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Clea Rose killer sentenced

By Kerces - 31 January 2006 93

The 15-year-old boy who was charged with manslaughter over the death of Clea Rose last year was sentenced to 18 months jail today.

WIN News reported the boy was also sentenced to 6 months jail for car theft, although I didn’t catch whether these are concurrent sentences or not.

Ms Rose’s father said this decision should be a lesson to young offenders not to stray into NSW.

UPDATE The ABC now has a story up about this. The boy was sentenced to three years jail but is eligible for release in 18 months.

Justice Terry Connolly said that while there was nothing the courts could do to ease the Rose family’s pain, he “would impose a sentence that would send a message to the community that joy riding in stolen cars would ultimately lead to someone getting killed”.

FURTHER UPDATE The Canberra Times story, which has a bit of background as well, is now up.

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Bill Stefaniak has put out a media release asking pertinent questions as to the bailing of young delinquents.

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93 Responses to
Clea Rose killer sentenced
Heavs 8:49 am 01 Feb 06

What’s the difference between slotting him for 10 years or for 30 years. Either way his life is pretty much over and he will have no chance of rehabilitation. At least with this sentence he’ll have a chance to think about what he’s done and how he can improve himself.

I wouldn’t go round blaming the judiciary on this one. The legislature has set the sentencing guidelines and they are bound by them. You don’t like the sentencing in the territory talk to Stanhope and his band of merry men. And if you don’t like their answer put them out at the ballot box.

Thumper 8:49 am 01 Feb 06


That’s bullshit. He killed a person by his own actions, simple as that.

18 months is not worth a life.

As for him becoming a pillar of society in later life, statistics show that he will be unemployed trash. It’s too late for the little shit to learn respect for other people, and 18 months in the pokey is not going to change his attitude.

Don’t you just love when they show remorse? That’s only because the got caught. little fucker has walked away from what almost amounts to murder.

He was responsible for his actions. No-one else. Simple as that.

Kerces 8:40 am 01 Feb 06

Mike, the kid had a record of stealing cars. He’d only been out jail from the previous incident for six weeks when this one happened. A month and a half after time inside and he was back to his old tricks, only this time it was fatal.

Absent Diane 8:34 am 01 Feb 06

If the kid becomes anything less than trash I would be very suprised.

Jey 6:55 am 01 Feb 06

Swaggie, I think that sentence re NSW might mean that the sentences in NSW are much harsher thus one you should commit crime there at risk of a harsher sentence.

nyssa76 6:46 am 01 Feb 06

I’m sorry Mike, but that’s a load of crap.

Had he been the older of the two, he would be looking (at a minimum) of a manslaughter charge.

However, due to his age he was treated with “kid gloves” when he should have been tried and sentenced as an adult.

He stole a car (grand theft auto style) and got behind the wheel of a car – without a licence or most likely any real training, he then proceeded to speed and hit an innocent bystander – manslaughter or murder (depending on his pre-meditation). 20 yrs wouldn’t have been enough.

The driver’s family – had they actually been doing their job anyway – are just as guilty. They obviously never taught their child respect for others, their property and the law.

Clea’s parents are bigger people than I would be in their situation.

vg 12:07 am 01 Feb 06

That is without doubt one of the biggest loads of shit I’ve read on this forum

Mike 11:23 pm 31 Jan 06

The sentence might seem trivial, but a 15 year old driver who is “genuinely remorseful” (ABC News) is unlikely to be a danger to the community after his release. He may be a criminal, but he is not immune to the emotional stresses of this event and it’s probable that this will prove a far greater burden than serving time. It’s a tragedy for a family to lose someone, but that also holds true for the driver’s family. They certainly haven’t done anything wrong (it couldn’t hurt for them to have paid more attention to the driver’s hobbies perhaps), and they don’t deserve to lose their loved one (to a greater sentence, that is) as a result of his mistake.
It’s admirable that the victim’s family “would work with the boy to help him turn his life around”. Perhaps now he will become a doctor, a firefighter, a teacher. One can only hope that he genuinely feels some need to give back to the community. At least such a tragic event has the potential to turn an aspiring car thief into someone who might in future make a positive difference in people’s lives. Our justice system acknowledges that, as does the victims family. — “Now anger has got an anecdote and the anecdote is compassion and that’s one of the reasons we’ve offered to try and walk the walk with that fellow and his family.”

vg 10:36 pm 31 Jan 06

Welcome to what some people face on a daily basis. Justice is a phrase loosely used in the ACT

Swaggie 10:30 pm 31 Jan 06

That is incomprehensible, the legal system is absurd. The father’s quote seems odd “don’t stray into NSW”?? Am I missing something?

Vic Bitterman 8:11 pm 31 Jan 06

A sickening, pathetic verdict.

Seems like our magistrates are just as out of control, and unaccountable, as NSW’s.

seepi 7:58 pm 31 Jan 06

Wierd – I thought the kids court magistrate moved him to higher court cos the maximum sentence in kids court was only 2 years, and not adequate.

Indi 7:31 pm 31 Jan 06

5 years at the very least would have been more appropriate…examples need to be set in this town, but I doubt that current govt policies and the courage and conviction of the bench to appropriately sentence offenders will not change in the near future.

It will be interesting to see any further action by the family of the girl who lost her chance at life…that kid gets a second chance and it would be hoped he will learn from this tragic event – trouble is that’s doubtful.

nyssa76 6:54 pm 31 Jan 06

It’s a slap on the wrist and we all expected it.

The little turd should have been tried as an adult. He was playing “big man” and the sentence is pathetic.

If I were Clea’s parents, I’d file a civil suit against the boy and his parents for negligence etc.

The kid will come out of “detention” knowing that he has effectively ‘gotten away with murder’.

Now if Clea had been 15yo and the driver 22yo, well we all know what the sentence would be….


Jey 6:19 pm 31 Jan 06

2 years for a life…

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