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Colleges at ANU

By Sarah.a - 26 July 2010 58


I am a Western Australian student and I will have to go to ANU for uni next year and was looking at college accomodation but it’s really difficult without seeing the different collages which one is best.

I was wondering if anyone could give advice on the pros and cons of the different colleges?

What’s Your opinion?

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58 Responses to
Colleges at ANU
Davo111 12:39 am 27 Jul 10

oh, and i agree with all the above posts, avoid Johns at all costs.

Davo111 12:37 am 27 Jul 10

I wrote this up a while ago, should be quite helpful for new students:

the website seems to be down at the moment. So try the cached version here:

Henry82 12:32 am 27 Jul 10

Suggested Catered: Bruce or Ursula
Suggested Self-Catered: Burton & Garren

Places to avoid: Johns, Uni Lodge

Clown Killer 11:50 pm 26 Jul 10

I spent some time at both Burgmann and Bruce back in late 80’s. Both were fun. Burgmann a little more WASPish and Bruce had a lot of people who were from regional and rural areas which made for a lot of fun road trips getting to 21st birthdays.

ajd 11:26 pm 26 Jul 10

I’m at Ursula Hall and absolutely love it. We have, or at least are reputed to have, a more academic culture (as does Bruce to a slightly lesser degree) than the other colleges if that’s what you’re looking for.

Sarah.a 5:37 pm 26 Jul 10

Thankyou; I had heard that accomodation was hard to get but becasue I am an interstate student I get some form of guarantee to get accomodation. At the moment from a purely financial side I am leaning towards Bruce Hall but I still appreciate your input

JamesA 4:33 pm 26 Jul 10

Do not go to Johns: the culture there is toxic.

Mothy 3:24 pm 26 Jul 10

Stayed in Fenner hall waaaay back in 1999. Thing to emphasise about it is that it is OFF campus. Not a huge distance, but enough to be a pain if you’re headed there out of hours.

But main thing is to echo what

la mente torbida said :

The reality is that you ge3t into any college at all…the alternative is a small car parked by the lake

Good luck.

Soohdo Nim 2:36 pm 26 Jul 10

I studied at ANU, graduating in 2004, and one thing you really should know is that you probably need to know what you are after from a college before you go choosing. For example, the large majority of John XXII residents are from private/boarding school backgrounds, and the college has a pretty strong blokey RM Williams sort of feel to it. Burgman is a bit better. From memory I think Burton and Garran Hall (self-catered) was a bit more conducive to meeting new and interesting people from a wider range of backgrounds. so Iguess what college experience you are after!

la mente torbida 10:57 am 26 Jul 10

The reality is that you ge3t into any college at all…the alternative is a small car parked by the lake

sid 10:22 am 26 Jul 10

Burgmann and John XXIII are both fully catered and are the pick if that’s what you’re after I reckon. The food isn’t terrible (or wasn’t when I was at Johns) but isn’t ever going to win a Michelin hat. Johns is more sports centered, and Burgie more academic but that’s probably a pretty big generalisation and both are pretty fun places to live. I had a ball. Most college accomodation is pretty basic, with rooms having a desk, bed, sink, cupboard and communal bathroom facilities. Not sure how they compare to the newer ones but they weren’t bad.
The social scene is the most important part of living on campus I reckon. All of the colleges/halls seem to be pretty good in that respect.

prhhcd 10:05 am 26 Jul 10

takew whichever one you can get! Simple as that. I was at Fenner and it was AWESOME!
I worked at Bruce and ppl living there loved it too. Same with Burton & Garran. Ursies I think is a bit more restrictive but again, you’re not going to get a choice. Accommodation in canberra is a nightmare.

PinkysBrain 9:48 am 26 Jul 10

Hmm…. commenting first thing in the morning is dangerous. There is an extra is in my comment that shouldn’t be there.

PinkysBrain 9:47 am 26 Jul 10

I haven’t lived at any of the colleges but here is are some links to help you decide:

Buzz2600 9:11 am 26 Jul 10

Toad Hall … awesome collage of aromas in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere (or at least it was when I was there) ;o)

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