11 August 2021

Climate activist accused of burning pram says government is 'failing future generations'

| Albert McKnight
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Deanna Marie Coco

Deanna Marie ‘Violet’ Coco, 30, protests outside Parliament House on Tuesday. Photo: Extinction Rebellion.

A protester who allegedly set fire to a pram outside Parliament House said the federal government was failing future generations due to its inaction on climate change, before being told by a magistrate she would remain behind bars until her next court appearance.

On Tuesday (10 August), Extinction Rebellion took its string of recent protests to Parliament House, with members of the non-violent civil disobedience movement allegedly gluing their hands to the ground, graffitiing buildings and setting a child’s pram on fire.

“I would love nothing more than to be a mother – but I can’t in all conscience bring a child into the world to face hell on earth,” Deanna Marie ‘Violet’ Coco, 30, said during the protest.

“The government, beholden to the fossil fuel lobby, has burnt my dreams.

“It’s madness that the politicians in this place don’t grasp that their children are no safer than anyone else’s.”

Ms Coco was among several protesters arrested on the day, along with 22-year-old Eric Serge Herbert. They faced the ACT Magistrates Court on Wednesday (11 August).

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The prosecutor told the court Ms Coco had allegedly glued her hand to the Parliament House forecourt and lit the pram on fire but did not oppose bail.

However, Ms Coco did not apply for bail, saying she was acting on a climate emergency.

She demanded the court release her so she could continue what she said was her moral duty to rebel against a government that was “failing our future generations”.

Eric Herbert

Eric Herbert, 22, protests outside Parliament House. Photo: Extinction Rebellion.

She said government inaction on climate change was committing millions of people to death. She asked for her charge of causing property damage to be dropped.

But Magistrate James Stewart did not dismiss the charge and said as there was no application for bail he refused it, remanding Ms Coco in custody until her next court date of 25 August.

Mr Herbert also asked for his charges of causing property damage and trespass to be dismissed, but Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker said she could not do that and interrupted him when he tried to make a speech.

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“I’m going to stop you. I’m going to turn you off if you’re going to go off on a tangent,” she said to him as he appeared in the courtroom over an audio-visual link.

She then asked him if he wanted to apply for bail or not multiple times, but he stayed silent and would not respond.

Deanna Marie Coco

Deanna Marie ‘Violet’ Coco, 30, protests outside Parliament House. Photo: Extinction Rebellion.

The prosecutor said bail was opposed based on the likelihood of reoffending. Magistrate Walker took his silence to mean he was refusing to engage with the court. She remanded him in custody until 24 August for him to enter a plea.

“Thank you, your honour. It’s been a pleasure,” Mr Herbert said before he was led away.

The protest came after the release of the landmark United Nations report which warned of the dire consequences facing Australia from climate change.

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Capital Retro8:55 am 14 Aug 21

Given that it is an offence under the Environment Protection Regulation 2005 for a person to burn any off the following without an environmental authorisation: plastics; wood that is painted; chemically treated or contaminated with a chemical etc.

So, why hasn’t Ms Coco been charged accordingly?

They must have missed that one, CapitalRetro – I’m sure you will have brought it to their attention though and not just used it to grand stand here

Yeah, CR is the one grandstanding…

Back in the sixties with the Cuba crisis and the early 4 minute warning, people were saying not having kids in this climate of fear. But they did and are still doing so. A lot has been done about climate change over the past years, clean air act, better cars, pollution controls on industry etc. Not enough for some though, burning a pram mostly made of plastics has added a little bit more pollution to the air. Daft to say the least.

I think these nongs should be protesting outside the Chinese Embassy. Or are they too stupid to know who the real culprits are in this mess?

Lets sort out our own mess first and get rid of this cynical government of coal huggers who would not even touch a piece of coal unless its lacquered first! Who are this government protecting? Its not consumers, its not the public when it comes to global warming, and its not our prosperity? The millions flowing to a few coal barons who donate to the Liberal party? Coal miners cynically used by the government as pawns rather than having a real plan for their future? When we have a government that acts rather than looking for every excuse not to I’ll join you outside the Chinese embassy.

Capital Retro8:46 am 14 Aug 21

If by chance the Greens were in government nationally we would still be shipping coal to China and they would still be burning it so your comment makes no sense at all.

And have you checked where you superannuation is invested? Chances are a
lot of it is with evil energy producers and probably airlines who produce 5% of greenhouse gasses alone.

“If by chance the Greens were in government nationally we would still be shipping coal to China” Oh dear, CapitalRetro, I would normally expect better garbage than that from you.. If the Greens are able to override the ban China placed on our coal exports, I’m sure every coal related industry CEO will put them at the top of their donor list. You do recall that in October 2020 China implemented a ban on clearing or discharging Australian coal with immediate effect, followed by a hard stop on cargoes received after 6 November. Or are you now suggesting that ScoMo negotiated that ban?

Capital Retro10:01 pm 14 Aug 21

Meanwhile, you are happy to ignore that climate change is a global problem? Yeah, let China be the biggest C02 emitter in the world. That’s their real plan for the future.

