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Charmyne Palavi engaged to a 22 year old

By johnboy - 31 July 2009 200

[First filed: July 29, 2009 @ 16:10]

In May RiotACT, nay Canberra, thrilled to a vicarious association with the 4 Corners Rugby League scandal.

Former long term Canberran Charmyne Palavi (and former partner of the police-assaulting ex-Brumby David Palavi, although they never married she just changed her name by deed poll in a move which would have terrified most men) both thrilled and to some repulsed with her tales of hunting down young rugby league players for her pleasure.

Stirred21 has tipped us of that the 38 year old Charmyne has, however, told Woman’s Day that she’s decided to settle down with a young rugby union player from Queensland, Michael Browne, 22.

    To Michael, Charmyne is the epitome of beauty — he adores her. And he insists he’ll still think that way when she’s 50 and he’s 34.

    “This is the first time I’ve really been in love, and I know it’s the real thing,” he says. “I don’t see what the fuss is about. I’ve had no negative feedback. My mates think it’s great. I’ve pulled one of the most well known women in Australia.”

Good luck to them.

UPDATED: Thanks to Skidbladnir for digging out a PerthNow story on Charmyne’s twittering about shopping for engagements rings last month. If you haven’t had enough of her yet the Daily Telegraph has a racy slideshow.

[Photo: Facebook]

UPDATED: Charmyne (or someone convincingly coming across as her) has kindly logged on to share her thoughts:

    #123 posted by Charmyne
    12:48, 31 Jul 2009

    Having sat back for sometime now reading in amazement the comments you people make about me I thought it was only fair that I contribute.
    Your attacks on my looks, my morals & my parenting skills are immature & unwarranted.
    Im used to reading lies about me and attacks on my looks etc and I suppose with the media stories I have to expect this kind of backlash, so it barely fazes me BUT when u question me as a mother and a good provider to my children and you put my ex (brumbies player)David Palavi on a pedastal enough is enough. I left and abusive & unfaithful (on his part) relationship with him to protect my children, I was faithful to him for ten years and upon leaving him made some poor choices of partners ie Thurston & Senior, this far from makes me a slut. I am not the wann-a-be WAG you all make me out to be if that was the case I would of stuck around and turned a blind eye to the cheating,gambling,drinking, drugs etc like all the rest do. Those on here claiming to ‘know me’ but then writing lies – grow up!

What’s Your opinion?

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200 Responses to
Charmyne Palavi engaged to a 22 year old
Gassed 6:43 pm 29 Jul 09

Is it just, i reckon she has a head like a dropped pie.
Body aint bad but arghhh that head.

vg 6:29 pm 29 Jul 09

Oops, just saw the Palavi connection in the OP. That is actually worse

vg 6:28 pm 29 Jul 09

So how did you meet your wife?

She introduced herself to me after she thought she had slept with everyone else in the team.

BTW, Palavi is an Islander-style surname and she doesn’t look islander to me. But let me guess, she was married to a Palavi, he rissoled her when he discovered what she really was, but she hangs onto the surname for prestige and cred amongst his former peers.

There is a word for her…..and we all know it

Addison 6:19 pm 29 Jul 09

if I wanted a box of assorted creams I get an Arnott’s family pack…

grunge_hippy 6:13 pm 29 Jul 09

she is just plain skanky isn’t she? ugh.

LlamaFrog 5:57 pm 29 Jul 09

she is scary as hell, but reminds me of people I know unfortunately

crankymum 5:46 pm 29 Jul 09


So she thinks that by acting like the sexual predator who first seduced her as a young girl, she reclaims control over her own sexuality… having become a ‘bad girl’ for letting her seducer initiate her, she ‘owns’ that designation by being one.

Of course, currently she is, emotionally speaking, stuck at/near the age at which that happened… so to her, boys just out of their teens are peers. Not to mention, with her previous experience as a base-line, an age gap like that is just standard.

Yes, her behaviour is inappropriate. But it also indicates the sexualisation of an immature girl, well before she evolved an adult personality.

Cynically, I am of the opinion that those poor guys are groomed by their football clubs; it makes it much easier to sell football as the huge industry it is, setting up the whole rigmarole of the glamour/alcohol/bonding through sex and camps.

sunshine 5:39 pm 29 Jul 09

the pic in womans day consisted of her standing there in a t-shirt – yes JUST a tshirt

monomania 5:35 pm 29 Jul 09

This guy mustn’t have much Charmysma. In most cases it has taken a lot less.

motleychick 4:57 pm 29 Jul 09

chewy14 = LOL!!!!

chewy14 4:55 pm 29 Jul 09

Who said that Rugby Union players were smarter than League Players?

At least the league players know that it’s better to Rent a depreciating asset rather than buy.

Skidbladnir 4:40 pm 29 Jul 09

See the um… nice… couple.,21598,25687485-5001021,00.html

I’d be double-bagging just in case, Michael…
You can take the wizards’ sleeve out of the unprotected group sex environment but you can’t take the unprotected group sex out of the wizards’ sleeve.

Also, isn’t this guy only a bit older than Charymne’s daughter?

PBO 4:32 pm 29 Jul 09

There are better and more honorable ways to make your name as a footballer.

chewy14 4:15 pm 29 Jul 09

It’s true everlasting love. They will be together for ever.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 4:11 pm 29 Jul 09

Why the hell would he buy the book when he can join the library like everyone else??

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