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Beyond the expected

Channelvision – take 2

By Kerces - 25 November 2005 16

After three months on air, Johnboy and I decided to see where Channelvision is up to (see our last review here). I think they say they update their programs every week, but looking at the program guide they still appeared to be showing the kanagaroo documentary and one about George Barlin which were on when we last watched it. However, as it transpired, this program guide was not necessarily to be trusted.

So here it is, the great Channelvision review Number 2, as inspired by TSSH.

Johnboy: Are you there?
Kerces: I’m here
Johnboy: Good band? kinda Linkin Park?
Kerces: maybe, haven’t listened to much of them
I like the animation
Johnboy: That’s the fleet air arm museum in Nowra
Kerces: or Temora maybe?
cheerleaders and planes?

What’s Your opinion?

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16 Responses to
Channelvision – take 2
terubo 10:33 am 28 Nov 05

colsim, don’t know how often you do the 2XX show, but one way is to get an RA editor like JB on – say once a week – and have a general talk-around what strands were big, which way most opinion went etc. In other words, a kind of weekly review.
BTW, I know much is said on this site about 2CC & sometimes the ABC – but early on in my time here I found 2XX and ArtSound & they run some good stuff. I think it’s on 2XX that there’s a particularly good Blues program – also a 50’s rock ‘n roll show?

colsim 9:02 am 28 Nov 05

Good point jamius – maybe some screenshots would help (don’t ask me how, just a thought)

I’m still looking into an effective way to get RA content to air on my 2XX show (something a little more interesting than just reading out a bunch of posts, possibly with funny voices to mock the posts I disagree with 🙂 but work is nuts at present so not expecting to give it a bunch of thought until after the 9th. Any feedback or thoughts that people have on this would be most welcome. Are many people equipped to record their own comments and send through audio files perhaps?

johnboy 7:57 pm 25 Nov 05

It meandered a little and didn’t always make perfect sense

In which case we perfectly captured the essence of channelvision

jamius maximus 3:53 pm 25 Nov 05

I liked review Kerces but the format took some getting used to. It meandered a little and didn’t always make perfect sense not having the benefit of watching Transact at the same time of reading (as you two would have).

Maelinar 3:47 pm 25 Nov 05

Has there been any movement on RA on air ?

I’m sure 6hour loops wouldn’t be too hard to solo 🙂

colsim 3:03 pm 25 Nov 05

I think you guys need to talk about fire more if you’re truly going to supplant Beavis and Butthead 🙂

Nice way to appraise a tv channel though – doesn’t sound like I’m particularly missing too much.

Has anyone found out whether content producers get paid for the stuff they get to air – with this kind of turn around and the amount of advertising, sounds like they’d be getting royally screwed if they aren’t.

Kerces 3:03 pm 25 Nov 05

You’re not used to reading chat style conversations, jamius?

jamius maximus 1:57 pm 25 Nov 05

Jamie: Did you read the channelvision review on RiotACT?
Jack: Yeah lololol111 what’s with the chat transcript?
Jamie: Yeah some funny stuff in there but pretty hard to follow at times.
Jack: They could have edited a little.
Jamie: Having said that, Ian Leslie is a little bit of an advertising mangina these days
Jamie: Indeed. Bedazzler and ab-roller here he comes.
Jack: LOL rotflmao.

che 12:09 pm 25 Nov 05

Macchu Picchu was an Inca city built in the 1400’s and when the Spanish arrived in the region in the early 1500’s they started conquering and destroying everything (not bad considering there was only 200 of them versus an empire of 10 million).

In order that Macchu Picchu not get destroyed by the Spanish the Incans abandoned the city so that it would not get found.

In 1917 Hiram Bingham (a yank) was exploring the area when he was lead to the lost city by a guide, but it wasn’t really lost as a couple of local farmers were still living there, but the main thing was that it was an intact Incan city and once the jungle was cleared away it looked really impressive.

You can either do the 4 day hike to Macchu Picchu going through the 3 passes upto 4200m elevation and along the trail built by the Incans (the Inca Trail), or you can do the tourist thing which is catch a bus, then a train, then another bus to get to the top.

Very good fun, very impressive, and the locals and guides are great, even if they did beat us at soccer

Kerces 11:44 am 25 Nov 05

that is, a verbatim transcript taken from an instant messenger program.

as if I could be bothered typing that all out from speech…

Kerces 11:40 am 25 Nov 05

Actually NTP, it’s more like 1:1 ads to content.

And yes, this was a verbatim transcript. With bold tags added. Lots of them.

terubo 11:34 am 25 Nov 05

Hey, Kerce, very nice piece of writing there!
-Or was it a verbatim transcription of the real thing? 🙂

Nik_the_Pig 11:22 am 25 Nov 05

I’d guess that missing 87 min is ads. 1 and a half hours of ads in a 6 hour loop? 1 minute of ads every 4 mins of programing. Nice!

Kerces 11:19 am 25 Nov 05

Yes, JB and I had this discussion too. I came to the conclusion they don’t actually know what time their loop starts.

Plus they seem to be missing some 87 minutes from their program if it’s supposed to be six hours’ worth. Which would explain why none of the shows we saw were on the program guide.

Nik_the_Pig 11:11 am 25 Nov 05

From their program guide:
* Please note. This programming is on a constant loop which will repeat approximately every 6 hours. As such no definite timing can be given to when a particular program will start.

What is this shit? Surely if they know a start time for the loop (which they should, they press the start button for christ’s sake!) then it shouldn’t be that hard to work out the rest! 6 hour loop, 24 hours a day, 4 screening times a day? That work for anyone?
They only have 11 “shows” how hard can that be?!


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