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central cafe gungahlin

By witch - 16 September 2008 27

Went to Central Cafe Gungahlin on the 12/09/2008  and felt it let the name down. Have been to Central in Queanbeyan and thoughly enjoyed myself being of firm belief  to share round service. Made a booking for 6pm – turned up at 6:05pm to be told table was to be given away. When finally seated our party was not even half way through eating the meal when staff started cleaning up  and taking food/plates away. Staff could not take food orders or drinks orders properly and mixed them up. Staff were rude or not interested. Not a good sign when many people walked disgusted

I felt let down and will not be returning – will take my business to Queanbeyan across the border in future

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
central cafe gungahlin
Loquaciousness 8:32 pm 16 Sep 08

Granny said :

*groan* *moan* *contorted facial expression*

For all I know I may be dead, but does anybody care?!

For someone who’s dying, you’re making an awful lot of noise …


Granny 8:17 pm 16 Sep 08

*groan* *moan* *contorted facial expression*

For all I know I may be dead, but does anybody care?!

ant 8:02 pm 16 Sep 08

Well if your heart’s buggered, you shoudln’t be thinking about the likes of the Central! Not good heart food.

I wander past the Queanbo Central most days, and they have this GIANT blackboard propped out on the street. this thing is huuuuge. (possibly to foil the Theives of Queanbeyan). Their specials are things like Chicken Mornay, and it’s interesting to see how they’ll have the same stuff on there a few days running, but then someone will run out and rub out specific things!

Granny 7:29 pm 16 Sep 08

As I lie here in my hospital bed, not overlooking Lake Burley Griffin, with the conveniently located emergency defibrilator at my side, I can only comment that, should I survive the nature of this medical emergency, I may find it in what is left of my heart after the triple bypass and pacemaker, to reconsider this venue in light of the terrible shock that I have recently suffered.

*cough cough*

Loquaciousness 7:17 pm 16 Sep 08

Haven’t been there myself, but to be fair to all – Witch only commented on the service, not the food. Perhaps we could get a more rounded report from others who have been?


Granny 6:38 pm 16 Sep 08



*ambulance sirens*


Aurelius 6:28 pm 16 Sep 08

Granny, my experience of this cafe is the opposite to witch’s. Don’t believe all you read. Even on the internets 🙂

Granny 6:23 pm 16 Sep 08

It’s all in the blagging, Joe Canberran!

Joe Canberran 6:11 pm 16 Sep 08

Granny it’s worth reading the other thread – totally different experience with 50+ odd comments.

Me? I’ve never been there.

Granny 5:44 pm 16 Sep 08

Sometimes news is what you make of it, like bbq’d lawnmowers.

; )

tickboom 5:35 pm 16 Sep 08

slow news day

Granny 5:29 pm 16 Sep 08

It does sound like a very unpleasant evening.

I am glad to know this sort of thing so as not to waste my money, but more importantly even one precious second of my life. Living in Gungahlin it is pretty inevitable that we would have gone there sooner or later, and I appreciate the warning.

I’m not really fussed which thread it’s on. In some ways it helps not to have to wade through all the previous stuff. In other ways it can be interesting to get some background perspective.

johnboy 5:24 pm 16 Sep 08

Gosh Joe, yes maybe I did think it was worthy of being a story seeing as I put it through.

Panhead 5:15 pm 16 Sep 08

CCG is run by the original owner of the CCQ.

Joe Canberran 5:09 pm 16 Sep 08

Worthy of a story? i think not. Witch you should have posted this as a comment on the Gungahlin Central Cafe thread here (which you would have found if you had done a search) and if Riot’s esteemed editor thought it was worthy them he would have bumped the post.

Then again someone had to approve your post so maybe Mr Ed thought it was worthy of a story…?

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