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Coffee prices going up?

By lastresort 18 April 2008 50

This morning, like many other Australians, I headed down to my local cafe for a coffee. So I ordered and waited patiently for my takeaway latte at this Manuka cafe, thinking about the day ahead. I was quickly snapped back to reality when I was told my lattee was going to cost me $4.20. Well, I nearly fell over. There were no signs, no warnings about coffee prices increasing. Nothing. So I questioned the rude Italian woman who runs this cafe and was told “coffee is going up, we need to pass on the extra costs to remain competitive.” I’m sorry. But $4.20 for a coffee? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t you want to absorb the costs in order to remain competitive – especially considering the huge profits cafes make on coffee? I know there’s a world shortage of coffee. There’s a world shortage of just about every soft commodity – grains, corn, rice, you name it. But this is getting ridiculous. Surely $4.20 is too much to pay for a coffee?

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Coffee prices going up?
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CanberraResident 12:30 pm 19 Apr 08

@Jonathon Reynolds

Thanks for that; I’ll be sure to give it a go. Have avoided the lattes in the past for exactly that reason … no caffeine hit. Good to see it’s not just a double squirt of milk.

Jonathon Reynolds 12:16 pm 19 Apr 08


CanberraResident said :

What’s a double shot latte?
Many places tend to make anemic and milky lattes, asking for a “double shot” ensures that it is much stronger – and you get a decent caffeine hit.

Kieran Bennett 12:14 pm 19 Apr 08

Far out, even at the rip off joint I work at we charge $3, or $3.60 for a large. Street Theatre charges $2.50.

CanberraResident 10:54 am 19 Apr 08

sorry, it’s JonathOn, apologies

CanberraResident 10:53 am 19 Apr 08

@Jonathan Reynolds?

What’s a double shot latte?

I udder to think …

Timberwolf65 10:03 am 19 Apr 08

Thank god I drink milo.

smee 10:01 am 19 Apr 08

Best coffee in Woden, IMNSHO, was from the old Sirius Cafe, that used to be in the Sirius Building, unfortunately now just a *large* hole in the ground. They used their own bean mix which wasn’t as bitter as most around town.

Fortunately they opened a small espresso bar in Juliana House which is still running and still using the same beans.

minime2 12:52 am 19 Apr 08

Apart from disparaging remarks about that International Roast stuff – cannot bring myslf to call it coffee- the one thing left out of price-per-cuppa is the taste. It can be worth it. Yes, I can stay home and make my own brew, but a well made, hot, good coffee is worth the go out for. Again, Organic at Belco Markets. The most expensive I have found, but I go back nearly every day for a $4 (very big) mug of their coffee. If you want to spread your social wings a bit, there is a very good cafe inside the Harley dealer on Canberra Ave Fyshwick. Regulars line up a door waiting for it to open.

Just to be disgusting: I hear there is a thing called “flavoured tea”….#$%^&)&$

Meconium 12:19 am 19 Apr 08

Civet cats aren’t really cats, Jonathon. But I think I speak for everyone on this site when I say that I’d be interested to see what your cats manage to produce, after feeding them raw coffee beans…

And, as always, pics or it didn’t happen.

Jonathon Reynolds 10:50 pm 18 Apr 08

diprotodon said :

Go to Townsville and pay $50 for an Expresso made from beans shat out of a Palm Civet Cat.

Give me the coffee beans and you can have all the coffee you want processed by my two indoor Burmese House Cats….

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