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Casual night-time or weekend work around Canberra

jamius maximus 22 March 2006 27

Hello all!

I am currently working a full time job which is all good but in the near future I am looking to pick up 2 or 3 X five-hour (approx) shifts at night or on weekends to supplement my income.

I have next to no experience in anything at all apart from a bit of kitchen hand and driving stuff (excluding of course my day time job quals in psych). Is this unrealistic?

Has anyone else been in this situation? Have you any suggestions that don’t involve standing at a busy intersection with a squeegee? Is it hard work working two jobs? What is the capital of Turkey? When will there be more parking in Civic? Should we build a light rail network? Why hasn’t SGS posted lately?

OK I’m spent.

What’s Your opinion?

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Casual night-time or weekend work around Canberra
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Maelinar 10:23 am 28 Mar 06

err… it’s puff ?

Absent Diane 10:14 am 28 Mar 06

woah a double pun.. there’s gotta be bonus points there..

Ari 9:53 am 28 Mar 06

You can’t stop some people hamming it up with cheesy jokes.

bulldog 9:43 am 28 Mar 06

Yeah…umm…well spotted AD!

Absent Diane 5:13 pm 27 Mar 06

There’s gotta be an easier way to make a crust.
haha….. pun intended I assume!!!

bulldog 5:09 pm 27 Mar 06

I have a good mate who did it through college (admittedly that was ten years ago), and we worked out a couple of years later that by the time you factor in petrol, maintenance, random acts of fuckwittery and so on that the he made roughly fifty cents a pizza net profit.

There’s gotta be an easier way to make a crust.

jamius maximus 4:47 pm 27 Mar 06

I did pizza driving for a while. At the time it was pretty poor money when you start fatoring out car running costs.

bulldog 4:06 pm 27 Mar 06

Free Pizza – or access to toppings that haven’t been…erm…”recycled”.

Maelinar 3:15 pm 27 Mar 06

Maybe they get free pizza for life or something like that…

bulldog 2:48 pm 27 Mar 06

I’m tipping andy works on a finders fee…

andy 1:06 pm 27 Mar 06

dominos belconnen are looking for driving staff.
you must be available one weekend night – thur/fri/sat most weeks.
anytime from 5pm-late.
make sure you mention that andy told you if you go in for a job, and stay for 3 months.. that’d be neat, thanks 🙂

Mr_Shab 10:02 pm 23 Mar 06

Paper chucking for any newsagent in town – provided you don’t mind getting up at 4am.

I recommend going straight from the pub. You can sober up while you’re wrapping and bundling.

terubo 9:12 pm 23 Mar 06

Depends on the number of bodies really.
In a good year, only one or two, SES can cope.
In a bad year…..

Maelinar 1:10 pm 23 Mar 06

SES are a free service that pulls bodies out of the waters of Canberra.

I can’t see them paying somebody to do what can be done for free (by a volunteer) in the near future either.

bulldog 12:59 pm 23 Mar 06

Don’t know if they legitemately fish many bodies out of LBG – I’m sure in a small town like ours we would hear about it.

I would discourage working graves at servo’s due to increasing incidents of crime and armed hold-ups – there are better ways to make a crust – as caf suggested – night fill at one of the supermarkets would probably be a good way to go. I also used to have a mate who would supplement his income by working the cash register at one of the city’s fine adult establishments. Told me it was a pretty good dollar spinner for a couple of nights a week, but I guess it depends what floats your boat…

Thumper 12:22 pm 23 Mar 06


I know someone who sells porn videos at a brothel while he puts himself through uni.

It makes for great one liners and laughs…

Absent Diane 12:14 pm 23 Mar 06

video seller dude at a brothel

bonfire 11:18 am 23 Mar 06

how many bodies do they fish out of lbg per annum ?

Indi 10:16 am 23 Mar 06

there is apparently a lot to be learnt from selling shoes..

jamius maximus 9:38 am 23 Mar 06

“The capital of Turkey is apparently Ankara.”

Well I was wrong! I actually thought it was Istanbul – but apparently that is just the largest city. Kind of like calling Sydney the capital of Australia. I stand corrected. Triva night here I come.

Thanks all.

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