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Chief Minister Asleep at the Wheel?

By beasley 27 March 2008 30

Does anyone know if our intrepid socialist Leader is taking a break from the hard grind of Office thinking he can coast in at the next election?

Just checking out what the CM has been up to through his media releases for the last two months and it is chock a block with commentary on events and activities he has had nothing to do with in a policy or leadership sense.

I was going to create a list, but it became a very lengthy process, so instead, just look at:

As you can see, it is:

– commentary on various publications and statistics (low unemployment, reduction in greenhouse footprint)
– commentary on public matters (welcoming police horses home, albert hall turning 80, world book day)
– announcements of inquiries (call for Hertigae grant applications)
– a few useless chips at the Opposition (Smyth defacto Leader)

I admit that there are a couple of things in there worthy of mentioning, but the amount of useless commentary seems over the top. More likely a case of public servants in PR who are justifying their existence. Or it could just be that he is not doing anything, so the spin doctors have to make it seem like he is.

For a man getting paid over $200K a year, frankly I think we can expect more than a community service announcer.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
Chief Minister Asleep at the Wheel?
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Mr Evil 3:39 pm 02 Apr 08

Just wait until you see the initiation ceremony we have planned for all you newbies! 🙂

Scissors 2:21 pm 02 Apr 08

Even the blogs in Canberra have to have hierarchies…hilarious.

Thumper 2:01 pm 02 Apr 08

I have no problems with newbies Caf. it’s just that they (some, or most?) tend to be one issue blow ins who hog up a thread for a day or two, don’t actually add anything of note, and then bugger off never to be heard again.

Of course, then there is the newbie that drops in, adds a lot of interesting comments, and stays around.

And I’m a naturally cynical bastard 😉

caf 1:50 pm 02 Apr 08

Agree that the coming election should see an influx of new readers, but I don’t think a “circling of the wagons” approach of dimissing these new readers as simply blow-ins with nothing to contribute / political stooges is healthy. An election naturally increases the interest of people in things political, so I’m sure most of these people will be genuine contributors with entirely valid views. Not that you shouldn’t maintain a bit of skepticism, but it’s easy to go overboard with the cynicism / isolationism. I think I’ve been seeing a bit of that starting lately, and it worries me (not aimed at any particular comments in this thread, I’m talking about a period of a few months).

Scissors 1:40 pm 02 Apr 08

What kind of name is Zed anyway?

Scissors 1:39 pm 02 Apr 08

But surely that’s a good thing?

wagons 1:38 pm 02 Apr 08

Thumper – or should I call you Zed?? Have we unmasked you – leader of the esteemed Opposition! I am not in favour of Labor either – ACT politics is a joke, but Zed is even more of one!!!

Thumper 1:33 pm 02 Apr 08

Actually scissors, I I should have been really commenting on the fact that this site will become flooded by newbies in the coming months due to the forthcoming election.

And yeah, anyone with a religious bent loses my vote.


Mr Evil 1:33 pm 02 Apr 08

Asleep at the wheel?

More like Dead on Arrival!

Scissors 1:29 pm 02 Apr 08

No Thumper, I’m not an ACT Labor acolyte. But I can see why you’d be suspicious of us newbies.

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