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Caz hangs up the boots.

By johnboy 26 April 2006 27

Over on TSSH, former award winning Canberra blogger Caz has hung up her boots after a campaign of intimidation.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the internet, the smug self-congraultatory coterie of self-appointed “blog-elite” are lifting their champagne flutes. Not to be forgotten no end of wankers and pricks, who’ve felt the much deserved TSSH lash, are pontificating over their “victory”. (and they can all lift their piss-weak page rankings without help from me)

I think it’s a shame Caz has walked away from the fight. But I accept that, to her, the price of victory over such pathetic foes might not have been worth paying.

What’s Your opinion?

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Caz hangs up the boots.
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vg 7:41 pm 27 Apr 06

But as a 23yo pregnant woman you were hardly in a position to do that, I appreciate

vg 7:41 pm 27 Apr 06

I stand by my orginal comment though. There are threats and there are threats. People who genuinely are going to do something bad to someone just do it, they don’t threaten it.

Not saying what you felt isnt valid by any stretch of the imagination, just making a general point.

Then again if I had’ve been notified of such a threat by my partner I would have simply popped around to his place and caved his head in

nyssa76 6:32 pm 27 Apr 06

Mael, I was 23yo at the time. I wasn’t happy with the result as such, but he did stop.

Hell, we have it in writing how the threatened to come to my house and beat me up knowing I was pregnant.

Not a nice bloke. They took it more serious when we printed out the threats – which were directed to both of us but being a civvie helped immensely.

Personally, I should have got my WO uncle to go to ADFA to kick his arse…..

vg, it was in writing that he was “going to” come to my house.

Either way, it stopped. I just pity the poor 14yo’s he hit on…

lenny 4:06 pm 26 Apr 06

some people need to lighten up.. really

Maelinar 3:15 pm 26 Apr 06

Sorry, whenever I read that, I seem to read “attempted to come into my house”.

Nonetheless, nothing can be done if nothing is said.

P.S. Nys, the military can’t discriminate against your husband either if you make the civil charges. The military may have a stranglehold on your husband, but you are a civillian and they don’t run your life. If they were to discriminate against your husband, that’s a seperate chargeable offence.

vg 3:03 pm 26 Apr 06

Attempted to come to her house Mael. That may need to be clarified by what she meant as some ‘attempting’ to come to her house. You either do or you don’t

Maelinar 2:36 pm 26 Apr 06

nyssa76, I have one word to say to you. “Military Police”.

Everybody know’s they are fucking useless, but they will write up a good record of conversation that you can then threaten to take to current affair when it goes to shit (as it will when the MP’s are involved).

Nothing like a media backlash against the military (doesn’t matter which one) to get the ball rolling extremely quickly again.

You could also take it through the civil courts as well and use the record of conversation as credible evidence there. The point I would like to highlight here is that you are a 29yo female pregnant civillian who was broken into by a member of the military, which is a civil matter.

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