Right, CapitalRetro, so you failed in your ridiculous comment about the Greens shipping coal to China and then you tell me that I’m happy to ignore China’s contribution to CO2 emissions – ummm so what actually is your premise about my position based on? As always, CapitalRetro, you are long on rhetoric and short on facts.

Violet has given the young people of Canberra a gift: she has highlighted their fears for the future. Let us not be scared to take actions to prevent the worse effects of climate change. I remember the smoke, dust storm, hail storm, and drought we all experienced here, 18months ago, and will experience again. I wish it were not so, but I am prepared to work with people to prevent even worse.

Capital Retro9:47 am 12 Aug 21

I’ve been remembering smoke, dust storm, hail storm, and drought all my life. What you experienced 18 months is ago is nothing new. Get used to it – it’s natural.

Yeah sure, CapitalRetro … when was the last time Canberra was blanketed in smoke for almost 3 months? I can easily get used to facts – present some.

A Nonny Mouse5:15 pm 13 Aug 21

Capital Retro, your climate science denial is so tedious. What do you get from indulging your fantasy? Are you so arrogant that you think you know better than the consistent, evidenced, reasoned conclusions of every relevant research institute world-wide? They have shown beyond reasonable doubt that diverse lines of evidence all point to the same conclusion. Who do you think you are to stick your fingers in your ears and yell ‘Not true’ over and over?
The science is clear and unequivocal. We need to act urgently. We need our leaders to act like this is a crisis because it is.

So you’re jumping on CR for the smoke comment. Does that mean you agree with him, and others, about dust storms, hail and drought? I think we might be bringing you across to our side…Welcome

Capital Retro9:48 pm 13 Aug 21

I haven’t see or experienced any change in climate in 70 years nor have I seen any of this irrefutable evidence that points to the same conclusion (which you have failed to nominate, incidentally).

The “science” is talked about a lot but has never been proven in a laboratory. Computer modelling is not “science” either. I don’t see how that makes me arrogant. I don’t know better but I do know that every single weather event that has been blamed on the IPCC claimed version of man made climate changed has happened before, regularly.

Capital Retro9:57 pm 13 Aug 21

Canberra is barely 100 years old but the you haven’t even heard of the last ice age, have you? Hail and drought are common and while there was smoke 18 months ago it didn’t last for 3 months.

Luckily for us, we don’t rely on your limited recollections to know that average temperatures have risen precipitously and extraordinary weather events are now common all over the world.

Since you are older than 70, you won’t live to see us go extinct. But you and the other deniers are the cause.

By the way, not even the petroleum industry denied climate change any longer. And they even admit they lied to you for the past 50 years. Get with the program.

Capital Retro, As we are talking anecdotally here, when I first moved into a house in Canberra, often in winter I had to scrape ice off from inside my windows in the morning to see out. Later, same house, the windows stopped icing up. It snowed a few times too, with snow sitting on the ground. When recently has that happened? This is anecdotal, but so are your comments.
I also used to cycle to work, and in my early days in Canberra I experienced more frosts on my ride than later. I imagine you drove to work cocooned in your car. Harder to notice changes when hiding away inside a car.

Capital Retro8:00 am 14 Aug 21

“get with the program”?

The only program I am aware of is the “silence Capital Retro” pile-on.

A lot of facts I have reminded you all of have not been challenged, instead I get abuse thrown at me by people who have convinced themselves the human race is about to become extinct. People with a mindset as such should not be making any comments.

Capital Retro8:06 am 14 Aug 21

I’m getting a bit tired of hearing about your house and your bike Maya123. When you say you “imagined I drove to work cocooned in my car” you are right – you imagined it.

It has snowed where I live in Tuggeranong every year as long as I can remember but it doesn’t settle on asphalt and concrete where there used to be grassed paddocks.

elissa f – How disrespectful are you? CR’s so-called “limited recollections” is a life experiencing all kinds of different weather. He is well versed in how things were – and have always been.

Other cultures respect their elders and, up until recently, so did Australians. So instead of going on a personal, ageist rant, provide evidence of man made climate change or keep your personal and ignorant comments to yourself.

What’s your point Maya? Your “climate science” is based on riding a pushy in winter – what chapter of the “Man-made climate disaster handbook” is that nugget of evidence in?

Uh huh.
CR I’ve been here around 50 years and I’ve noticed that there is no longer snow visible on the Brindabellas for most of the winter. Indeed last winter I noticed it was only visible for a couple of days.
There are none so blind as those that will not see.

Capital Retro8:52 am 14 Aug 21

Thanks for your support jwinston.

When I present historical facts that contradict contrived looney leftist narratives I expect to be abused, called a denier, far-right conspiracist, racist, tin-hat wearer etc. etc.

The British bomber pilots used to say in WW2 that they always knew when they were over their target because that’s when the flak was thickest.

