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Come on Telstra, Dont be a mean!

By PBO - 14 January 2009 39

Today i recieved a call from a friend of mine who is an invalid.  He is stuck at home and cannot leave the house due to a medical condition and he had a pre-paid mobile that we could call him on to see if he he is alright.  When i recieved the call it was from a number that i did not recognise, it was my friend,  He told me that Telstra had cut off his phone and asked if i could get it reactivated (Credit ran out and had not been recharged in a year but calls were still recieved and there was no notice of disconnection) to which i said yes and off i went at lunch to get it done. 

Prior to going to the Telstra shop i phoned up their help line and explained what had happened and they said that it would be not problem as all i would have to do is get the number transferred to a $10 casual plan as the number was now in quarantine(?).  So having all the appropriate paperwork i went down and tried to get it reactivated and they said that they could not do it.  After some brief explaining that Telstra had advised me to get the number transferred and reactivated they informed me that the number was locked in quarantine and it would take six months for it to be reactivated again.

This annoyed me so i rang the Telstra people again and told them what had happened and i was told what the people in the shop had said, so then i  asked if i could speak to a team leader, after being on hold for 10 minutes I finally got to speak to someone with a very strong Indian accent and a very western sounding name who told me it would take at least ten days to fix as it was now a software problem.

My issue is that my friend could die at any moment and having a way to get in contact with him is very important.  I know some of you will say that the credit should have been topped up but my friend is on a limited pension and cannot always afford this.  I am going to get another number for him from a different carriage service as this has really given me the sh!ts.  It is a real hassle as many people have this number and it will be costly to inform them of this change.  I thought that i would share this with you all as it seems a bit weird.  Has anyone else had this happen to them?

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Come on Telstra, Dont be a mean!
JC 5:21 am 15 Jan 09

What a post about nothin but wind…..

What do you expect Telstra to do provide unlimted network access for nothing for ever? I mean to say the guy didn’t put any money on the thing for a year, so of course Telstra are going to disconnect it.

As for the rest of it, it would have been simple to say, oh I have stuffed up and just get a new SIM and number rather than go through all the heartache.

If Telstra and ALL the others didn’t disconnect pre-paid numbers without credit (after a fair period of time and IMO 12 months is fair) then there would be a heap of unused numbers clogging their systems and heaps of wasted numbers.

MWF 10:22 pm 14 Jan 09

No. Dodo is the worst.

caf 9:58 pm 14 Jan 09

Oh yeah, and the point of the quarantine period is to stop someone else from being able to gazump your number if you let it expire. So were you trying to reconnect it in your name?

Granny 9:57 pm 14 Jan 09

Tool, the client is an invalid.

People who can’t be bothered clicking a button or flicking a switch to fix a problem shouldn’t be in customer service. Any idiot can do nothing about a problem, it takes a decent, caring person to go the extra mile to really help somebody in trouble.

caf 9:53 pm 14 Jan 09

Pretty sure that if you circumstances are dire enough you can get a free landline, might be incoming-calls-only.

Tool 9:22 pm 14 Jan 09

Whilst it is unfortunate what has happened, how many prepaid numbers do you think Telstra (or any Telco) go through in a year? I would suggest tens if not hundreds of thousands. When you recharge you get told the period of time that the service is going to be active, it then becomes the responsibility of the consumer to know when the service expires. If the consumer hasn’t paid any money for nearly a year and uses the service only for incoming calls, surely it is the consumers responsibility to a) make sure they recharge again, or b) speak with the Telco and see what they can offer.

In regard to the quarantined number problem, I suggest that issue would be very, very low down their list of priorities to have reactivated because of point one – they would have hundreds/thousands of numbers and/or requests, and the customer has made no effort to recharge within a 12 month period. And yes whilst you will say ‘surely they can just flick a switch or click a button and fix the problem’ it is probably true, but I ask you, do you drop everything at your work when a mundane job comes in? I think not….

I think it is an unreal expectation for anyone to expect something for nothing, especially if a consumer has made no attempt to let a company know of their individual situation. As I-filed says, get a landline – I am by Telstra on this one.

taco 8:59 pm 14 Jan 09

Telstra is the most unethical company in Australia – everyone should avoid doing business with them wherever possible.

All Sol wants to do is maximise profit, no matter if it means screwing over their employees, contractors and customers (especially wholesale) for a few extra dollars this financial quarter.

Their call center employees are a bunch of morons, as anyone who is able to get a job somewhere else would leave for more money and better conditions.

All their residential plans are poor value and prey on the older generation who don’t know any better.

The only reason why NextG is the fastest 3G mobile network is because it’s their hedge against loosing the NBN

My advice is to abandon the current number and go for Optus or Vodaphone instead

Felix the Cat 8:29 pm 14 Jan 09

That should be Telstra…see I told you all the morons weren’t there!

Felix the Cat 8:28 pm 14 Jan 09

Ian said :

Telstra only exists to give morons a place to work. They must deliberately recruit them – it couldn’t be possible for them all to work there by chance.

They aren’t all at Testra, my work has a few too…

(my work = nothing to do with phones or internet)

Ian 8:12 pm 14 Jan 09

Telstra only exists to give morons a place to work. They must deliberately recruit them – it couldn’t be possible for them all to work there by chance.

Granny 8:11 pm 14 Jan 09

Absolutely appalling – incredibly they were even worse when they were Telecom!

It’s a shame when a big corporation opts for disservice over service. I’m glad that you voted with your feet, PBO. I bet there would have been something they could do about it if a mate of theirs wanted help ….

Aurelius 8:05 pm 14 Jan 09

Telstra are the worst company in Australia, by brazillians of miles.
Surely no company could be as bad as they are by accident. It has to be by design.
I am sure everyone has horror stories involving them.

Vic Bitterman 7:48 pm 14 Jan 09

I am so glad I don’t directly pay telstra a single cent these days.

Genie 7:46 pm 14 Jan 09

I had something similar happen.. With the whole Telstra and their useless ways of doing things – Not quite as bad though…

Went into Telstra to change the billing details… Minor name change, Bill payer had reverted back to her maiden name. Due to a minor stuff up, I was without internet. Was told it could take up to 3 weeks before my connection could be re-established. Both companies gave me the run around – Telstra blaming Internode, Internode blaming Telstra. blah blah blah….

In the end it was Telstra’s fault, instead of doing a 2 second name change. The staff member had deleted the original account and created a new one. Disconnectiong us to our ISP in the process – the end result, me wasting a months internet as I had no access and Telstra not caring.

For Telstra to not care about your friends living arrangements and how important it is for him to have a phone is just rediculous. I could manage without internet for a month (although Internode kindly offered me free dial up) but they obviously need their phone.

I-filed 7:25 pm 14 Jan 09

PBO Telstra has a basic landline telephone service that it will connect for your friend – it’s obliged to, particularly if there is a medical need. If your friend can’t leave the house then a landline will suit him fine …

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