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Chief Minister Asleep at the Wheel?

By beasley - 27 March 2008 30

Does anyone know if our intrepid socialist Leader is taking a break from the hard grind of Office thinking he can coast in at the next election?

Just checking out what the CM has been up to through his media releases for the last two months and it is chock a block with commentary on events and activities he has had nothing to do with in a policy or leadership sense.

I was going to create a list, but it became a very lengthy process, so instead, just look at:

As you can see, it is:

– commentary on various publications and statistics (low unemployment, reduction in greenhouse footprint)
– commentary on public matters (welcoming police horses home, albert hall turning 80, world book day)
– announcements of inquiries (call for Hertigae grant applications)
– a few useless chips at the Opposition (Smyth defacto Leader)

I admit that there are a couple of things in there worthy of mentioning, but the amount of useless commentary seems over the top. More likely a case of public servants in PR who are justifying their existence. Or it could just be that he is not doing anything, so the spin doctors have to make it seem like he is.

For a man getting paid over $200K a year, frankly I think we can expect more than a community service announcer.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
Chief Minister Asleep at the Wheel?
wagons 11:17 am 02 Apr 08

Zed is a right wing religious fanatic – can’t believe what I am reading here people!! If you want abortion banned and football players in the govt, go right ahead.

pelican 7:32 pm 29 Mar 08

The dishevelled Libs are not providing a viable alternative. Wonder if the Sundried Tomatoes will run again?

Seriously though I hope we get some outstanding Independents and Greens to vote for next time around. Only way to demonstrate our angst at the lack of quality leadership and representation is not to vote for the majors – it only encourages them.

MrMagoo 5:07 pm 27 Mar 08

Perhaps he feels that at the moment the other side are only really offereing Zed, he’s support is limited and could turn and bite him at anytime.

Crikey 4:52 pm 27 Mar 08

Yes, Zed has too many idiots around him….Smyth, Pratt, Burke etc etc. I wouldn’t vote for the Libs unless they get their act together. And when there is talk that Tony ‘underbelly’ DeDemenico’s son may be running…it makes me get the runs!

LG 4:48 pm 27 Mar 08

Perhaps number of Media Releases aren’t the most ideal performance measure to apply?

Although I do recall a few people applying that test to Bob McMullan last year 😉

pug206gti 4:32 pm 27 Mar 08

Big Jon has CM’s Talkback tomorrow morning at 9 on 666. Mebbe give him a buzz?

ant 4:16 pm 27 Mar 08

Oops, by “he” I mean Stanhope, not Zed.

ant 4:15 pm 27 Mar 08

He’s in the CT today at that COAG thing about water allocations, saying “The ACT doesn’t have any irrigators”. Er, hello?! It has both river AND bore irrigators!

S4anta 2:21 pm 27 Mar 08

Zed needs a few more years asleep at teh wheel before i would vote for him.

AussieGal83 2:11 pm 27 Mar 08

I agree with Mr Evil.

Mr Evil 2:09 pm 27 Mar 08

Zed has got potential, but he’s dragged down by the deadwood surrounding him.

beasley 2:07 pm 27 Mar 08

Fair call as I have only dissected Stanhope and not the Opposition Leader. I now provide a more balanced review having just checked out the ACT Liberal Leader media activities.

Trying to remain balanced in my analysis, I note the Lib Leader has been the typical Opposition critising Stanhope for perceived failures, but he has been active on policy covering quite a lot of issues such as drug use, young families, violence in schools, and housing affordability to name a few as well as pushing through a few community forums on issues like education.

If I was a judge on effort and had to award a prize, it would be to Zed.

S4anta 2:04 pm 27 Mar 08

I daresay that with the new federal government and associated wrangling including COAG meetings, jockeying for position and funds. I reckon the CM is for a change earning his bucks for the new year.

neanderthalsis 2:02 pm 27 Mar 08

I think we need to start preparing for the next ACT local council elections. As the RiotAct is the only purveyor of political pugnacity of any great value in the territory, we should band together and launch the ABS (Anyone But Stanhope)campaign. Not aligned to any particular party, the aim would be to encourage people to vote for anyone else other than the Labor party (I personally can’t vote for a party that spells their own name incorrectly, there is a U in there you pillocks).

Send a message to the Labor hacks that we demand a Govt that actually serves the community rather than posturing and posing, pretending that they are something more than a just bit player on the national stage.

Mr Evil 1:25 pm 27 Mar 08

LIBERAL STOOGE! How dare you question Jon Stanhope’s ‘leadership’ of the ACT! 🙂

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