Ahh CapitalRetro, the usual denialist (I do note you accepted my proof you are a climate change denier as defined – thank you for that) rhetoric. “… but has never been proven in a laboratory.” So, The Parrot’s stunt with a bag of rice is the kind of laboratory proof you accept is it? Geez, it wasn’t even entertaining – at least Charlie Pickering gave us a good laugh in debunking that one. “Computer modelling is not “science” … ” Well I assume you have a computer as you post here, but things have actually come a long way since the Commodore 64 days. Computer modelling (or simulation as it’s often known) is a science that is used in the design, creation, and evaluation of complex systems. (The modelling doesn’t do anything that scientists haven’t done for millenia – it just does it much quickly and efficiently). Some examples of computer simulation modeling familiar to most of us include: weather forecasting, flight simulators used for training pilots, and car crash modeling. Actually, CapitalRetro, even your rock scientist has probably used computer modelling to produce the geomorphology examples he cites in his book.

… and on queue, jwinston plays Toto to CapitalRetro’s Alice.

Wow, jwinston, your little rant would be almost laudable if you weren’t such a hypocrite – it didn’t take you long to fall out of your high chair.
“jwinston 8:14 am 14 Aug 21
What’s your point Maya? Your “climate science” is based on riding a pushy in winter – what chapter of the “Man-made climate disaster handbook” is that nugget of evidence in?”
Respect is earnt not demanded, jwinston – so keep trying.

There’s no ‘“silence Capital Retro” pile-on’, there’s a pile on to make CapitalRetro provide facts to support your denialism. While your little anecdotes of past occurrences are quaint for their historical nostalgia, they don’t actually counter the evidence which NASA reports has reached scientific consensus – https://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus/

Capital Retro6:54 pm 14 Aug 21

Yet there are record falls on the Snowy Mountains and further north? Did you look on the south-west side of the Brindabellas?

Capital Retro6:58 pm 14 Aug 21

You mentioned the hail so here’s something you should know about what it is doing to wind turbines.

Wind turbines can be subject to a wide range of environmental conditions during a life span that could conceivably extend beyond 20?years. Hailstone impact is thought to be a key factor in the leading edge erosion and damage of the composite materials of wind turbine blades. The consequential release of nano-particles of epoxy resin is toxic.

Hail was around before bird blenders were invented.

Capital Retro10:08 pm 14 Aug 21

Jeez GM, I am over 70 and even I can remember toto (the delightful Cairn Terrier) was Dorothy’s dog in The wizard of Oz.

I think you are referring to Alice from Alice in Wonderland but you are probably reading that now so I can understand how you got confused. By the way, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Climate Change are all fiction.

I stand by my comments, including the ones about BoM changing historical records, that the sea levels are not rising and that the earths climate is controlled by the cycles of the sun. Man made climate change is a myth.

When the lockdown has ended Tim Flannery and yourself should take a dip in one of the many full dams that Mr Flannery said would never fill again.

Of course, I expect crickets for your next repost or, as you’ve shown historically to myself and others, you’ll call me names.

Unfortunately this comment from GrumpyMark says more about the RA moderation process than anything else.

Oh right, CapitalRetro, I mix my metaphors and that’s your proof that climate change is fiction. The only true fiction is your assertion that you have facts to support your denialism. As I said, CapitalRetro, present facts rather than quaint historical anecdotes and references to books about rocks (again I have to acknowledge, some nice pics of Uluru).

jwinston, the only name I will call you is FACT-less.
“I stand by my comments, including the ones about BoM changing historical records, that the sea levels are not rising and that the earths climate is controlled by the cycles of the sun. Man made climate change is a myth.”
By all means have your opinions, but that’s all they are because you have never been able to cite one piece of evidence to justify any of these baseless comments. And what is this unhealthy obsession you have with Tim Flannery?

Wow, jwinston, so now it’s the RA moderators fault that challenges to your nonsense are allowed to be published.

Mr Herbert today ° and his next court appearance O

Both Ms Coco and Mr Herbert had the chance of getting out, and both have chosen to stay in prison for the next couple of weeks. I think they would make more difference for the future if they got jobs, saved money and invested in clean energy companies.

You sound like a 17th century aristocrat complaining about why peasants aren’t happy with the deal offered by their lords. This is young people displaying their anger over politics and the economy not serving the greater good. The political discourse ignores them and they are exploited in this economy. The government and the reserve bank punish savers and support their well behaved debt slaves. The fact is that young people have good reason to be rioting in the streets.

That’s a rather lengthy way of saying you’re happy to riot if the majority of people don’t vote the way you want them to?

Why do you dislike democracy?

Thankyou assiduous, I think I understand now, Extinction Rebellion is a cult, which explains their odd behaviour. XR and their online supporters need help to escape the cultist idea “that young people have good reason to be rioting in the streets.”

Capital Retro10:21 am 12 Aug 21

And who supports their lifestyle while they are rioting and vandalising public property?

The same government they are angry about.

Typical of the right wing unsupported rhetoric you frequently sprout on here, CapiltalRetro – they are protesting against the government, therefore they are on the dole … I detest ER’s vandalism and unconscionable behaviour but even if they are on the dole, they don’t have to support the government and I support their right to protest, if they do so peacefully … it’s called the right to freedom of speech – just like you have

Capital Retro5:23 pm 13 Aug 21


Thank you, I thought so

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