Chiefly intervention on Hawker shops

johnboy 3 December 2010 8

The Canberra Times reports that Mr Stanhope has dipped his oar into the controversial Hawker Shops redevelopment again.

Mr Stanhope has announced a reference group to guide the redevelopment and a master plan, due in March.

It will be chaired by Department of Land and Property Services chief executive David Dawes, and will include community members and Hawker business owners to address concerns which included car parking facilities and easier access for shoppers.

If he wants to be the Minister for Planning maybe he should take on the job fulltime?

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8 Responses to Chiefly intervention on Hawker shops
Dacquiri Dacquiri 4:17 pm 05 Dec 10

Given what it takes to get any piece of policy or legisation to and through ACT Cabinet — ie a fullblown Cabinet Submission complete with strongly-argued case, regulatory impact statement, and the rest — it seems astonishing that major planning decisions which involve the sale of public land, the consequencies of which will affect local communities for years to come — can proceed without so much as a needs analysis or cost-benefit analysis, to say nothing of anything approaching a compelling case.

As a resident of a nearby suburb and frequent user of the Hawker shops, I have taken a keen interest in the ‘consultations’, etc. re these proposals. Stanhope’s decision to agree to the suggestion (originally proposed by the community action group) for an area master plan is the right decision in this case (apparently he had a reality-check when the extent of community opposition became clear). The community would also be right, however, to be suspicious about this reference group, given that Stanhope is probably growing in confidence about his ability to manipulate things in order to achieve the preferred outcomes (eg., the mass brainwashing exercise masquerading under the name Canberra 2030 Time to Talk). Don’t know about you, but I actually don’t believe it’s appropriate for public servants and those closely linked to the govt to chair such a group.

Me no fry Me no fry 10:26 am 04 Dec 10

Waiting For Godot said :

…a bunch of selfish bastards denied the ACT the opportunity to be self sufficient in power and enjoy cheap electricity rather than the massively overpriced power from interstate we now have to suffer.

Massively overpriced! You should see what I pay for electricity in NSW, you’d plotz.

housebound housebound 9:48 pm 03 Dec 10

I see this more as a government tactic of ‘consultation’ where they claim to listen, produce a report, manipulate proceedings to find the one point of agreement, and recommend what they were going anyway, miraculously with that one point of agreement up the front.

And this time, Stanhope takes the credit for being the ‘good guy’ for listening.

Waiting For Godot Waiting For Godot 5:38 pm 03 Dec 10

Uh, oh they’re wavering again. Sounds like the disgraceful Hume data centre/power station fiasco all over again where a bunch of selfish bastards denied the ACT the opportunity to be self sufficient in power and enjoy cheap electricity rather than the massively overpriced power from interstate we now have to suffer.

sepi sepi 4:57 pm 03 Dec 10

Would make sense at HQJOC – stop some of the traffic from Gungahlin to out there.

bitzermaloney bitzermaloney 3:46 pm 03 Dec 10

Sounds like NIMBY from Stanhopeless… The in-fill issue seems to be fine for them to pedal at Dickson, Woden, Griffith, Kingston, Gungahlin, etc. but nto okay when it’s closer to home.

Next they’ll be looking at urban in-fill options for Tharwa, Hall, Williamsdale and HQJOC.

homeone homeone 3:41 pm 03 Dec 10

I agree with you Brindabella.

I’ve lived close by for 20 years and visit at least every 2nd day.

The most cars I ever seen in the carpark was on the day the proposed plans were presented and I still had no problem parking!

The centre needs a ‘work over’.

I’ll be interested to see who is on the reference group.

Brindabella Brindabella 3:13 pm 03 Dec 10

Ah…good ol’ Hawker residents again.

I was at the Hawker shops a few months ago when there was a presentation of the new plans, and action groups from both sides of the fence.

I asked one passionate lady who was working behind one of the stalls why she was against the development. Her response was lame to say the least. In a nutshell, she didn’t want to have to walk more than 10 meters from the carpark to the shops. She didn’t want to have to reverse park her car, or park at an angle and last but not least, she said that driving west along the road next to the shop in the late afternoon would cause the sun to shine in her eyes.

No joke – that was one of her passionate arguments that she was offering to passersby.

Bring it on I say.

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