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juhee609 23 April 2015 8

I’m a year 11 student who currently lives in Sydney. I’m planning to move to Canberra but I have no idea which colleges are good.

I’m academically in the average at an average-ranked school and I want to study in ANU in the future for Psychology.

Out of Narrabundah, Dickson or Gungahlin College, which is good in terms of overall? And what are the positives and negatives for these schools?

(P.S. My area school would be Gungahlin, however only Narrabundah has a subject which I want to study.)

Thank you 🙂

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8 Responses to College recommendations for Year 11 student
FHW FHW 10:17 am 27 Apr 15

As mentioned above, if you want to get into an out of area college you need to make it clear that you need (not ‘want’) to do this particular subject – relating it to future study or work intentions. Because Narrabundah has such a large number of people knocked back, make a good case!

Regarding other differences:

Gungahlin is the only public college in the ACT that has a school uniform, and insists on students wearing it.

Narrabundah gets a large number of high ATARs. This could be partly attributable to the very high proportion of overseas students there (i.e. if your parents are paying a fortune for you to study overseas you are more likely to focus). For some students it can be a confronting experience going from being well above average in the old school to below average at Narrabundah, so think before you jump! The ACT system seems to make it possible to get good scores at any college so I would suggest it’s best to go to one you are comfortable with rather than one just because it has good performers.

Some colleges do not make English mandatory. Narrabundah does. I don’t know about Dickson and Gungahlin.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back VYBerlinaV8_is_back 8:20 am 27 Apr 15

Aragornerama said :

So long as you work hard enough (nothing ridiculous – an hour or two a night would be fine) you should comfortably get into ANU psychology from any college in Canberra.


Postalgeek Postalgeek 8:38 pm 25 Apr 15

If you based in Gunghalin and going to Narrabundah, the commute will be easier once Majura Parkway is completed mid 20-16, though parts of it are already open. I guess it depends on what sections become available this year.

Aragornerama Aragornerama 1:45 pm 25 Apr 15

ps. Just to clarify, if you’re absolutely set on going to Narrabundah and want to be guaranteed entry, the only way is to live in area.

Aragornerama Aragornerama 1:42 pm 25 Apr 15

So long as you work hard enough (nothing ridiculous – an hour or two a night would be fine) you should comfortably get into ANU psychology from any college in Canberra.

That said, if you’d like to know which are best, the chart on this page will help: Be careful not to just look at the median ATAR – the percentage of year 12 certificate recipients who receive an ATAR is also important. Some schools artificially inflate their results by discouraging less able students from seeking ATARs. Burgmann Anglican School looks like your best bet in Gungahlin. If you want a public school, Dickson College looks pretty good and is closer than Narrabundah.

The trick to getting into Narrabundah from out of area is making a good case for why you want to do a subject offered there, that isn’t available at other colleges. Signing up for the IB would also work (and you can drop it immediately if you like), but there’s a fairly hefty fee attached. I think it’s a tad over $1000. No guarantees, but they’re your best bet. Good luck!

Masquara Masquara 9:36 pm 24 Apr 15

Gungahlin to Narrabundah will be a real hassle commute, you’d be better seeing if you can live in the area (and thereby guarantee enrolment). Can your parents help you out with accommodation, even if they are moving to Gungers? If you have to live in Gungahlin, Daramalan would be much better.

breda breda 8:28 pm 24 Apr 15

Narrabundah has excellent academic results and, AFAIK, a waiting list to get in if you are not in the catchment area. And yes, it’s a long commute from Gungahlin.

Perhaps northside Rioters can recommend colleges that are closer to home.

bd84 bd84 5:40 pm 23 Apr 15

If you don’t live in the enrolment area, you may not be accepted to attend Narrabundah College if it is at or close to capacity, which it is quite possibly the case. You will also find it difficult to get to if you are relying on catching a bus, if heading from Gungahlin town centre, you’re looking at about 1 hour and 20 minutes on the bus to get there, add more time from surrounding suburbs.

From memory, Narrabundah has one of the higher average uni admission scores, but going to another school won’t necessarily make your individual admission score less. If you study hard you should do well wherever you go. The ACT college system is a lot less formal than other places, easy to get distracted.

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