driving skills displayed on Canberra roads every day (sarcasm), I have no problem with every driver being re-tested every 10 years regardless of age. There are some scary bad drivers out there, many of whom are under age 40.

Primal Primal 7:21 pm 31 Jul 13

bundah said :

He mounted a white commodore lol

Does that count as mitigating circumstances?

goggles13 goggles13 6:49 pm 31 Jul 13

sadly the old fella is two days late for Monday bad parking

Postalgeek Postalgeek 6:16 pm 31 Jul 13

Ah, a contender for Monday parking for next week.

KB1971 KB1971 6:04 pm 31 Jul 13

DrKoresh said :

Jeez, that’s a big car for a decrepit old dude to be driving, he’s damn lucky he didn’t kill anyone, the damn fool.

Hardly, its a Ford Escape, its shorter and thinner than the car its sitting on.

grump grump 5:51 pm 31 Jul 13

photo from mate who runs 210 Degrees bakery at Hughes – cheers Adam!

DrKoresh DrKoresh 5:48 pm 31 Jul 13

Jeez, that’s a big car for a decrepit old dude to be driving, he’s damn lucky he didn’t kill anyone, the damn fool.

bundah bundah 5:43 pm 31 Jul 13

He mounted a white commodore lol

grump grump 5:29 pm 31 Jul 13

testing at 60?? How old are you? Most 60 year olds I know (I’m 57) are fit and active – I run/ride 90 minutes 4 times a week (at an intense pace not a saunter) and most at that age are still working – annual after 75 I have no issue with

grump grump 5:26 pm 31 Jul 13

mates pic from facebook emailed to images – hopefully its usable!

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