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ramblingted 2 March 2009 13

Got out to the “revamped” Royal Theatre last night for the Cat Empire, supported by Paprika Balkanicus. Quite a piss poor turnout, possible a third full, but obviously many possible attendees out at Corinbank. Hadn’t see the Empire since a red hot show 18 months ago in Adelaide, and my take was that their musicianship has improved significantly, but they didn’t have the same physical energy on stage as they did back then (18 months of constant touring would probably have those effects). Paprika were great, although probably had ten minutes more of them than I needed (I swear there was a couple of songs that you couldn’t kill with a stick!)

Above all else however it confirmed what a half assed venue the Royal is, even revamped. A vast space between the band and the seats, the usual technical incompetence (the Empire’s lighting guy had to chase someone in management to get the house lights dimmed after interval) and total lack of feel for the occasion (security trying to stop people from joining the dancing throng from the seats, until Felix told them to desist).

Surely there are more appropriate venues for this sort of gig..but if so, why don’t promoters use them?

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13 Responses to CAT EMPIRE @ the Royal Theatre
janeycomelately janeycomelately 5:00 pm 02 Mar 09

I agree re Royal Theatre security. Saw Simply Red there a couple of weeks ago and the security were really tight about people dancing – at one point they attempted to make a dancing pair sit down who were standing on a landing in an aisle on the tiered seating. They were not in front of anyone, but crucially, were right in Mick Hucknall’s eyeline. I had binoculars there and saw Mick’s eyes when he saw this stupid security guard handling this couple. His eyes went to stone, then he rushed through the rest of the set and walked off without saying another word. That was after Mick yelled at security during one of the songs. Poor, poor form Royal Theatre.

Nambucco Deliria Nambucco Deliria 3:28 pm 02 Mar 09

Kramer said :

It was quite a big weekend in Canberra with Corinbank, the Canberra Show, Brumbies, so I’m not suprised they got a small turnout. Also, I didn’t even know they were playing – so maybe they need more promotion in the future?

I usually find a cursory glance at BMA and/or The Fly tells me who’s playing in Canberra.

ramblingted ramblingted 2:29 pm 02 Mar 09

>The Oils will sell-out both nights

Insert obvious comment about their front man here..

Beserk Keyboard Warrior Beserk Keyboard Warrior 2:27 pm 02 Mar 09

I’ve been to morgues with more atmosphere than the Royal Theatre.

justbands justbands 2:26 pm 02 Mar 09

& can’t they do all-ages shows at ANU anymore? They used to.

justbands justbands 2:25 pm 02 Mar 09

> interesting to see how the Oils fare this week..

(next week, that is)

The Oils will sell-out both nights. Plenty of interstate punters will be heading to town for one (or both) of the Oils shows.

ramblingted ramblingted 2:21 pm 02 Mar 09

The problem with the ANU of course is that it would then be an over 18 gig, which would have ruled out a good chunk of last night’s crowd…maybe as other posters have suggested, too much on, and some major pushback against the venue and price…interesting to see how the Oils fare this week..

fnaah fnaah 2:17 pm 02 Mar 09

Definitely wrong venue. Saw Cat Empire a few years back in a packed out ANU refectory, for the princely sum of about $20. Would have happily paid double that to see them again at a decent venue, but not the ludicrous $70 that Royal Theatre wanted.

niftydog niftydog 2:16 pm 02 Mar 09

It’s nothing to do with that, Lefty Scum. Their last album was frankly a big disappointment (to me at least). Their last gig was outdoors, which really seems to suit their music better. It also had much bigger name’s in support. Plus, Corinbank and the Canberra Show were both on. There’s only so many of us to go around!

Frankly their promoter stuffed up big time, IMHO.

justbands justbands 2:06 pm 02 Mar 09

Too much else on….& The Cat Empire are rubbish anyway (in my opinion). Agreed re: the venue though…why oh why do promoters keep using this dump over & over & over again? Even the mighty Midnight Oil will be there next week…it was nearly enough to make me not want to go.

Scissors Scissors 2:02 pm 02 Mar 09

Last year Cat Empire played an outdoor concert at Stage 88 and that was great. I considered going last night but was turned off by the venue.

Kramer Kramer 1:57 pm 02 Mar 09

It was quite a big weekend in Canberra with Corinbank, the Canberra Show, Brumbies, so I’m not suprised they got a small turnout. Also, I didn’t even know they were playing – so maybe they need more promotion in the future?

Die Lefty Scum Die Lefty Scum 1:40 pm 02 Mar 09

Canberran’s whinge incessantly about the dearth of decent live music, but when bands DO come, nobody shows up. No wonder so many touring acts cancel gigs here at the last minute due to the lead singer “having a sore throat”.

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